Tecnifibre Pro Red Code 16 1/2 Set Customer feedback

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Comments: This is a wonderful string. It is stiffer than Luxilon ALU Power, but I like it. It grabs the ball more than ALU Power. I can play a lot more consistent with Red Code. Plus, the durability/tension is amazing. It holds tension better than any other good poly I've tried, and I have tried them all. If you like to spin the ball and want an amazing kick on the kick serve, give these strings a shot. I don't regret it. Plus for $10 you can't beat the quality of this string. I string it 4 lbs lower than my ALU Power, and you will definitely want to do that due to the stiffness. You just have to play around and get the tension right, and then you'll be completely satisfied.
From: Max, 10/12

Comments: I use this string to build a hybrid stringing combo with the NRG2 16 Gauge. This combo is out of this world! The amount of control and spin is great, and it also allows for serious bite on serves. I string the Pro Red Code in the mains at 59 lbs and the NRG2 in the crosses at 57 lbs. I would suggest this to any player 4.0+.
From: Dillan, 7/12

Comments: Switched to this string since one of my friend hits some amazing shots with it. I've been using luxilon polys for a while & this string feels so soft, cushioned, & mushy compared to luxilon. However, I find it plays very similar to luxilon but with a different feel - I can swing all out with great control & spin & with good depth control - I find a fair of my shots dipping on or just barely inside the baseline to the dismay of my opponents as they let them go by thinking the shot is going out. I get alot of feel on my volleys at net - which I could never get from luxilon strings. I love these strings and can't find any thing to complain about --- maybe these strings could feel too soft & mushy to some people but I think that's the reason why my elbow doesn't hurt anymore.
From: Tom, Houston, TX, USA. 05/09

Comments: This string is ridiculous. I am a 5.0 player in Berkeley, California, and I have long fast swings. I hit the ball very hard naturally and with this string and my racket, I feel like I can swing at 100% without sacrificing any power or control.
From: Kyle, Berkeley California USA. 04/09

Comments: I strung my Wilson N-Code Six-One 95 with Red Code 16 at 59lbs. and I am very impressed. The strings haven't moved or lost tension over the month that I've had them, and I have gotten used to the feel. They also offer impressive power and control. Not to mention the color of the string is pretty cool also.
From: Jeff, Cape Cod, MA, USA. 6/07

Comments: This string is amazing! I've played for like 4 months with prince Diablo’s and even with my heavy spin the strings haven't broken yet. These last way longer than most strings.
From: Anthony, Terre Haute, IN, USA. 6/07

Comments: Seriously guys, while I admit it's a cool color, trust me when I say it's not really worth the money. Our college team gets deals from Tecnifibre, and it's really not worth paying upwards of $100 when there's better stuff on the market. Go for something like Signum Pro Poly Plasma, it's cheaper, and better. This string just lacks the feel of the other poly's that are in its price range. I honestly believe people buy it because it looks cool.
From: Dave, Redlands, CA, USA. 5/07

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