Tecnifibre Pro Red Code 18 String Reel Customer feedback

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Comments: Not much spin. My shots are all going flat with less net clearance. Sticking with Volkl Cyclone.
From: CH, 6/16

Comments: I strung my 2015 Wilson Blade 16x19 at 55 lbs with this string because I had heard great reviews and I like to test different strings. I really loved the spin and control I had with this string. It definitely is a great poly and plays very close to described. I felt it gave me confidence to swing out on my shots especially on groundstrokes. The only downside to me about this string is that it plays quite softer than I am used to. With the flex of the Blade and the softness of the string, it lacked a little pop for me that I am used to with RPM Blast or Big Banger. But overall I did enjoy playing with the 18g string. Great control and even better spin potential. I would recommend this string to someone who might have elbow issues with poly and/or a player looking for a string to produce massive spin.
From: Andrew, 6/15

Comments: I put this in my crosses with TF X-1 Biphase in the mains and the feel and spin are terrific. This combination seems to work well in any racquet. Usually 50-55 lbs on the mains and 47-52 lbs on the crosses depending on string pattern.
From: Anon, 4/13

Comments: For me it was an average string, a basic Poly. From all the other reviews, I wonder if I got a bad batch or something. I will say on my one handed topsin backhand it is a dream to hit with. I can swing out all I want and the ball stays low over the net and stays in. My first serves are amazing, the control was there along with some comfort. Volleying was pretty average for a poly, not too much touch or feel. For some reason on my forehand the sweet spot felt virtually non existent. I just couldn't hit a decent forehand. Next time I might try a hybrid with Wilson Sensation. Strung with Wilson BLXPS 90 @ 47/45 lbs.
From: Gary, 2/13

Comments: I tried the Code Red 18g on one of my older racquets at 36 lbs, and I loved it. When I ordered 2 new racquets the other day, I had them strung with it. They should arrive on Tuesday, and I am anxious to hit with them.
From: Andy, 11/12

Comments: One of my favorite strings! Fantastic feel and very soft, but still supplies excellent power.
From: Matthew, 8/12

Comments: After 10 years plus with Timo 18g mains and cheap nylon on crosses, on my Pro Staff 85's I switched to this slightly softer string with my new KPro 88's. Bought a roll and have spent the last year experimenting with various tensions. Started off in the low fifties and ended the year at, wait for it, 42/38 with no hybrid. This string really works at low tensions, you gotta try it. Lots of power without too much effort and when you really want to bring the heat this poly won't over hit, even at low tensions. Doesn't break in a hurry either. Very economical.
From: Charlie, 4/12

Comments: Great awesome feel and a soft poly string! As for the spin and power you get what you put into it cause of its thinnest! I would consider this poly string over all other brands and I think Tecnifibre makes great string not just poly but all round string and etc! To me the ball sits on the string a tag long for you to control the ball which also gave it the spin and the power and the feel so its perfect! And about other string made by Tecnifibre I have heard a lot of good comment from friends and family so keep up the good work Tecnifibre!
From: Peter, 10/11

Comments: My favorite string by far because it bites the way it's supposed to, yet it has a softer feel to it which helps with touch shots and is easier on the arm than other polys. I have recently tried a bunch of different polyester strings and couldn't wait to string these back into my racquet. I try and play an all-court game, but when I am pinned on the baseline I am very comfortable taking big cuts at the ball with the Red Code 18g. I also like the Black Code string almost as much.
From: Rizza, Longview, WA U.S. 11/09

Comments: Good string! Almost perfect, but lacks a little bit of spin. I think the best string is hyprid alu power rough and tech red code.
From: Shamael, Madrid, Spain. 06/09

Comments: I agree with the previous comment. Excellent string. I prefer thin gauge strings and have tried many 18 gauge strings from Luxilon Big Banger Ace 18 (good with unreal durability and great control, but lacks power and feel) to Klip Legend Natural Gut 18 (too much power). This string seems to have the right blend of durability, control, power, and feel for me. Plus you can string with your normal tension unlike many polyester strings. The only negative is that it only comes in bright red.
From: Ron, Germantown, MD, USA, 10/08

Comments: A great string. I have played with Big Banger Ace 18g, Pro Hurricane Tour 17g, Enduro Pro 18g, Big Banger Timo 18g, and SPPP 17L. But out of all of these, the best by far was Pro Red. The combination of spin, power, and feel is way above that of any string I have ever tried. The red also matches my racquet quite nicely I might add.
From: Lenneth, CA, USA, 07/07

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