Tourna Mega Tac Overgrip 10 Pack Customer feedback

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Comments: I agree with the other reviewers -- these are the tackiest grips I have ever used. They are my favorites. If you want tack, these are the best. I have also been happy with their durability, feel, etc.
From: Bryan, 5/16

Comments: Finally the overgrip I've been looking for. If you want tack -- look no further, much better for me than any Wilson or Babolat overgip.
From: John, 2/16

Comments: These truly are the tackiest grips I have ever tried. Even after a few days they still have good tack. I have previously used Yonex Super Grap and Wilson Pro Overgrip. This is my new favorite grip even with sweaty hands.
From: Michael, 10/15

Comments: My hands don't sweat much and I have used many different overgrips -- recently ordering samples of several including Dunlop (Gecko), Wilson, Head, Yonex, Tourna, Gamma and Volkl. Used Wilson tacky for years. Now, after briefly getting used to it -- this one! Best tack with especially soft feel enhances my 4.5 touch -- great for doubles or net play. Slightly above-average overall durability. Just wish they sold a 30 pack roll.
From: Gary, 5/15

Comments: As per below, great tack but only if you do not sweat much. Once wet, it is very slippery. I would probably use it in winter but not in summer. Also you can't use both sides like the Touna original grip.
From: Irman, 9/14

Comments: Great tack, however if you sweat, the grip is gone. I almost chucked my racquet a few times using this grip. I had to change it after each game.
From: TD, 6/14

Comments: Used the original for years and just switched. If you like tac and play enough to have calloused hands, you have to try this. I use this with no other grip, it is soft enough to reduce vibration while allowing great feel. No slip and I mean no slip at all no matter what the conditions are. Creates confidence via a solid feel on touch shots and simply solid on those big forehands. Tested to last twenty hours with good tac remaining. I am so sold on this product.
From: Steve, 6/14

Comments: Very good overgrip, tackiness is sensational. Durability is what you would expect due to its thinness. Not great, but not bad either. Should last a week and a half/two weeks for me so that's good. The tack stays even when the rips start to occur.
From: Tom, 5/14

Comments: This grip is definitely different than all others with it's tackiness. It takes some getting use to, but when you do it's a really great overgrip. I've been playing with Wilson and Yonex for the longest time, but I find this last much longer and the tackiness doesn't go away for a long time. Quality of the grip is top notch, when stretched it does not wrinkle like Wilson or Yonex will. The only negative for me is how it is not tapered like the Wilson or Yonex, you'll have do custom cut it yourself, but the trade off is worth it for me. If you're looking for non-slip this is the grip.
From: Jake, 5/14

Comments: This is certainly the tackiest grip I have played with and it has one more redeeming quality: the tackiness lasts and lasts. It is like the Tourna blue grip which lasts till it wears out, except this is tacky until the grip wears out! Most tacky grips get slippery after your hands sweat. This grip somehow maintains its tackiness.
From: RR, 1/14

Comments: Tacky, tacky, tacky! I love this grip. It is the tackiest grip I have ever used and it stays that way. When I first put it on, it felt like it had been dipped in white glue and I expected it to leave some kind of residue on my hand. It did not. Wonderful grip.
From: JJ, 11/13

Comments: This grip is definitely extremely tacky but that doesn't necessarily make it good. It tends to be almost too sticky when dry and then, more importantly becomes incredibly slick when wetted with sweat or mist. Also, it's so sticky that dust grabs on to it instantly and then there's a layer of slippery dust between the handle and you. Those things aside, I just wasn't able to get a good grip or play well with these grips, and noticed and immediate improvement when I switched back to my regular Yonex Supergrap. Finally the grip is not offered in a more economical 15 or 30 pack, and it's really not worth paying $1.25 per grip. Try it out is you really like tacky because it is very tacky, but if you have experienced any of the downsides of a tacky grip that I have mentioned, note that this grip takes the downsides of tack to a new level along with the upsides.
From: Brian, 11/13

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