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Comments: I have recently switched to a Head Radical Flexpoint Midplus Tour to save my shoulder, which was getting beat up by my former Volkl C-10 Pros. The wide string pattern of the Head chews up strings; I recently put in the TNT 16 Fusion at 66lbs. and they are working out well, excellent power, control and little string movement.
From: Nick, Saratoga Springs, N.Y. 07/05

Comments: I am a JV tennis payer. This sting is pretty durable but it looses its tension really fast. The string doesn’t settle and slide around a lot. The comfort on this string is amazing.
From: Piotr, Torrance, CA, USA. 02/05

Comments: I use a Head Ti strung at 62lbs and tried the TNT2 Fusion Plus Pro 16 in my search for a durable string that has some playability and is relatively inexpensive. The durability was not that impressive to me. I was getting the same durability with Prince Synthetic Gut 15L (4-5 times playing 1 hr - 2 hrs each time) and broke. Also felt very similar to Kevlar (stiff) and playability was average at best. Basically this played almost identical to Kevlar except not quite as long and the string did not lose tension (get "mushy") like Kevlar does near the end of its life. I would not recommend it unless you want something similar to Kevlar, but not quite as stiff/unplayable.
From: Josh, North Miami, FL, USA. 11/03

Comments: Gamma's TNT Fusion Plus is a great string with great durability. Its downside is definitely its poor playability. The TNT Fusion Plus 19g is definitely better but its durability is a little less.
From: Billy, Edison, NJ. USA 10/02

Comments: During last summer I was using the Gamma 16 Synthetic Gut string. This string provided excellent playability and feel for a inexpensive price. Over the summer I became stronger and through a grip change I started breaking string. This did not go over very well with my parents for they were spending close to $300 a week to the pro at my club to keep all of my racqets strung (keeping in mind I am 16 years of age and play 5-7 hours of tennis a day during the summer). Finally the pro felt he had pumped enough money out of us for one summer and he offered up the idea of switching to this new composite string. I was very skeptical at first because I had felt various kevlar strings before and they we all alike in that they would feel good for the first few days but soon enough they would loose all playability and I would be left to cut them out for they were practically impossible to break. The new string was the Gamma TNT Fusion Plus 16. The playability is unbelievable... even though we spend about $10 more to get it strung, it's still worth it because it's durability and playability are so long lasting. I am so happy with this string, I actually ordered a whole bunch of sets from Tennis Warehouse. This string has satisfied my needs and my parents check book. I hope you get to try this string.
From: Raymour, Amherst, New Hampshire USA 1/01

Comments: I was using Gamma TNT 16 and sometimes TNT 17. I started using string savers to combat frequent string breaks. It helped a little but I was still breaking the strings too often. I play about 12 sets a week. I forked out the extra dollars for Gamma TNT Fusion Plus 16 string and I am impressed. I thought I would experiment with Prince Control Freak since it was 17 gauge but it feels like I'm hitting a baseball, not a tennis ball. I strung both in identical racquets with the same tension. I had to stop playing with the Prince strung racquet because it was so stiff. I still have not broken the Gamma and plan on using it on my other racquet. The Prince string also moves much more. The Gamma TNT strings are a bit softer but I think I have found my string in the Gamma Fusion Plus.
From: Alex, Marietta, GA. USA 12/00

Comments: I absolutely love Gamma TNT Fusion Plus 16 string. I switched to this string from Prince Pro Blend and will never go back. Pro Blend still beats this string in durability, but Fusion Plus has a much better feel. The mains are slightly textured which leads to a bit better feel along with the fact that they're a bit "softer" than regular kevlar. If you're a frequent string breaker looking for a hybrid string with "feel", give this string a try.
From: JB, Sunnyvale, CA. USA 11/00

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