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Comments: I love this string. Low power, fantastic spin, best control I've ever had.
From: Rod, 9/16

Comments: Wow. One of the best hybrid set-ups I have played with. The perfect blend of spin, feel and control. They also sound amazing at impact. I strung them at 48 lbs in the mains and 56 lbs in the crosses on a racquet I was about to give up on, a Head Radical OS 107 (I normally use 95-100 headsize racquets). This was a perfect combination because the string bed was not too powerful, allowing me to take a full swing. I was also very impressed by the comfort level this combination produced (as I blew up my arm playing with a full bed of poly last year with my Prince 100LB). I've been searching for poly level spin (without the pain) and while I've tried all kinds of hybrid including poly/gut, this combo has been the best balance of spin, control and comfort. The price can't be beat either! I've spent more than $35 on a single string bed trying to get the right combo and this $5.75 combo comes through as the best I've tried.
From: William, 4/16

Comments: These strings are dead! Which is exactly what I was looking for! Strung them at 50/54 lbs in a Dunlop 200+. They have good spin and control, and a medium firm feel. And power is low, so I can swing away and keep the ball in play. But because of the low power you don't get a lot of ball speed! I'm a senior 4.0 player and would try these again!
From: Doug, 1/15

Comments: I think this is the best string I ever wanted. I used Ashway Crossfire for a long time, but this string gives more power, nice slice, nice sound and good feel. I strung it at 60 lbs and I love it. I will stick to this string from now on. Good job Forten. Please don't ever discontinue this string. I am a state champion and play at the 4.5 level.
From: Armin, 11/14

Comments: I had this in the Pure Drive Plus at around 55 lbs during the early 2000s. That was the only time I ever got tennis elbow. A few months later, I was fine using the Pure Drive again with a synthetic string. Something to beware of.
From: BB, 7/14

Comments: Turn your forehand into a howitzer with this string! Thin blend doesn't provide quite as much spin as some fresh poly (e.g. Tour Bite), but it's close. It feels better to than polys, isn't as rough on your elbow, holds tension better, and makes a loud crack when you hit a shot with pace. Because of the sound and feel, I can't go back to poly. A great string at any price level. 3.5, Volkl PB 10 Mid+ Forten Thin Blend strung at 51 mains/56 crosses.
From: Sam, 4/14

Comments: I loved it! It was simply amazing! Precise control and good pop! However I did string at 32 lbs in my 107 sq in head ProKennex. The sad new is it only lasted about 9 days tops. The kevlar broke but the crosses weren't notched at all.
From: Randy, 2/14

Comments: This string is sick! I feel like I could rip the cover of the ball on my forehand and my kick serve was insane. When it finally broke (approx 6 sets of heavy play) I used a backup racquet that had newly strung Luxilon and the Luxilon felt like nylon after using this Forten blend. Sorry Luxilon junkies, this string beats Luxilon hands downs.
From: AC, 6/13

Comments: This is now my favorite string. It has a great combination of control and feel. It seems like the ball stays on the strings longer and I'm getting a little extra spin on the ball compared to the Prince Pro Blend that used to be my favorite string. I play with a Head MicroGel Radical OS and string the crosses and mains at 60 lbs even though it's recommended to lower the tension on the mains. I have no problems with harshness, but the racquet has something to do with that. I string my own racquets and have experimented with all kinds of strings over the years. I've found that a good string on one racquet may not work as well on another. Some sticks, like the MicroGel, effectively absorb vibration, but sometimes the soft strings can result in lack of feel. This Forten string works well in this racquet, even at high tension. Your mileage may vary depending largely on the kind of racquet you use.
From: John, 3/13

Comments: I play 2-3 times a week regularly, and I must say, "awesome string indeed". I've been using this string since 2002, so it's been 10 years. At the beginning, I was having arm problems, however after I got used to it after several weeks of playing, arm problems were gone. I was thinking about switching to another string brand, but heck, I still found this setup is the best so far, and I'll probably give a second thought about switching to another brand. Durability is acceptable, it's low powered (no problem with that cause I'm capable of generating my own), awesome in the spin and control department, especially when I'm hitting short-spin up to the net. Overall, no complaints, very good budget string and do not underestimate the power of Jedi. Oh, I mean the power of Forten Thin Blend. Cheers
From: Endy, 8/12

Comments: I've been using Thin Blend since 2002. Never any arm problems and I am in my late 50's. Mainly in Head Radical Tours, then Ti Radicals, and now Pro Staff 100. String at the lower end of the tension range. Great bite, low power, yet good feel for soft shots.
From: Rod, 5/12

Comments: I put these strings in a frame that usually chews up strings in record time. They are extremely durable, even when the thin mains were worn halfway through they did not break. They do not feel so harsh to me but immediately caused pains to someone with a sensitive wrist who tried it, and I mean immediately. Even with the very good Forten Sweet as the cross strings, thin Blend has no power, and no spin. I used it for a while and it provided excellent control, power is very much lacking but that is okay. My main issue with this string is that it provided very little spin when the crosses became worn and rough, even in a frame that is very spin friendly. That is the main reason why I ended up cutting it out. It is the most control oriented feeling string I have ever used, but I really needed some spin.
From: Anon, 1/12

Comments: I had try this string with my two different racquets in a 95 and 98 square winch head size. I strung it at 52 lbs in the mains and 56 lbs in the cross in 98 square inch headsize racquet. It was very hard, no power, and creating arm and elbow problems. So I dropped the tension to 50 lbs in the mains and 54 lbs in the crosses in 95 square inch racquet, just a little soft and still hard. So I will try to drop to 48 main and 52 cross in next string.
From: Billy, 9/11

Comments: I am a 4.5-level player who plays at least 4 hours a week.  I use a K-Factor Six.One Tour. I have used Forten Thin Blend for about eight years. It's a great string if you're looking for control, durability, and ball spin. In fact, this is one of the most durable strings I've used. One of the original reasons I switched to Forten was to stop breaking every 2 or so weeks when playing 6+ hours a week. The Thin Blend lasted months compared to synthetics I was using. Also, when it comes to generating spin, this string gives enormous bite -- so much sometimes that it hinders power generation. Thin Blend is not so great if you want power or comfort. While I manage to generate plenty of power on my own, this string makes me try harder to put the necessary "oomph" on the ball -- not something I really want to do with a 13 oz racquet in the fourth or fifth set.  And as far as comfort is concerned, I don't think Forten takes that into consideration because these strings are like hitting with a 2x4, especially after a fresh stringing at 58lbs. If anything, I would highly recommend getting these strings strung at the lowest quarter of the recommended stringing range.  
Overall Rating: 7.5
Durability: 10
Comfort: N/A (but more seriously, 2)
Control/Spin: 8.5
Power: 4
From: Misha, Berkeley, CA, USA. 5/11

Comments: These are good strings. I have these strings at 50lbs on a 95sq in frame with medium flex, and I'm sure the tension has dropped into the mid 40's by now. Very low power and there is TONS of control, even at such low tension. The stringbed still feels quite firm at this tension and as a side effect is surprisingly comfy (It is quite harsh at high tension). A full bed of cheap 17g Polylon at 52lbs had much more power by comparison. There is so much control here - I have been able to hit the most wicked drop shots from the baseline off my backhand side against flat first serves, the shot curves and lands 3-4 feet past the net then spins to the side with a low bounce, no exaggeration. I even get "Whoa's" from my opponents and they start serving towards my forehand side even though it is my stronger shot, just to avoid that backhand dropshot. I didn't even think I could pull off shots like that and I am only able to do it with this string. I am a 4.5 btw, and as of late, generally play doubles with a mix of players in the 4.0-5.0 range. The flipside is that with this string I don't get enough ball speed for singles.
I put these strings in a frame that was breaking strings extremely fast and I have not been able to break them for a long time, even though they are very thin and look like they have worn half way through. The downside of Kevlar vs. Poly is that kelvar is not very spin friendly (possibly because of the texture and lack of elasticity?) while poly provides tons of spin. I recommend that if it is your first time using kevlar to string LOW, like 50lb. Again, there is very little power, tons of control, and a firm feel even at this tension.
From: Anon, SoCal, 12/10

Comments: The Forten Thin Blend is a great combo for control, without creating arm problems. I use it in a Prince O3 Hybrid (orange) at 55 on the mains and 60 on the crosses. Contrary to common belief, the size of the mains (18) is not the reason for the increased spin. Studies seem to indicate that string thickness does not influence spin rates. I believe, rather, that the increased time the ball is in contact with the sting surface provides the extra spin. The "boardiness" of the surface allows for the extra time. As for power, I find no reduction, even as compared with natural gut, which I sometimes play.
From: Paul, Palm Springs, CA, USA. 8/10

Comments: Great string for biting the ball - 18 gauge really bites well - way better than 16 gauge or 17 gauge strings. Those who have never tried 18 gauge - give this a shot at least once. But, the mains move a lot during play, which becomes very annoying. Also, makes me wonder if movement during the point is affecting my shots during the point. I settled on this string after trying about 6 different companies' strings - but now I'm trying Babolat Hurricane Pro Tour.
From: Anon. 4/10

Comments: Been playing USTA state level tournaments since the 1980s. Thin blend is a fantastic 18 gauge string. I hit very hard and it is difficult to break. It can take A LOT of abuse from non ATP players and still give use huge bites at the ball because of its thinness. Buy a pack and try it - you'll be back for sure.
From: Anon. 4/10

Comments: I have this string strung to my Wilson Kobra tour, and it's amazing how the shots feel. Not only that but for a hybrid string, this is quite durable. I would say if you're going for a good combination of good feel and hard hitting with affordable re-stringing, this should be your choice. However, the string tends to run a lot at times, other than that, its a great string to play with no doubt.
From: Shannon, Singapore, 01/10

Comments: I strung these on my PK Redondos at 56lbs. The control on all strokes is amazing. I can hit hard on my forehand and backhand and not worry about hitting long. The spin that I can get on the strings are also impressive. Kick serves were really jumping high too. Plus string holds tension well. IMO, it holds tension better than a full polyester setup.
From: John, Singapore. 3/08

Comments: Forten Thin Blend is the finest packaged Kevlar string out there. I "grew up" playing Kevlar hybrids, first with Prince Pro-Blend, then onto Ashaway Kevlar 17. Forten Thin Blend provides much more playability than either of those two brands and sacrifices very little in terms of durability and tension loss. Spin is very accessible and it responds so well to tension differences. If you are a fan of Kevlar hybrids, Thin Blend is the finest single-pack I've come across.
From: Arvin, Baltimore, MD, USA. 10/07

Comments: I like this product very much, and it's a superb value at less than six bucks. Recently I've used a few poly string products, which I really like, but this product stands up very well. I have my Dunlop M-Fil 400 strung at 57/63 and the feel, power, spin are all excellent. Really nothing bad I can say about this setup, so I'll keep using it on one of my racquets until I don't like it. I used to be a huge fan of Forten Aramid Gear, but I find the thinner 18 gauge of the mains in this set is an overall better choice.
From: Daniel, Beaverton, OR, USA, 08/07

Comments: Not a very good string at all. It maybe a little better without string saver. Anyway, my play went from good to bad very fast with this string. No power, not bad volleys though since strings are very stiff and very durable. Otherwise, unless you don't have trouble with power or can't afford a little better string, DO NOT BUY.
From: Andrew, Eustis, FL, USA, 08/07

Comments: I bought 8 sets of this string and I broke 3 in about 3,5 weeks (strung at 55/60 in a Dunlop 500 tour). It's always the main string that brakes so for me it's not durable but it plays great.
From: Marcel, Quebec, Canada, 06/07

Comments: Plays quite soft for kevlar. Never had elbow problems while hitting with this. String has had about 10 hours of play now. Sufficient power with plenty of spin and control and has the familiar kevlar feel which I like.
From: Terrence, Melbourne, VIC, Australia, 06/07

Comments: I just used the string during my private lesson and it's really great. Previously I used Wilson NXT and Sensation. I thought NXT was good, but durability was really bad. The Sensation had a bit longer durability, but the control was bad and I couldn't generate much spin. When I hit today I played very well, I could pull full strokes and control the depth with topspin. My serve was also very accurate compared to the Sensation. My previous racquet setup was a Liquidmetal Instinct Tour with NXT or Sensation at 57lbs, the NXT was much better than the Sensation though. Currently the Forten is strung at 52lbs Kevlar Mains, and 57lbs Syn. Gut crosses. My playing level is approx. between a 4.0 and a 4.5
From: John, Rochester Hills, MI, USA. 10/06

Comments: Amazing string set up. I was looking for a stiff string bed in my POG 93 and this string is in all six of my rackets. Great spin control and a great pop. Very durable as well for being such a thin gauge!
From: Don, Boston, MA 04/06

Comments: Very nice and lively, this is the best string I've played with so far and I'm a server/ baseliner. Despite the thin gauge, it lasts surprisingly long. I'm actually amazed at how I haven't broken it yet and I would go through others in 5 hours of play time. The spin you get from these is amazing.
From: Thanat, Cottonwood AZ 04/06

Comments: Best type of kevlar string I've played with. The hybrid set gives amazing feel and spin control with durability. Beware that the mains move a lot after the first week or so. I would not recommend this string for hard hitters with heavy toppers because the strings wear down in on spot and the string core is exposed and all the feel and durability goes right out the window.
From: Justin, Hagerstown, MD, USA 03/06

Comments: I string mains at 55, crosses at 61 on my trusty Wilson Tour 95s. Thin Blend holds tension beautifully and is great for topspin groundies and kick serves. I love how this string plays but it is very hard on shoulder and elbow if you play a lot. I'm reluctantly going back to a softer string. Be careful with this and other Kevlar strings. I'm a 4.5 level serve and volley player with kick serve, one-handed backhand and semi-western forehand.
From: Paul, Aurora, CO, USA 07/05

Comments: This combination string really is value for money and it's not bad at all. Stringing my Wilson nCode6 Oversize at 60 pounds, it felt good right from the first time I used it. One thing though, to benefit more and get more feel, avoid using a dampener or if you must, use rubber band like Agassi does. Overall a surprisingly comfortable string, it gave me a blend of power and control when I need them.
From: Hairul, Singapore. 01/05

Comments: I have tried over a dozen different strings over the past 2 years and feel that the Forten Thin Blend is, hands down, the best value in strings today. Other strings I've tried are similar in all around performance, but are twice the cost. The Thin Blend has the best blend of feel, control, spin, durability and power of all the strings I've played with. I can't say enough about how awesome these strings are. Whether you are on a budget or just want some outstanding all around strings you've got to give these a try. I am currently a 4.5 level player and use a Head i.Radical OS racquet. I string both the mains and crosses at 2lbs above the middle tension recommended.
From: Aaron, Layton, UT, USA. 9/04

Comments: I did not like this string at all. It is hard on the arm and the mains move way too much. In my opinion, Ashaway Kevlar is much better. It is very durable, but if comfort is your priority then you should stay away from kevlar.
From: Michael, Miami, FL, USA. 3/04

Comments: Better than Crossfire, which is better than Pro Blend. So I guess, it makes this hybrid the pick of the bunch. It's crispy, has good feel, offers great bite & is great at maintaining tension. Harshness, you'll probably notice that it's there, but not to the extent that it'll hurt you. I opt to hit harder...that'll make it disappear. But you gotta string the mains 2 pounds lower than the crosses. That's when you'll get the best out of it. I'm a NRTP 4.0 level player
From: Shae, Tanjung Malim, Perak. Malaysia. 10/03

Comments: Submitted feedback on thin-blend 05/03. Just to add, that you should string the mains about 6lbs LESS than the cross strings (TW Warning, although this may work well for Michael having the main strings 6lbs tighter than the crosses may warp your racquet frame). If you use a nylon or synthetic gut normally strung at 60lbs, then string the thin blend mains at 54lbs & crosses at 60lbs. Helps give more power and better playability.
From: Michael, Sydney, NSW, Australia. 7/03

Comments: The feel and bite of these strings are just tremendous. At first I got worried that using a low gauged string would lessen its life span, but this hybrid proved me wrong. Within minutes of using it, I was swinging more freely and accurately as my Head Ti Radical wasn't as forgiving when paired with other strings. This gear is game-improvement material!
From: Edward, Manila, Philippines. 7/03

Comments: This was my first experience with a hybrid and kevlar string. Needless to say, I am quite happy with the amount of control I had and the amount of spin generated. I had some concerns with the possible problems it may cause for tennis elbow, but no problems so far. I have about 9 hours of playing time on the set with no complaints. I am impressed with the durability and performance of the string. I am a 3.5 player. The racquet used is a Wilson 5.9 HH 60# mains and 60# crosses.
From: Alex, Orange County, CA, USA. 6/03

Comments: I have played and coached in several countries over 20 years and played with a lot of different strings - but thin-blend is the stand-out string for me. Nothing generates as much spin, control and power. I don't get the 'boardy' feel as I do with other Kevlar hybrids, yet the durability is outstanding. This is a 'must try' string!
From: Michael, Sydney, NSW, Australia. 5/03

Comments: I use this string on a Volkl Tour 10 mid and have never hit a better kick serve in my life. Wicked Stuff, give it a try.
From: Chris, Walnut Creek, CA, USA. 3/03

Comments: As someone who breaks strings ALL THE TIME... I've yet to use a string that has more playability and durability at such a low price. It's almost ridiculous. I play about 4 times a week at a 5.0 level and these strings are a godsend because I can get a good 3 weeks out of them. Because of the kevlar the tension loss is nearly insignificant and the ball bite gives great control. They are a bit stiff, but much better than one would expect. For a tennis player on a budget and with a good elbow.... you can't go wrong.
From: Clay, Visalia, CA. USA 9/02

Comments: At this price, Forten Kevlar Thin Blend stands alone for performance, spin control, and durability. I string the crosses at the regular tension and drop the tension of the mains by 6lbs. I feel it is remarkably playable when the kevlar mains are strung at this lower tension, while still producing excellent spin and control.
From: Moose, Kennesaw, GA. USA 6/02

Comments: I don't know where I would be without my Thin Blend. I use a Head Ti Radical Midplus and the combination of these strings and that racquet are unbeatable. The topspin I generate from these strings are unbelievable. Groundies popping up into my opponents foreheads, and making them pull them off their chest leaves them vulnerable. And talk about durable, I've had mine on my racquets for about 5 months. These strings just don't break. These are definitely my favorite strings of all time.
From: Neil, Ennis, Texas, USA 5/01

Comments: My coach told me to try these strings because I use to break the others so fast. I love these strings. I don't even know how I could have lived with out them. I use the Wilson Hyper Sledge Hammer 2.0 and I just bought another one from this fine place.
From: John, Waipahu, HI, USA 2/01

Comments:For a Kevlar string, Forten Kevlar Thin Blend is the only way to go. With the mains (18g.) and a soft responsive cross string (17g.), this is the ultimate blend of string that provides players with power and control. The Kevlar mains will last a long time (3-4 months.) I recommend stringing the mains two pounds less than the crosses because the Kevlar mains will hold their tension. I use a Wilson ProStaff 6.0 (85) strung at: mains 56lbs, crosses 58lbs. Not recommended for players with elbow pain because of the firmness of the Kevlar - it's not a soft material.
From: Mike, San Carlos, CA. USA 4/00

Comments:I think that Forten Kevlar Thin Blend is a great set of string. I was playing with Wilson NXT and they broke every four hours or so. Then I tried Prince Topspin which was even worse. I tried Kevlar Thin Blend and I'm in love with it. It will take a lot for me to ever switch strings.
From: Chad, Greenville, NC. USA 4/00

Comments:I love Forten Kevlar Thin Blend String. It provides me with great feel and control on the ball, along with extra top-spin. I'm a 6.0 level player with an all around game.
From: Peter, Bensalem, PA. USA 2/00

Comments:I'm a 4.0 level player who plays about 3 times a week. I use a Wilson Hammer 6.2 '95 standard. Although I've been known to serve and volley, my game is essentially baseline (power) based, with any number of spins/dinks etc. added for variation.

Forten Kevlar Thin Blend is a fine string. A bit difficult to work with (Mains) but worth the effort. The mains seem to come apart if flexed too much or too far. I actually broke a main string while tensioning the knot on one side. (That was my first experience with Kevlar strings; I've not had a problem since.)

I would also recommend tensioning these string in reverse of standard hybrid practice. (Normally, Hybrids are strung with the Mains at a pound or two tighter than the crosses. With the stiffness of the Kevlar mains though, I have had excellent results by tensioning the crosses at two pounds higher than the mains. (60# Mains, 62# Crosses) -- This is not new thinking as Agassi and others using stiff mains in a hybrid have been at it a while.)

On the string itself, it is quite playable with good feel and a nice combination of power and control. The 18g. mains provide excellent spin control, as commented by my opponents. I cannot comment on durability as I change strings every two - three weeks regardless. This is fast becoming my favorite string.
From: Rick, Boston, MA. USA 11/99

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