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Comments: Excellent string. Closest thing to natural gut. Only $99 a reel. A good match with the Wilson Pro Staff RF 97 Autograph.
From: Anon, 1/15

Comments: These strings fared well for me. They have a soft feel and I felt good playability. I felt my ground strokes and serve hit well with this string. Cons: The string is very slick and required about a 2-game break in before I really enjoyed playing with them. My tennis elbow pain decreased when I used these strings. Enduring on going Tennis Elbow about a year ago began my quest to find a new string. I was looking for comfort, playability, good feel, durability, and affordability. I feel a review like this would have been very helpful to me, so I decided to post my findings so perhaps I could help others find their string. I string my own racquets at 59 lbs. All the strings I evaluated were 17 gauge. I play 4-6 hours per week at a 4.5 level.
From: Darryl, 2/14

Comments: This is the least durable string I have used in my life. I'm not a big hitter. Usually a Babolat Hurricane or a Gamma TNT Tour can last longer than two months on my regular rate of playing 3 times a week. However, this string can only last 2 to 3 weeks or even shorter. Very easy to see peel-off after 2 hours, and it becomes thinner and thinner quickly, then breaks. I have used up almost half of a reel, and I was forced to discard the rest of it because I don't like to spend any more money on the labor of stringing.
From: Max, 7/13

Comments: This is a great multifilament string, close to natural gut. It is soft and has good ball pocketing. It is easy on the arm and easy to string. I felt it was similar to Tecnifibre Multifeel. I recommend!
From: Amthaj, 10/11

Comments: This was strung as a hybrid in the crosses at 57 lbs. After 1 hour of play the tension loss was through the roof. NXT, BiPhase, Premier LT & TNT are going to last 20x as long, and you will pay 8-10x more at the most. Don't try and skimp on these strings, they're awful.
From: Jason. 4/11
NTRP Rating - 4.5

Comments: This string is the closest multifilament to natural gut. Before this I was a long time user of LaserFibre SuperNatural Gut - Pro Stock. For the price, I find Tourna Quasi Gut to be the best of its class, better than NGR2 and NXT. Easy to string, good ball pocketing, and good controllable power.
From: Oscar, San Diego, CA, USA, 01/11

Comments: I needed to switch to a multi filament string because of arm problems. I first tried the Gamma Revelation 17. Then, I ordered a set of these to give them a try and I was quite impressed. The Quasi-Gut has a very crisp and responsive feel with great ball pocketing. I have a 16x18 string pattern and this string can generate tremendous spin and power. At 1.27mm, this string is more like a 16L than a 17 gauge, but still bites the ball well. This string does not fray like other multi filaments and is very durable compared to other solid core synthetics as well as multi filaments. Also, it was easy to string with and I bought the reel to save a little.
From: Michael, Hot Springs, AR. 09/10

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