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Tecnifibre Poly Code 16 660' String Reel Black Customer feedback

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Comments: This is my college team string, and I find it plays pretty well. It performs slightly less well than RPM Blast; in fact it seems identical to me except it's just slightly worse in basically every way. It's a reasonably stiff string, but I string it in the low 50s, so that's not a big problem for me. It isn't quite as good at grabbing the ball, and it isn't quite as powerful. My biggest complaint is the durability. In my RF 97s I get maybe 8 hours, although closer to 6, since I go about 3 practices before I break strings. All in all, I like Poly Code, I just wish it gave a little more access to spin, and better durability (although for non college players, or players with racquets with closed string patterns, this might not be as much of an issue). I would be interested to hear from the TW staff what they find the most durable strings to be, and which ones play the best? My RFs tear through strings like crazy.
From: Wes, 12/14

Comments: Surprised that some people still find this to be stiff as I have personally tried this in a hybrid and a full set and it is one of the softest setups around, almost too soft. Threw on a dampener so it sounds better and fell in love. Tested in a hybrid with my Wilson Juice and then a full bed on Head Extreme. Liked the full set more, so I currently have my Juice getting restrung in with a full bed of it.
From: Kyle, 8/13

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