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Comments: I recently changed to the Pro Red Code 16, to find a switch from my Luxilon 4G. The 4G was great but the feel was inconsistent, so I opted for this. I strung it in my Head Graphene XT Prestige Pro at 52 lbs. The first hit? Loved it. There was a feeling from the strings that made it feel like as if it were a coiled spring springing every time the ball contacted, giving me a plush and lively feel. Its control was superb and the spin, bloody hell, was outrageous. Every single time I hit the ball, it spiraled in a high arc and landed very deep in the court, always forcing my opponents back. On serve, it was a RPG stuck in my racquet. I'm only thirteen years old, but I have a big serve and with this string, I hit a record of 156 km per hour. It was unbelievable. I was also hitting kickers that bounced to a height of almost 1.60m. Slice serves were curving so much it kept going out of the court, causing my opponent to pick up balls. Superb engineering, Tecnifibre! A definite contender for the professional player.
From: Eugene, 6/16

Comments: I was not crazy about this string. I put it in my Babolat Pure Drive at 54 lbs. I decided to try this string to see if it was a good alternative for my string of choice, RPM Blast 16. It cannot tough RPMs. With Red Code, I could place the ball well, but there was no power whatsoever. Also, there was not nearly enough spin on the ball. The ball does not dip down with topspin or sail deep in the court with slice like I am used to. Maybe if I was 6 feet 10 inches tall and could blast the ball, this would be a good string for me and would allow me to control my power. Also, perhaps my lack of power and spin could be remedied by a lower tension. I am just not willing to find out because I love RPM, and I could barely play with the Red Codes.
From: Sam, 6/14

Comments: I tried several combinations of Red Code in my Technifibre Tfight 320 VO2Max. The first one was with NRG16 in the crosses. Superb combo, but the NRG wasn't durable. I may try the same combo with string savers. Surprisingly, this hybrid felt softer/better than using VS gut 16 in the crosses. A full bed of Red Code offers superb spin and durability with tension maintenance. It's on the stiff side, so string about 10% lower than your normal tension. I string a full bed in the mid to upper 40s and hybrid in the low to mid 50s.
From: Jack, 4/14

Comments: I love this string. I used RPM Blast when I first started playing competitively, I enjoyed those, but wanted more pop. I string them at 57 pounds and use loads of topspin. The only thing I can find wrong with them, (and it's a pretty big issue) is that I have had two separate instances in which I had them restrung, and within the first 3 hours or so of playing with them, I had a mis-hit off the frame and they snapped. I know price wise, it's not a very big deal, but in high school, when you have up to 4 matches in the first week and 3 the next, it's hard to get it bought and shipped and strung in time to have your racquet back. The first time it was very aggravating, but the second time it happened was unbelievable. I figured it was just a fluke, but I guess these strings are just weak when they are freshly strung. I'm not going to change strings, I will just keep extra sets around. The durability is good, after the first day, the control is perfect, lots of pop, access to good spins. My favorite string by far.
From: Tyler, 3/13

Comments: I like the power and control in this string, and I think it's the best string that I have ever used. I should stick with this string everytime we have a tournament, as it is a perfect match for my Head Youtek Extreme Pro. I string it at 60 lbs.
From: Charles, 11/12

Comments: This is a wonderful string. It is stiffer than Luxilon ALU Power, but I like it. It grabs the ball more than ALU Power. I can play a lot more consistent with Red Code. Plus, the durability/tension is amazing. It holds tension better than any other good poly I've tried, and I have tried them all. If you like to spin the ball and want an amazing kick on the kick serve, give these strings a shot. I don't regret it. Plus for $10 you can't beat the quality of this string. I string it 4 lbs lower than my ALU Power, and you will definitely want to do that due to the stiffness. You just have to play around and get the tension right, and then you'll be completely satisfied.
From: Max, 10/12

Comments: I use this string to build a hybrid stringing combo with the NRG2 16 Gauge. This combo is out of this world! The amount of control and spin is great, and it also allows for serious bite on serves. I string the Pro Red Code in the mains at 59 lbs and the NRG2 in the crosses at 57 lbs. I would suggest this to any player 4.0+.
From: Dillan, 7/12

Comments: I put this string in my Babolat Pure Storm GT at 54lbs. I like the control and spin with this string. I feel a lose of power in my serve and do not get much feel on volleys. I will try this string at a lower tension in hopes to recover a little more pop. Overall, I am happy, but not too happy.
From: Eric, 5/12

Comments: I wanted a string that wasn't quite as stiff as Alu Power but still durable so I tried this one out. I really like it a lot. It's definitely softer but still maintains that crispness that makes hitting hard top spin shots amazingly fun and rewarding. I found the durability to be excellent although I did notice a big difference in tension after hitting for about two-and-a-half weeks. It also looks awesome once it's freshly strung because there's this special coating on it to make it easier to string which in turn makes the racket look both shiny and intimidating. For ten bucks, especially after getting used to Alu Power's $17, it's a major breakthrough for me.
From: Andrew, 3/12

Comments: This is a stiff string (stiffer than Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power!) and has below average pocket, low feel and average control. But it does have good bite/spin, holds tension really well and very crisp. I had strung my racquet with too high tension at 60(my normal setup with soft poly strings), I would suggest to string about 5-8% less than your regular setup with this string. I found that it serve really well but groundstrokes became unstable due to its low racquet feel and low pocket (I really think lower tension will help). My elbow start hurting after a week of play, and decided to cut the string.
From: J, 8/11

Comments: This is a great string, it offers a great steady crisp hit at impact point but also giving large amounts of spin and a lot of control. I have been using this string for about 5 months now at tension 55 I would recommend this string at a tension 58 and let it soften out in about a month of frequent play. This string is for a player at about a 4.0-4.5 level player.
From: Ben, 7/11

Comments: Developed shoulder problems/bicep tendonitis over 20 years of competitive tennis and this string has been an absolute godsend. Never came across a string that is soft and easy on the arm/shoulder, yet still provides such crisp consistent response as Pro Red Code. I've switched to ProKennex Black Ace 93 from Prestige mid line and combined with this string, I'm finding the same pop and ultra-control I'm used to in a much more arm-friendly package.
The value is unbeatable too as it maintains tension and feel very well and is very durable.
From: David, Chicago, IL, USA, 01/11

Comments: This was a definite winner. I loved the pop at impact and highly recommend it for people trying to find a steady pace. I had access to great depth with its power. I bought a whole reel and am still amazed by its endurance. Definitely recommend it
From: Auguste, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 12/10

Comments: I have just bought this and they are very good. They have control, durability and maintenance.
From: Benjamin, Lima, Peru, 10/10

Comments: I love these strings! I've used them for the past year and they have felt great! I've used them with Wilson Stamina in the crosses for a great combo. I just ran out of string in the reel and I've been shopping around for a different string, but I finally thought to myself, "Why change something that works?" So, I'm getting Red Code again, and I'm excited to break in another reel!
From: John, Holland, MI, USA. 06/10

Comments: This is a great string. Great at holding tension, spin access, and great control. When I got the 16 gauge version I was hoping for durability, I broke this string in 3 days. Durability is not its best thing.
From: Anon. 5/10

Comments: I bought these strings because it was compared to Big banger ALU by lots of people and seeing that it was cheaper I tried it out on my Head Youtek Prestige Mid. It was definitely more durable compared to ALU but did not have the same feel, the strings felt a bit dead but wasn't too bad. If you want durable strings with not much feel, Red code should do.
From: Andre, South Africa. 5/10

Comments: Got it strung on my Microgel Radical. It has given me a little more spin as it is a poly and the radical is a control raquet so that was good. Nothing to special but its an awesome red colour, stands out just like the green prince exp polys.
From: Tom, NZ 01/10

Comments: After trying out this string for 1 week, I have decided to leave a comment (which I never do) As a consistent string breaker, the pro red code performs much better than my expectations. As other have said, they are extremely durable and doesn't move at all. But what really surprises me is the pop it gives my shots. I prefer polyester over synthetic gut for only 1 reason, durability. But I sometimes find myself really frustrated by the mushy feeling of poly. The Pro Red Code provides so much pop on the shots that I feel like I was playing with synthetic guts. It is a bit pricey, but if you are string breaker like me, it would save you money in a long run.
From: Joe, Boston, MA, USA. 09/09

Comments: This is a great string for the price. It holds tension well and has good durability. I use it on my Babolat pure storm strung at 58lb with Prince syn gut 16 crosses. It was a little stiff for the first few hours, but after that it played well.
From: John, Rockford IL USA 09/09

Comments: Beware: I just divided a pack of this in half to hybrid string a Head Prestige racquet. After using exactly half a pack in the mains I had less than one and one half inches to tie off on each end. Most string comes with 41 feet. This pack claims 40ft. I have used Pacific, Luxilon, and Cyber Power poly string, in this same manor, and never experienced this problem.
From: Doug, OK, USA, 08/09

Comments: Stringing this with synthetic gut is probably one of the best combination I have ever used. I use a Babolat Aero Storm, hit with a lot of power and top spin with a two hand backhand, and every time I strike the ball with my forehand, it feels really nice - the opponent has a hard time returning the ball. Highly recommend it! - oh, and the durability is pretty good.
From: Q. Le-Huynh 08/09

Comments: This is one of the best poly's out there. I went for a full set up on my k-six one 95 (16X18). With natural/syn gut, I usually string @ 60 lbs. Dropped this down to around 52 and it feels great. Very comfortable at this tension, but progressively harsher at higher tensions, Unless you go hybrid. You need good swingspeed to get optimal spin potential, but this stuff can really tear the felt off. (try sanding the sweet spot a little with 100 grit sandpaper and you will feel like Nadal!). I agree with others that it plays softer than Luxilon, but I don't think you give anything up regarding power or control, and the feel is better.
From: anon. USA west coast 08/09
NRTP 4.5

Comments: Great string, lasts a really long time but after a couple months it feels dead and crappy, but that's to be expected. When freshly strung it feels crisp and spin friendly. Great for very open string patterns like Microgel Radical pro.
From: Anon, 05/09

Comments: Switched to this string since one of my friend hits some amazing shots with it. I've been using Luxilon polys for a while & this string feels so soft, cushioned, & mushy compared to Luxilon. However, I find it plays very similar to Luxilon but with a different feel - I can swing all out with great control & spin & with good depth control - I find a fair of my shots dipping on or just barely inside the baseline to the dismay of my opponents as they let them go by thinking the shot is going out. I get a lot of feel on my volleys at net - which I could never get from Luxilon strings. I love these strings and can't find any thing to complain about --- maybe these strings could feel too soft & mushy to some people but I think that's the reason why my elbow doesn't hurt anymore.
From: Tom, Houston, TX, USA. 05/09

Comments: I switched to this string since one of my friends hit some amazing shots with it. I've been using Luxilon polyesters for a while and this string feels so soft, cushioned, & mushy compared to Luxilon. However, I find it plays very similar to Luxilon but with a different feel. I can swing all out with great control & spin & with good depth control. I find a fair amount of my shots dipping on or just barely inside the baseline to the dismay of my opponents as they let them go by thinking the shot is going out. I get a lot of feel on my volleys at net, which I could never get from Luxilon strings. I love these strings and can't find any thing to complain about. Maybe these strings could feel too soft & mushy to some people but I think that's the reason why my elbow doesn't hurt anymore.
From: Tom, Houston, TX, USA. 05/09

Comments: This string is ridiculous. I am a 5.0 player in Berkeley, California, and I have long fast swings. I hit the ball very hard naturally and with this string and my racket, I feel like I can swing at 100% without sacrificing any power or control.
From: Kyle, Berkeley California USA. 04/09

Comments: After trying multiple polys, I bought a reel of this despite the color. Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour and Luxilon Power are other polys that come close. I can't figure out why everyone likes Signum Poly Pro Plasma?? It's so soft it's old man string- no power! Pro Red Code 16 has pop, generates great spin, and lasts just as long as any other poly. who knows about some of these stringing problems, I've used this stuff a 15 times with no problems. 4.5-Heavy baseliner with high swing speed- Yonex RDS 001.
From: Anon. 2/09

Comments: Just started using this string. I love it! This string has a good balance of power, control, and spin. Plus, I think that it looks great. I used it in a hybrid with Wilson Stamina (just a cheap synthetic). The power factor may have been helped by the fact that I have a pretty big swing. Strung it at 57 lbs, mains, and the Stamina at around 60 lbs. I'm a junior playing national tournaments.
From: Toby, Chicago, IL, USA. 2/09

Comments: These strings are by far the best strings that I've ever tried. Best for hybrid applications. Besides the swank colors, these strings give you the best durability and rip on a ball.
From: Steven, Westminster, CA, UNITED STATES. 11/08

Comments: The best. Signum Pro Poly Plasma and Tecnifibre Pro Red Code are by far the best co-polys out there. I usually hybrid it with multis like Wilson NXT and syn. guts like Gosen OG Micro, and it works great.
From: Anon, NJ, USA. 9/08

Comments: I love this string. I just bought more of this. For a co-poly that's simply the best, it's either pro red code or Signum pro poly plasma. Nothing else beats these strings.
From: Anon, NJ, USA, 09/08

Comments: This string is very impressive. Spin potential is remarkable. Thus, improving my consistency tenfold. However, it is a very stiff string so make sure to hybrid it. Just put something soft in the crosses and you'll be fine. 5/5
From: Nico, Killeen, TX, US. 8/08

Comments: Best string ever! Trust me, just put some synthetic gut in the crosses and you won't regret it. This combo provides great explosive power but also amazing feel. I used it all season and so far most of the summer and I will never switch strings again.
From: Sam, springfield, il. 7/08

Comments: These strings DO NOT break while stringing if the stringer is careful with them. I have learned to string myself and trust me- it's a joy to string a racquet with the Pro Red Code strings. As for the strings, I'm sticking with them till I have some reason to switch. I've been beating people who i used to lose to sometime back. My groundstrokes are deeper and faster. As for it being a poly string, granted its stiff but with a vib damper, it feels just like a nylon/synthetic string. I tried X-One Biphase Red before these ones and I loved the Pro Red Code way more. I'm a fan of very stiff racquets since they help deal with topspin coming from across the net. My TFight 320 coupled with the Pro Red Code gives me the ultimate combination I have been seeking for a long time. Using the dampener as I said before really makes the racquet feel less stiff and it works for me. As for the dead string bed report by some people, my 18x20 string pattern with these strings gives me a lot of power and great touch at the net. Buy 'em and try 'em, I'm sure you'll love 'em if you want a lively racquet.
From: Ajit, Rajkot, Gujarat, India. 6/08

Comments: Everything about this string is good: feel, color, control, etc. But I am breaking it in 3 hours with it strung at 52lbs on KFactor 6.1 16/18. So, this is not a good value for money. But I am also breaking Luxilon's 15g in 4 hours or so. So you can make decision accordingly.
From: Anshul, Delhi, India. 4/08

Comments: I play college tennis and just changed over to these strings, and I have to say that they are much better than anything I have used. After seeing UGA Tennis players use these at a tourney we decided to change. I use a Babolat Pure Drive+ and am currently 12-1. Great spin, amazing placement and just over all good quality. While at the same time as getting great strings, they also have pretty cool color as well. A+++ strings in my book!!
From: Andrew, Columbia, South Carolina , USA. 4/08

Comments: Firstly, I love polyester strings and have it as a whole set-up on my racquet. I have tried hybrids with natural guts and soft multifilaments to prevent the discomfort you can get sometimes, but all the advantages of the poly seem to go away. I usually use Pro Hurricane Tour at 58lbs, but that at times can be a little uncomfortable if you've been hitting for a couple of hours, so I tried out these and found they were a little softer but still gave a firm crisp feel that I like and offered fantastic power at the same time. Also they look awesome on pretty much any stick, so I think that I'll be with these strings for a while.
From: Anil, Houston, TX, US. 3/08

Comments: I use it as a full set on my Wilson KPro Open strung @ 59 lbs. I was using Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power 16 before, and the Red Code feels like a synthetic compared to that. I generate the same amount of power and have an even better ability to swing hard though my shots without them going long; great feel for a poly! And the strings barely move around, if at all. The color is nice even though it doesn't really go with my racquet. Other colors would be nice, but then I guess they wouldn't call it "Red" Code anymore. Of course I've only played 3 hard fought sets with it, so will see how it holds up after a while.
From: Joe, Newport News, VA, USA. 2/08

Comments: To follow up on a comment I made a while ago, I still use this string, but as a main and the Gamma Asterisk 16 on the cross, on my Head Flexpoint Radical. Despite all the bad reviews on the Asterisk, this combo is really amazing! It has a long durability, power, great spin and great feel. On the volleys, it is soft so you can have good touch. I hope you try this out for yourself.
From: Isriz. 2/08

Comments: Well, I'm not so positive about this string. Is strung my Aerodrive with it and I'm not getting much out of the racket. Normally I play with the Pro Hurricane Tour, and these string are MUCH better. BUT I have to say that in 3 weeks of playing, my arm still doesn't hurt, this means that it's a durable string, with comfort. I can't control the ball with the Red Code, nor playing decent spin... Not for me, I'll stick with the Pro Hurricane Tour
From: Vic, Mechelen, Belgium, 10/07

Comments: I strung my Wilson N-Code Six-One 95 with Red Code 16 at 59lbs. and I am very impressed. The strings haven't moved or lost tension over the month that I've had them, and I have gotten used to the feel. They also offer impressive power and control. Not to mention the color of the string is pretty cool also.
From: Jeff, Cape Cod, MA, USA. 6/07

Comments: This string is amazing! I've played for like 4 months with prince Diablo's and even with my heavy spin the strings haven't broken yet. These last way longer than most strings.
From: Anthony, Terre Haute, IN, USA. 6/07

Comments: I play with the Yonex rds003 and it was amazing they lasted a long time and I felt I had excellent control and they looked really cool on the red racquet with a neon yellow grip!
From: Mike, Quincy, IL, USA, 06/07

Comments: Seriously guys, while I admit it's a cool color, trust me when I say it's not really worth the money. Our college team gets deals from Tecnifibre, and it's really not worth paying upwards of $100 when there's better stuff on the market. Go for something like Signum Pro Poly Plasma, it's cheaper, and better. This string just lacks the feel of the other poly's that are in its price range. I honestly believe people buy it because it looks cool.
From: Dave, Redlands, CA, USA. 5/07

Comments: Great string, I would recommend stringing 10 pounds higher than usual because it is very elastic and powerful. Once it sets in it provides great control, which is good for larger frames. The stringing problems people have found are due to the knots, be careful when pulling the knot! Because it doesn't tighten like other strings and I too found myself nearly breaking the string on the tie off.
From: Josef, Springfield, MO, USA, 03/07

Comments: This string is amazing! I first of this string from a coach of mine, and I tried it on my Aero Pro at 59 lbs. They gave me everything I wanted in a string, power, control and durability. Even at my first couple hits with it, I knew it would fit my game. I would advise hard hitters, who also want control with their shot, to really test this string out!!
From: Isriz, Chicago, IL, USA, 02/07

Comments: I am an avid Tecnifibre fan. After I was told they were discontinuing spinfire maxipower to this one I had to give it a try. The string definitely held its tension but broke before my synthetic crosses, quite odd for polyester. And also I never played with such a stiff string and gave a dead feel with unusual pop. It had absolutely no touch, it was tougher than usual to place heavy topspin shots to soft drop volleys. Out of all the strings I have played with this string is closely resembles Gosen's Ice, but the Gosen Ice is close to 4x cheaper. I didn't mind the red, you get used to it quick, even more if you fix your strings between every point. This string pleased me only when I hit close to eastern grip drives skimming the net, I cracked it but was hard to control.
From: Josh, N.Y., New York, USA, 02/07

Comments: These strings are great! I love the color. I use it on Wilson Prostaff 85's strung at 47 lbs and its just super. Never had so much control and spin on my 85's. I can never find a better replacement for my racket cause its simply the best for me. I don't just usually change anything in my game, but a friend of mine gave me one of these strings and just decided to try it. I'm really surprised used to use Babolat Xcel strings and tried ALU and didn't like it... I'm going to stick with these strings for a while.
From: Vincent, Philippines. 2/07

Comments: Gave these strings a try on my Prince O3 blue and I am very happy with them. They have more feel, are more comfortable, and have more power than the Luxilon Timo strings I have on my other racket. They may not generate as much spin as the Luxilon, but they are not lacking. Tension is holding up well after 12 hours of court time. The red code was strung at 58lbs., 10% below my normal tension, as recommended by mfg.
From: Gordon, Oakland, CA, USA. 2/07

Comments: I got this string from my coach and this gave much more control and power. I don't know why people keep saying that this string breaks during stringing. It doesn't happen to me.
From: Victor, Tampa, FL, USA, 02/07

Comments: Well I have recently bought 4 ncode 95's and strung them with a hybrid of this stuff and the Babolat vs team natural cut in the cross's and let me tell you I absolutely hate this string with passion. It isn't durable and it feels like a board not even a good board, a bad board. Oh well we can all make mistakes. But this might be because I normally string my racquets at 70 lbs.
From: Max, Nyack, NY, USA, 02/07

Comments: Jeff was right on....string broke during stringing, even though I reduced the tension do to the stiffness. Still broke again, then when I did get it strung...it had very little feel or bite. I was hoping I could replace my Wilson Enduro or Big Banger Alu Power with this in the mains and use Tech TRC 17 or Wilson NXT 17 in the crosses. Tech Red was a waste of time and money for me.
From: Stephen, Willow Springs, MO, USA, 01/07

Comments: I thought I should give this string a try on my new Wilson ProStaff Tour 95 (back to old school racquet). I have my other 2 strung with Luxilon ALU 16, of which I am an avid fan. But, I play doubles more and needed a string with more feel. This string is crisp at the base line and I have great control and feel. It has significant pop on volleys and serves. I get more spin out of Luxilon but my arm has zero issues with being sore after playing with the Tecnifibre pro red. I have tried a lot of strings. I have only played with them for a couple of days so, I cannot comment on their durability. I also dig the color and you get what you pay for.
From: Jacques, Garland, TX, USA 09/06

Comments: I have tried many of the newer polyesters lately and have to say that this is the best one out there. It has a soft (but not mushy) feel. I also have much more control and depth on my shots with this string. It holds its tension quite well and lasts me about 10-12 hours of play on clay courts. I only wish it were available in a slightly less shocking color.
From: Daniel, Going, Austria 08/06

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