Tecnifibre Pro Red Code 17 String Reel Customer feedback

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Comments: I'm a 4.0 and have been playing with the 17g Red Code for over a year after being introduced to it in a hybrid setup. Loved the feel and control so much that I tried them by themselves and have been hooked ever since. Best when strung below 58 lbs. Currently playing with it on my Pure Drive at 52 lbs and it's the perfect balance of on- demand power and control. Definitely for bigger swings as I find I need to rip the ball to keep it down. But the payoff is in the smoking ground shots, and skidding slices that I can hit from anywhere. Massive spin gives my serves that sidewinder unpredictability on first serves and huge kick on my seconds.
From: Rob, 1/17

Comments: I'm a former NCAA College player, and I've been using this string for 8 years straight now, however, I do use it as a hybrid with a much softer Wilson Sensation 16. The Sensation pops first every time, but this is a solid combo of power, feel, and durability while being price conscious. I used Luxilon Big Banger as a junior, and it gave me shoulder problems. Red Code is a little softer than Big Banger, but has plenty of pop.
From: Matt, 9/14

Comments: I don't understand all this negative feedback about stringing lower! I'm a tennis coach and through my experience it isn't the tension or the string that causes tennis elbow it poor technique. I string my Babolat Pure Drive Roddick Plus with this string at 62 lbs and its great! It's somewhere in between RPM Blast and Luxilon Big Banger. It's stiffer than RPM Blast but at the same time a bit softer than Big Banger. It's a great string I highly recommend it -- if you're having trouble with your elbows look first at your technique! Your can get it from any string if your technique is poor!
From: Andy, 8/14

Comments: I string this at 48 in my TF 320 (after discussing at length with my pro and the TF rep). The racquet and string could both easily handle a lower tension, but I have settled in at 48. Anyway, after using this exclusively for nearly 9 months, I think it's a solid string. It has all the characteristics I want - good durability and tension maintenance, easy access to spin, and easy on the arm. As you might expect, these are not the strings for you if you are looking to them to help you generate power.
From: Dave, 2/13

Comments: These broke in less than 10 hours of play, however they leave you with a big impression. I've been using Pro Hurricane Tour for a while as it really feels like a premium set of poly. After a few hours of play these strings really look and feel like cheap strings, but then again so does Black Code. These strings are very very stiff but it leaves a big impression and I want to try them again. These strings are good for big hitters.
From: Dino, 1/13

Comments: This is my favorite string. I recommend it in the lower range, like 45-55 lbs. I have it currently at (47) and think I will leave it there for awhile. I get lots of my students to use it and they all enjoy it immensely. It's great if your a level 3.0-6.0. I don't know about going beyond that level but I think I hit my ceiling.
From: T.J., 1/13

Comments: I've been using RPM Blast at 58 lbs for the past year or so, but recently replaced it with Pro Red at 50 lbs and found it nearly identical for the control/power/feel balance. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to string the Pro Red five to eight pounds less than other polymers! Ignore that advice and you'll feel the lack of power and probably end-up with a sore elbow. The upside is that the Pro Red seems to have better tension maintenance, while offering similar ball pocketing capability and access to spin as the RPM Blast. All in all, I might stick with it for a while.
From: Ted, 1/13

Comments: Wow. This is the best string ever. For a poly, it has lots of comfort, power, control, feel and spin. I would rate it a 10/10. It's great for people who love hitting from the back and hit hard with spin.
From: Cameron, 1/13

Comments: This string is just amazing. For a poly it was very soft and easy on the arm (but it doesn't feel "mushy"). This string has everything, from tons of power and control, to comfort, feel and spin. I would highly recommend this string to a player that stays at the back, hits with spin and like to hit big. I strung it in my Head Radical at 52 lbs.
From: Anon, 1/13

Comments: This is a great string. I have playing with it for at least a week. It has amazing feel for me. It has a great price. This is a great string.
From: Shane, 9/11

Comments:This is an excellent string if your arm can take it. It is very stiff on my arm but it gives great access to spin and power. I can take big cuts that will dip into the court. Just be wary of the stiffness (as with any poly).
From: Austin, 8/11

Comments: I have used Prince Duralast 17 for years, before moving to a good first Poly: Tourna's Big Hitter Blue. After reading tons of very useful comments here, I was debating between the Red Code 17 and Pro Line 2. I called Tennis Warehouse and as usual, the staff was super friendly and helpful. I was advised the Red Code and ordered a few. I played today for 3 hours and on the very first strike, the setup felt sensational - better than any other I've tried. I am using a BLX 6.1 Tour, and strung the Red Code 17 at 55 lbs. The feeling was soft but not mushy, with excellent control and ball pocketing. Power was noticeably inferior than the RPM Blast though. I am happy however to trade in power for comfort. I have finally found the perfect combo for my game and arm - the experience was like no other, period. Now, will it hold the tension adequately and would it it deteriorate? I don't know yet. But, so far it is a winner compared to same exact setup with other strings and hours played.
From: Stephane, 7/11

Comments: This string has a very good control, feeling and power but does not have any durability. After 2 weeks, everything was different. It lost feel and control. Though it didn't last long, it was nice to use.
From: Ho. 5/11

Comments: At 17g this string is still very stiff. The only other poly I have used to compare is Kirschbaum Helix 17g, which I thought was a a little softer. On the other side the Red Code gives great spin and bite on the ball. I strung it in my mains as a hybrid and really enjoyed the spin and feedback. If you're looking for a thin poly for spin and great feedback, feel and control then the Red Code might work for you.
From: Anon. 7/10

Comments: This string is good for someone with hard, heavy topspin but it will harm your elbow. I had for a year and my elbow was hurting every time I finish a match. So be careful with this string.
From: Truong N, Tampa, Florida, USA. 11/09

Comments: I am a futures player and it's a great string for the price...good substitute if you don't have enough cash for the Luxilon...
From: Ilya, USA. 8/09

Comments: I absolutely loved this string. I'm not usually a big fan of gut strings, but I would recommend this string to anyone looking for a very good gut string.
From: Jack, Mountain City, TN, USA. 3/09

Comments: Using All Pro Red Code give access to tons of control and power. The ball gets a lot of bite on it so it drops quickly. A great string that is 100 dollars cheaper than a reel of Big Banger. Highly Recommend it.
From: Aaron, San Diego, California, USA. 2/09

Comments: I love this string. I am a 5.0 player and have been forced to play full poly for the past year or so. I find this string to be softer than a regular poly and with the thinner 17g string you get tons of power and spin. For the serious player, this is the way to go, but I do suggest a vibration dampener to anyone who plays poly all the way through... Prince Rebel 95 13.5oz strung and 58lbs.
From: Tom, Portland, Oregon. 1/09

Comments: Strung at 60 I found this string stiff and harsh on my arm, though it does generate tons of power and durability. I'd look into buying this string.
From: Walter, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. 7/08

Comments: I hit with the Pro Red for about three hours and a had mixed feelings about it. I did get a lot of spin and control, but there was no power in my groundstrokes. My serve on the other hand seemed to have added power and more spin. I used a hybrid with Pro Red on the mains at 60LBs and Wilson Extreme synthetic gut on the crosses at 64LBS.
From: Anon., CA, USA. 6/08

Comments: You need to break it in, but after a couple of hitting sessions, it plays well. Lots of control and spin, power is ok. I am trying out all sorts of string at the moment, and this one is one of the best.
From: Jim, md. 4/08

Comments: Don't even try to use Pro Red Code by itself. It is extremely stiff (but with lots of pop) and little feel. If you can afford to hybrid this with natural gut, go for it. You won't regret it.
From: Nick, Dallas, Texas, USA. 3/08

Comments: This string is very stiff. I strung hybrid both times at diffrent tensions because I do not prefer full polyester. The first time was at 58lbs with Tecnifibre X-One Biphase 17. It was stiff, hurting my elbow (I don't often get elbow problems) for the first 3-4 hours of play until I got use to the stiffness. The second time I strung it on the cross at 55lbs, softer but still quite stiff. If you guys hybrid and don't mind spending money, string it on the cross, it will feel better. OR... try Pro Hurricane Tour (much softer and feels about the same with more spin) Both string jobs were on a Head Flexpoint Prestige midplus.
From: Sheldon, San Leandro, CA. 1/08

Comments: I got it for free and it appears to be for a reason: it's just awful. Very harsh on the arm relative to Signum Pro Poly Plasma and Topspin Cyberflash, which never caused any forehand pain. On top of that, spin is absolutely non- existent. On my first slice shot attempt I produced my first ever SLIDE shot: the ball just slid on the string bed and landed behind me. Will bring my racquet for restringing tomorrow. Do not waste your time trying this string. Strung on T-Fight 335 16x20 at 56lb.
From: Bobby, Stamford, CT, USA. 6/07

Comments: This string is great! I am a very competitive junior player who plays about 13 hours a week. Since this string is a poly, I recommend using a hybrid. It lasts forever by itself. I definitely recommend this string! No tension loss either.
From: Ben, Boston, MA, USA, 06/07

Comments: I've used this string on the mains and Tyger X-spin on the crosses and the results were fantastic. The Tyger string isn't that great (it's textured so it helps me on the spin-part) but combined it gave lots of pop, quite comfortable and extremely longlasting. (The crosses broke before the mains) Try it!
From: Lars, Sweden, 03/07

Comments: Great string. I was playing with this and the hurricane on my other racquets. The difference is very noticeable. While it doesnít seem to provide as much power as the hurricane, the control is much better. Also itís not nearly as harsh on your arm. My wrist started hurting after hitting with the hurricane and I switched to the redcode and was hitting much better and no pain in my wrist whatsoever. Highly recommended polyester.
From: Anonymous. 12/06

Comments: Great string! Much better feel, power and comfort than Signum Pro Poly Plasma. Did string it about 5 lbs. less than multifilament strings and it felt great! I hope it last long because it might be my new string on choice! Would highly recommend trying this well price string. Good bite on the ball with nice placement.
From: Reggie, Gulf Shores, AL, USA. 10/06

Comments: A great string for its value. This string has LOTS of "pop" and the transition from where the multi cups the call to this is very different. Great top spin and slices, and you're kick/slice serve will gain from using this string's pop. Personally I think I strung it too low, because it's actually quite powerful for a co-polyester, it was 58# and the ball were hard to keep in court. But played very nice, and it's actually quite soft, I'd say it's on the same level as SPPP. I had to use worm in order to get rid of this power, so if you're looking for less power from this string, string it at least 60. I use Volkl VE tour 10 with full red code poly job at 58.
From: Chris Han, Seattle, WA, USA 09/06

Comments: Technifibre has produced a visually appealing string here with the claim that it matches the quality of Babolat or Luxilon. However, after using the string I did not feel the quality that Babolat and Luxilon give. Admittedly Luxilon is very expensive but I use Babolat Duralast, which is a very reasonably priced string in Europe (under $80 for 200m). The feel I get from using the Technifibre on the mains was not as great as Babolat or Luxilon polyesters. I would recommend you try before you commit to buying in order get the string that works for you. If you are going for durability itís very good, but there are better quality monofilament polyester strings on the market.
From: Peter, Sussex, United Kingdom 08/06

Comments: I have played with this string for only 5-6 hr and found it to be harsh on my arm. Strung at 59 lbs. I hit the ball pretty hard and with lots of spin. It has good control and good power. Strings donít move at all like Pro Hurricane but I find Hurricane better in terms of arm feel.
From: Illya, UK 08/06

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