Titan Natural Gut 15L String Half Set Customer feedback

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Comments: TW ran out of the 16 G, so I opted for the 15G -- figured it would have better long-term durability as well. Which it did not prove me wrong. I strung them at 60 lbs in the mains, 58 lbs in the crosses and never had a broken string. And I use a basic Gamma drop weight stringing machine. I have been using Titan Gut since around 2009 and have never had any issues. I often wonder what people do to their strings.
From: Jack, 7/14

Comments: Strung the gut in the mains at 54 lbs with poly crosses. The first set got me 1 hour of play before snapping. The second set snapped while stringing (during tie off, not during pull!). And it's a 15 gauge!?!? This makes Titan the most expensive gut I've ever used. I have the hardest time breaking Pacific ToughGut 17, and no amount of hard, topspin hitting breaks it. At $39 per set, it's the cheapest gut I've ever used when considering the amount of time I get from it. Stay away from Titan. There's a reason why Klip wouldn't sell it.
From: Tom, 11/12

Comments: I've played with this string for some time now, 15L in a Wilson Prostaff. I've had one set break during stringing because the stringer wasn't patient enough with it. Once strung, I coat with a glue type stuff, use string savers and stencil it and it works great. Need to keep the string savers on it. Lasts longer than any other string and playability is great.
From: Pete, USA, 12/11
NTRP: 6.0

Comments: I'm a professional stringer and the only one who strings natural gut at my tennis club. This is the first string to break while stringing mid way through. It's also the first time (different set) the string was frayed in multiple areas BEFORE I took it out the package. Not worth the price.
From: Michael, Grand Blanc, Mi, USA. 5/10

Comments: Had a professional stringer at a club do it for me, but the set broke while being strung, he tried again with another set and they broke again while being strung, honestly I don't think it's worth the price if it can't even be strung half the time.
From: Josh. 2/09

Comments: My experience is consistent with the two comments I see here already. I bought two half sets of 15L for use as crosses (EnduroPro mains) at 60# in my K-Pro Open. The first set went in looking more like packing twine than gut and started disintegrating during the warm-up and got worse quickly. During the first set they lost what I am estimating to be about 7-8# of tension compared to my other racquet, which has TNT in the crosses. So - since I had two sets, I cut out the first set and tried the other. What a difference. It went in looking and feeling almost as good as VS. Played two sets today and cannot tell much tension loss at all. So - I'm marking Titan up as a crap-shoot. Judging from other comments I'm reading, I'll probably try Klip Legend 15L next time around.
From: Walter, Dallas, TX, USA, 04/08

Comments: I was disappointed when I used this string for my mains, it broke in 3 hours of play. It was great as a cross string in a hybrid but I will not use it in my mains again, i like Babolat Tonic 15L much better for mains, it lasted about two weeks before it broke. Used in Wilson K-Factor Tour 90 strung at 52 lbs and I am a 5.0 player.
From: Mike, Torrance, CA, USA. 3/07

Comments: I can't believe this string, it is awesome. I am a 4.5 player and have used many other gut strings. Titan is durable, responsive and I love the "feel" of the ball. Thanks titan for a great product.
From: Jim, Tulsa, Ok, USA. 12/06

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