Tourna Quasi Gut 16 String Reel Customer feedback

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Comments: These string up firm. Good tension maintenance, control and durability. But not much feel, comfort or spin. So many of the soft polys have leap-frogged this one in every category except tension maintenance. I'd take Prince Synthetic Gut with duraflex over this string overall.
From: Dave, 5/15

Comments: Well, my favorite string is Wilson NXT, but I couldn't afford it this time. Tennis Warehouse said that this was similar, so I went with it and I was very satisfied. I honestly can't tell you the finite details of their similarities, but suffice to say I couldn't tell much difference from the usual. Poor man's NXT; great deal; is the best.
From: Nick, 7/14

Comments: I read on some forum that Quasi Gut is similar to Tecnifibre NRG, so I gave it a try. Hugely disappointed. It is similar to NRG in what aspect? To start off, it's incredibly stiff for a multi, so stiff that it hurts my wrist on impact. Secondly, the power level is no where near, nor is the feel. I guess Quasi Gut gives you good control for a multi, but that's about all. Tension maintenance is horrible for a multi as well. I guess you get what you paid for? It's relatively cheap but it's a lot of money to ask for a pack of crap strings. I prefer soft polys over this for sure.
From: Anon, 8/13

Comments: This is my second feedback on this string after the comment I made on 8/12. It's still my favorite string for the natural gut-like playability. I found the longevity to be excellent. One thing I don't like about this string is the fact that it's so easily crushed (or bruised) upon clamping during stringing, as it's virtually impossible to clamp it without leaving bruise marks. Most natural gut brands I've used are in the same way too. So, I'm not sure what to make out of it. It doesn't seem to affect the way it plays, though. I am going to continue using it for now, because there's nothing like it out there.
From: Mike, 12/12

Comments: Fantastic! Best kept secret. All of the positive reports are true. You will experience almost every aspect of the natural gut at the fraction of the cost. If you get the reel (which costs about $6.25/40ft-set), it's at 1/3 the price of Gamma Professional. Easy to string. 3 hours of hard hitting left minimal notches on the mains. The initial tension loss is fairly high, therefore you should set the tension somewhat higher than normal. Even after loss of tension, it plays very well. I am going to post another feedback after testing the durability. I've already purchased a reel. Would recommend to anyone.
From: Mike, 8/12

Comments: This definitely plays soft. It's a good string. Currently use a hybrid setup with this in the crosses. Broke after 3 matches. Although the feel and pocketing are excellent, I'm going back to a synthetic gut in the crosses. This is more suitable for those that hit flat or generate slower racquet head speeds.
From: Johnny, 5/12

Comments: Best string compared 2 NXT, NRG and u name it out of those other soft strings. More pop and alive. Price is perfect.
From: Anon, 4/12

Comments: The Tourna Quasi-Gut 16 is an excellent string that offers better feel and playability than premium multis like NXT or Gamma Pro. It's very easy to string, and all previous comments about tension maintenance are true. The ball pocketing aspects of this string are fantastic, and so far I have a week of heavy play on these strings and no signs of fraying. I highly recommend this string.
From: Ray, 3/12

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