Titan Natural Gut 16 String Half Set Customer feedback

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Comments: I just bought 3 half-sets of 16g this month (9/14). Cosmetically, they look much better compared to the previous sets I bought. I cannot tell the difference between these and the Pacific classic gut that I also use. I have been mostly satisfied with these strings. I string it at no more than 50 lbs and never experienced any breakage while stringing. They only break due to usage. I will keep buying these strings.
From: Charles, 9/14

Comments: Man what a steal this string is! I strung this gut up to 66 pounds with no problem whatsoever and it performs better than Klip or Pacific in my opinion. Great value!
From: Anon, 7/12

Comments: First set broke while stringing, 2nd set plays like a plank. save your money and buy something else, lesson learned!
From: JH, 4/12

Comments: Good string and great value! I've had great success stringing with this for myself and customers, especially poly/gut hybrids. Have not broke a set in the machine yet.
From: SF Tennis, 2/12

Comments: This string is positioned as an affordable natural gut. Unfortunately, the only 'affordable' aspect of the string is the initial purchase price. The string is very brittle and wants to unwind during stringing. Once strung it has very poor durability. I've tried this on three separate racquets and been disappointed in the results each time. As far a actual playability is concerned, it feels like other gut strings. It has good pop and a nice level of touch and grip. I simply cannot recommend it because my experience was so horrible with it breaking so quickly.
From: Jim, 12/11

Comments: I've used Titan gut off and on for years and I'm surprised by some of the comments. I'm an experienced amateur stringer without any special stringing skill and I've never broken a set while stringing or had a set break prematurally in my racquet. Now I wonder if I've just been lucky and should try another brand. Anyway, I use Titan in my mains with Lux BB Original in the crosses. Great combo. You get the feel and resiliency of gut with some of the control of poly. Without arm pain. Also, try Titan in mains and Wilson Enduro Pro in the crosses for a budget version of Federers and Djokavics' setup. Just be sure to drop the tension of the crosses 4 to 5 pounds.
From: Mongo, Kansas City, MO, USA. 06/11

Comments: I've strung with this several times and all in all it's a good string and I've never broken it on my dropweight stringer. I suggest using this in the mains and using a Wilson Sensation as the crosses. If you try using this in the crosses it will unravel. It's also very sensitive to moisture since it's not a coated string. Be careful to keep it dry and do not store outside or in your car where humidity will get to it.
From: Rob, Clearwater Florida 02/10

Comments: Had a professional stringer at a club do it for me, but the set broke while being strung, he tried again with another set and they broke again while being strung, honestly I don't think it's worth the price if it can't even be strung half the time.
From: Josh. 2/09

Comments: I've used it twice. It's a relatively durable string, but it tends to break but it tends to break while stringing it. I'd rather spend more money for Klip Legend or Babolat VS.
From: Keith, Troy, AL, US. 7/08

Comments: I use this string on my crosses with Ashaway Kevlar on the mains. This setup is holding pretty well with 3hrs of play (heavy topspin)
From: Dave, Cedartown, GA, USA, 11/07

Comments: Just a great string. I used it in my mains with Prince Syn. Gut Duraflex crosses, and it's just a great combo. You shouldn't have a problem with braking if your stringer does it right. My 15-year-old friend did it for me, and I've used these strings for about 10 hours with little fraying, but they do lose tension pretty quickly so string tighter or prestretch them before you string. You'll get good power, bite, and feel. It's just an all around great value. However, if you hit with lots of spin like full western players, watch out because it probably won't last long. I changed my grip and hit full western for a few minutes and that did most of the fraying and tension loss.
From: Shawn, USA. 11/07

Comments: Good string you just have to be extremely gentle with the string strung it up in the mains with Luxilon ALU Fluoro in the crosses at 65lbs and it has lasted me about 5 hrs of play without losing tension or breaking so Iíll stick with this string you cant beat the price
From: Trent, LJ, TX, USA, 07/07

Comments: Seems like I was another one of the unlucky ones. This seemed to string fine, then the next day, before I had a chance to play with it, I noticed it had snapped overnight. I was wondering if I was the only one, but after reading some of the comments here, apparently not. Not worth the cheap price if you're taking a gamble on whether it will break even before you hit a ball with it...
From: John, Lebanon, PA, USA. 12/06

Comments: Not recommended for inexperienced home stringers, but with any stringer who has strung gut for a while, this string is a great bargain. Has the same great feel as other companies second grade, but a much better price. Comparable to BDE Rally, or VS Tonic. Had a few bad experiences with all 2nd grade guts, but if you don't want to chance that, spend the money and get first grade gut.
From: Ziggy, Los Angeles, CA, USA. 12/06

Comments: Great value. Not as durable as VS or Legend, but can't beat the price. Use it with NXT 16 crosses at 58lbs main, 56 lbs cross on a PS 85.
From: Jan, Seattle, WA, USA. 10/06

Comments: Economical choice. I use it solely on my mains, with TF Multi-feel on the crosses. A lot more bite with great touch. For the price it can't be beat.
From: John, Tyler, TX, USA. 9/06

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