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Comments: Strung it on my Wilson Six.One Tour BLX as mains and Signum Pro Poly Megaforce, both @ 58. I'm a baseline player, hit with decent spin, and rate myself around 3.5-4.0 NTRP. The string needed a break-in period, since the stringbed felt too stiff. A little warm up, half a set and it was ready (I usually ink my racquets, so the ink should've make it stiffer). After 40 mins of break-in period, I saw the string starting to fray all over the sweetspot, and finally broke after 3.5 hours. It was fresh strung when i played with it, and it didn't last the day. However, after the string got softer, I found nice ball pocketing and bite; power was average and spin was not surprising. The Copoly crosses were sawing through the TNT so I wouldn't say it's a very durable string, and I usually break strings once a week when I play daily.
From: Axel. 8/11

Comments: When the manufactured default strings broke on my Wilson N-Tour-Two, I was recommended the TNT2 16, and I strung it at 58lbs tension. At first, maybe because I strung it at a high tension, it had amazing control, but little power, so I had to implement my own power. To my surprise, after about two months of playing, it broke (my last strings lasted THREE YEARS! My dad used it, then my brother and now me). Still, I would recommend this, as long as you are a control player, and expect to restring every few months.
From: Jacky, Sacramento, CA, USA. 4/11

Comments: Awesome strings. My serves was the only weak point and after stringing this string with the Wilson ncode n6, my serves were too good. It is also holds tension very well.
From: Harish, Singapore. 10/10

Comments: I have tried this string on several rackets and I do like the string but only when it is tight. When the string is to loose it has no power and maybe some feel, but the durability is great.
From: Danny, Mountain View, CA, USA. 1/09

Comments: It is interesting to read all the comments about this string. I have not had the problem of losing tension that the others mention. Perhaps its because I string at 58 lbs or lower using a stiff frame. The string is very easy on the arm and the 16 guage has been pretty durable. Power and control are good.If you have had arm problems or don't need to string at a high tension, give this string a try.
From: Dave, Jacksonville, FL, USA. 11/07

Comments: This string has great feel and response, but these things sacrifice durability. Therefore, I recommend using it in a hybrid stringing. I use this as my cross and prince tour as my main, and I still get a lot of great feel from this string with much longer durability.
From: Evan, NY, USA. 9/06

Comments: I bought this today and it was good, it was very comfortable and had good spin.
From: Samurai, Helsinki, Finland. 05/05

Comments:I donít know why when I first started playing this string it did not have the power, or the feel I was looking for; but after couple of days the string became very playable, and had great feel and was soft on the arm. Highly recommended , the only problem is the string is a bit expensive should be around $6-$7
From: Ramond,MD, USA. 06/04

Comments: If you are having any joint problems from playing with polyester or kevlar strings, Gamma TNT is a great choice for a new string. There is a comment on this web site that says these strings loose a lot of tension after the first day of play. I personally have never experienced this despite stringing at 65 lbs. For me these strings feel best after a day of hitting because once worn down a bit I get more bite on the ball. I definitely do not recommend this string to frequent string breakers, but do recommend this string to anyone looking for a string with great feel and playability.
From: Keith, CA, USA. 2/04

Comments: This is the best string I have ever played with. It has a good long life to it and it plays great every time. I would highly recommend this string to anybody, though it is pricey, it is well worth it. I have gone through 4 reels (and have some in the mail on the way) of this string and have not wanted to try anything else. TNT 16 is the way to get that explosiveness you have always wanted.
From: Hipp, Charlotte, NC. USA 2/03

Comments: I'm about a 3.5-4.0 level tennis player who's been playing for about 2 years. When the time came to string my racket, I strung it with Gamma TNT 16 Natural, because all of my friends were using it at the time. After demoing other rackets with different string, TNT 16 Natural is definitely the best for players looking for absorption and a 16g. string that will last.
From: Stephen, Shorewood, Ill. USA 4/02

Comments: Gamma TNT is Gamma's best selling string. I can tell you, straight off, I wasn't quite sure why when I first started playing. These strings aren't hard, or especially soft, and they're really smooth. After a while of playing, the strings become very playable. The smooth outer coating wears off and then there is a lot of ball bite. The only problem I found with these strings were that they lose tension faster than any string I've ever seen.
From: Johnny, Vancouver, WA. USA 6/01

Comments: This is the string for those who need good feeling and control as well as enough power. I love TNT 16 string everytime I play. I have used so many top brand names and products, but this is my final answer. I am using Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 Oversize.
From: Jun, Richmond, VA. USA 5/01

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