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Comments: This is the best string I have ever used on my Prince Tour Light. I'm a 3.5 player and like to occasionally use power in my game. It has a lot of spin and power compared to other multis. My serves are the best with this string and I can hit a very confident forehand with lots of control. The worst part is that it does move around a lot and the string only last for 2-3 matches and then pop instantly in 3 different spots on the mains. It's a good string but is expensive for it's durability.
From: Ali, 2/13

Comments: I switched from Gamma TNT2 17g to the "Tour" version on Head Prestige Mid @ 63 lb. It feels a tiny bit boardier but gives better feel on spins. More important for me the strings tend to stay in place more, as I always have to fix my string after a long rally with the old TNT2. The tension seems to stay up longer also.
From: Wing, 10/12

Comments: I switched to this from Tecnifibre X-One Biphase as a cross and I really liked it better. I can hit out on the ball a little more with this string than the Biphase. I like a soft but firmer feeling string that allows me to control the ball a little more and doesn't feel spongy at the net. This one fit the bill for me.
From: Welch, 8/11

Comments: This is my cross string of choice. (I pair it with Luxilon ALU Power) It is a very powerful string, soft and comfortable (but not too soft), good control, and easy to string. This string is really soft (not too soft but perfect comfort). I don't know its durability since I only tested it for about 2 hours. I highly recommend this as the cross string of a hybrid setup. It is common sense that a multifilament or natural gut string will never last long on the mains without string savers. If you're the hard or heavy topspin hitter, get the poly on the main and stop arguing. I've tested about 30+ different strings. It's not a lot, but I know what a good set of string is.
From: Jack, Denver, CO, USA. 4/11

Comments: I am absolutely dismayed by the negative results on this string! I have played with lots of string types (synthetic, multi, natural gut, full poly and hybrid sets) and I can honestly say the TNT2 Tour feels like a hybrid, spins like a poly and controls like a natural gut/multi... it's unlike any other string I have ever played with! I would best describe it as a 'premium multi with a little 'poly attitude.' To me, TNT2 Tour is a very comfortable, arm-friendly string that lets you 'hit out on the ball' and maintain control. I have played with it for over 20 hours now and comparative to other comments, this string has proven worthy in the durability department to me. I hit with heavy topspin, have a flat first serve and second kick serve and play with pace. Maybe I'm the exception here, but I find this string to be top notch!
From: Mike, Atlanta, GA (4.0 strung at 63 lbs - Prince O3 Hybrid Hornet). 7/10

Comments: Poor feel for the ball, poor resilience and odd board-like response although I have just used it once so far. Maybe it will improve with time but I doubt it. Tried Asterisk, Asterisk Tour and Live Wire 17's and have been suitably impressed especially with the Asterisk strings. Will be going for a reel of each to use as hybrids.... Main Asterisk Tour 17. and Cross Asterisk 17. The extra cash will be worth it in my opinion.
From: David, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, MALAYSIA. 8/09

Comments: This string is simply great when you want to control a ball, for powerful shots it won't last more than a week (if you play once a week). My coach recommended to try it and I did so, but if you want to use it - try in combination with some other, more durable string on mains.
From: Vlad, Queens, NY, USA. 7/09

Comments: This string plays well but the durability is horrible. If you play with heavy topspin you will be lucky if last more than 4-5 sets. I've only played two sets with it & it's already unraveling. I am a high end 4.0 baseliner with a western grip.
From: Charles, Carrollton, TX, USA, 06/09

Comments: I have just experienced the worst strings of my life. There was absolutely no feel to these strings and I broke 2 sets within one hour of playing time. Yes, you heard that right - 2 sets in one hour. I am a high school coach and tournament level player. Skip these and save yourself some time and money.
From: Duncan, Yuma, Arizona, USA. 6/09

Comments: I strung my Wilson PS88 mains at 56 with 16 & crosses at 57 with 17 and it is awesome. I would strongly suggest trying this combo. So much control and gives you more power. Perfect pocket.
From: Peter, Olive Branch, MS, USA. 05/09

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