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Comments: TW ran out of the 16 G, so I opted for the 15G -- figured it would have better long-term durability as well. Which it did not prove me wrong. I strung them at 60 lbs in the mains, 58 lbs in the crosses and never had a broken string. And I use a basic Gamma drop weight stringing machine. I have been using Titan Gut since around 2009 and have never had any issues. I often wonder what people do to their strings.
From: Jack, 7/14

Comments: Garbage product! I have never broken a string in 45 years till i tried this! Broke the first piece at 62 lbs and second piece at 56 lbs. Even TW stringers say it breaks with regularity. TW issued a credit!
From: Arp, 4/14

Comments: I have been stringing gut for five years, Legend, Armor Pro, VS, Tonic, and this is the worst by a ridiculous margin. I thought stringers breaking gut were just amateur until this broke on the third pull. I dropped the tension to 46 lbs the second time around only to have the string break after 3 hours of hitting. With string savers some of my older customers last a year between string jobs. I am reluctant to even try this string in the wood racquets I string. I wish I had a third thumb to give this three thumbs down.
From: Jerry, 3/14

Comments: I was disappointed when I used this string for my mains, it broke in 3 hours of play. It was great as a cross string in a hybrid but I will not use it in my mains again, i like Babolat Tonic 15L much better for mains, it lasted about two weeks before it broke. Used in Wilson K-Factor Tour 90 strung at 52 lbs and I am a 5.0 player.
From: Mike, Torrance, CA, USA. 3/07

Comments: I can't believe this string, it is awesome. I am a 4.5 player and have used many other gut strings. Titan is durable, responsive and I love the "feel" of the ball. Thanks titan for a great product.
From: Jim, Tulsa, Ok, USA. 12/06

Comments:I tried the Titan 15L and compared it to the BDE Rally and Babolat Tonic+. Titan plays well; I did not encounter any stringing problems. However, I will say that it appears that the resin used in this string is dryer, stiffer, or more prone to "cracking" during the stringing process. The Babolat Tonic+ has a very nice resin that does not crack during the stringing process (and seems to be extremely durable). So, my opinion is that while playability is ok, durability and appearance are not as good as Tonic+. It is my impression that the Tonic+ would be better at moisture resistance, but I cannot really comment based on experience. I can say that Tonic+ has become my choice.
From: Peter, Groton, MA USA, 07/06

Comments: I strung this with my Yonex Rdx 500 Mid. Many people judge this string before actually trying it. This string does tend to break while stringing, but if you take it to a pro stringer, chances are that it will not break. Aside from that, the playability is similar to all the other natural guts, but what makes this string special is that its extremely cheap.
From: Brian, CA 04/06

Comments: A very good string for the price. Play as well as any other gut even in a low tension of 45. I recommend string savers at the sweet spot for durability. Big hitters and string breakers can look for steel-wireworks of other type.
From: George, Barnegat, NJ, USA. 12/05

Comments: I bought titan gut because of the prices, however I am very disappointed. the gut broke 5 mins after installed in my o3 red at 62lbs. it is very stiff compared to klip's legend and bow brand's natural gut. After 20yrs of using natural gut, I never encounter this problems before.
From: Sam Moel, Indonesia 11/05

Comments:The titan plays the same as any other gut but the durability was a bit shy of the brand sames such as wilson and babalot. but in all its a money saver and a very good string.
From: Billy Failing
Portland, OR, US 10/05

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