Titan Natural Gut 17 String Customer feedback

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Comments: I am glad I did not listen to the mostly negative comments about this string. Tennis Warehouse strung 3 rackets for me using Titan Gut Natural Gut 17g on the mains with no problems. I have been playing with these racquets for 3 months and they are still playing well. For $10 on the mains, this is the best string setup I have ever used; much better than all the synthetic/multifilament strings I tried, and much better that Babolat Tonic Natural Gut (16g).
From: Charles, 12/11

Comments: Titan Gut 17g is impervious to humidity, wet courts, and wet tennis balls. Since Titan Gut already has almost 100 hours of use I decided to use it even when the courts are really wet (puddles all over). I wanted to find out if the dreaded moisture, humidity, and wet tennis balls will really kill Natural Gut. Well, lo and behold, I played it for 2 hours each for 3 days in wet conditions and it is still alive: no fraying yet and no unraveling at all.
From: Charles, 9/11

Comments: So far no problem. I strung my Wilson BLX Six.One Tour 90 with Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power Rough at 45 lbs in the mains and Titan Natural Gut 17g at 48 lbs on my crosses. Stringing the crosses took much longer on my Klippermate stringer (was very careful not to kink, etc.) In comparing this to 17g full bed of Babolat RPM blast, I think this hybrid wins out. Getting more power with the same spin and control. Just need to see now how much life I am going to get now.
From: Efrem, 9/11

Comments: 80 hours on the Titan Gut 17g Mains and still no sign of fraying. This is unbelievable performance from a string that has so many negative feedback. After 80 hours, it still plays very well: soft, powerful, comfortable, high spin generation, and excellent ball pocketing. I would rather buy this at $19.99/set than spending almost the same amount of money for high-end multi-filaments like Wilson NXT, x-one bi-phase, etc.
From: Charles. 08/11

Comments: What a durable string! I have been using this on the mains for 33 hours of moderately heavy hitting using various strokes but mostly topspin and still showing no sign of breaking.
From: Charles, Vancouver, BC, Canada. 5/11

Comments: No problem stringing Titan natural gut 17g mains @42/Head Rip control 17g crosses @ 38 using a Gamma X2 stringer on a Wilson KFive 108 frame. I put 42 babolat elastocross string savers on the sweetspot: 9 on each #1 mains, 7 on each #2 mains, and 5 on each #3 mains.
I hit for about 3 hours using moderate topspin on both wings. This is the best string setup that I used on my Wilson kfive 108 in terms of comfort, playability, spin, and power. I noticed more spin and controlled power. Most important of all, my golfer's elbow did not complain as much. Minimal fraying on mains/crosses after 3 hours. I hope it last at least 20 hours...
From: Charles, Vancouver, BC, Canada, 03/11

Comments: Successfully strung Titan gut main@42lbs and Head Rip control cross@38 lbs.
Titan gut appears smooth and slippery.
I carefully adjusted my floating clamps just tight enough so that the strings do not slip. Compared to multi and synthetic gut, it is so easy to make 'ghosting' on titan gut. Be extra careful for kinking as well
Playability: Haven't played yet but will update.
From: Anon, 03/11

Comments: I use this string as mains and Forten synthetic gut as crosses. Great combination. I am a string breaker and had to cut it out. If your stringer or string pro does not know how to string with gut I would go to one who does. You have to be very careful not to kink the string at the frame otherwise you will break it. I have it in 3 of my frames and have broken the synthetic gut before the titan string. So Far So Good.
From: Tony, Raleigh, NC, USA, 03/11

Comments: I just used it in the cross strings with Ashaway's new 18 gauge Zyex multifilament in the mains. I've only played a few sets with it. So far it plays well and there are no problems.
From: Kendra, San Francisco, CA, USA, 01/11

Comments: (17 gauge used) Follow-up to my last post. As careful as I was, this string-job and the subsequent one broke sitting in the closet (mains only). I tried a third time and loosened the clamp tightness as much as possible, and was EXTREMELY careful about avoiding kinks, basically taking a lot of time to string it. So far it has held up two weeks and one hit. I can't speak much to the feel since I use it in the mains with a poly cross, but suffice it to say the combo feels awesome and I don't know that I'll ever go back. I just hope I continue to have luck with this string since it's so much cheaper.
From: David, Phoenix, AZ, USA, 12/10

Comments: I haven't played with the string yet, but wanted to add that the quality of the string looked fine and I had NO problems stringing it. I strung it in the mains with Weiss Cannon Silverstring 1.20 in the crosses. I will post another review after I've played with it.
From: David, 5.0, AZ, USA. 10/10

Comments: I, too, was skeptical after reading reviews but because of the price I just HAD to try it. I wish I hadn't. I had TW string my new Yonex RQIS 10 with Titan Natural Gut in the cross strings and Luxilon Big Banger in the mains. I played about 40 min when the Titan broke. It WAS a slightly off center hit but I am not a string breaker. Even the areas in the sweet spot were beginning to fray. To TW's credit, they did credit the cost to a new upgraded string. Trying Pacific this time. Fingers crossed.
From: Mark, Dayton, OH USA. 09/10

Comments: In 25 years, this is the poorest quality string I have purchased. I used the 16g version in the past and it wasn't bad for the price, but left a lot to be desired. I thought it might feel better in 17g therefore I purchased 4 sets. I was not able to string the 17g. All 4 sets broke at 59-60 pounds. What a waste of money. TW should discontinue this product, or at least include a warning, although I guess the price they charge for this gut should be enough of a warning.
From: Larry, Fremont, CA., USA. 7/08

Comments: I have strung this as a cross string 4 times. The first two sets were perfect. I couldn't tell the difference between this and KLIP Legend. The third set frayed badly, in two spots. TW replaced. The replacement set was not as good as the first two sets, but usable. I am using KLIP Legend 18, in the Mains. If you buy this, inspect for white hollow places, under the coating. If you find them, try to return.
From: Bud, Eureka, IL. 12/07

Comments: Having never tried natural gut, I have to say I'm impressed with this stuff. I can't speak to either it's comparative value to other natural gut strings, or it's longevity (I've played maybe five hours on it), but it plays well. I've always resisted trying gut, as I figured that saying, "A luxury once tasted, becomes a necessity," would apply. I had no problems stringing it (60lbs) and didn't take any special precautions. Why so cheap? Maybe this is the fate of "Mad cows".
From: Peter, Coos Bay, OR, USA, 01/07

Comments: Plays great, just like any other gut. My stringer did mention it had to be strung a bit more careful. He had strung these Titan strings in the past and knew how to handle them. Played great and has been on my racket for over 3 weeks now. I break TRC in less than 2 weeks. This string is a great deal.
From: Larcon, Chula Vista, CA, USA. 12/06

Comments: Overall- not too bad. Put it in a Wilson nCode 3 at 60#'s. No problem with breaking. Seems to have quite a bit of shellac-like coating that keeps the gut stiff and makes it more difficult to work the crosses through the mains and to tighten them up. Plays as well as the competing lower-cost gut and I find it easier on my elbow and shoulder than any of the high-end synthetics. Can't comment on durability. I play for placement and touch rather than power or exaggerated spin. For my game, it plays well and it's a good value. Tip- I always unwrap and fully uncoil gut the day before stringing. Makes it easier to work with and less likely to knot or break.
From: Dan, St. Petersburg, FL, USA. 12/06

Comments: Plays like Legend Natural Gut, just frayed a bit faster and according to my stringer, was a little harder to string. Otherwise a great deal. It's been on my stick for about 2 weeks now, and about 20 hours of play. I break through NXT 16 in about 20 hours.
From: David Lowerman, OC, CA, Usa 09/06

Comments: In my opinion this natural gut string is not good and is the worst feeling natural gut that I have ever used. I would not buy this string if it were $10, for it feels worse than some of the multifilament strings on the market. I strung up a PS 85 with no breaking issues as others have reported. The string is stiff and very inelastic for a natural gut string. Within the first 30 minutes of hitting, I never got that natural gut feel. With other strings like VS Gut or Wilson gut, you can immediately feel the gut pocketing the ball with a crispness in the stringbed. My advice is save your money for the real deal: VS gut.
From: Marc, Roswell, GA, USA 08/06

Comments: I played one hour with this string and it broke, which had never happened to me with any other natural gut. There was not a difference with more expensive guts. Just disappointed I could not play longer.
From: Philippe, France 04/06

Comments: I strung this with my Yonex Rdx 500 Mid. Many people judge this string before actually trying it. This string does tend to break while stringing, but if you take it to a pro stringer, chances are that it will not break. Aside from that, the playability is similar to all the other natural guts, but what makes this string special is that its extremely cheap.
From: Brian, CA 04/06

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