Tecnifibre TGV 17 String Customer feedback

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Comments: Unlike Bi-phase and NRG2, these puppies fray! A little stiffer than X-1 and NRG2 but I actually love this string in tight patterns.
From: Klementine. 7/11

Comments: I loved Tecnifibre's 515 for over 10 years, their flagship string. Then they discontinued it. TF's replacement string, this TGV, has very similar specs, but it feels and sounds like mush. And they want $15 for this? NRG2 and X-1 are okay, but I'm buying some other brand next.
From: GS, Oakland, California, 10/10

Comments: Strung in KProStaff88 with VS Team (55lbs) and TGV crosses (43lbs). Not as soft as I was lead to believe and could tell it was stiffer when I was stringing it up. For me Pro Mix feels much softer. However having said that, this combo plays with good bite, control and power. Cushioned but not overly cushioned. I like a cushioned dead type feel with no power (I generate my own power). I like it. Only played with it half an hour (using my other KPS88s with different string setups to find best setups) so don't know how long it will last. Multis never last long for me so no expectation of longevity on my part.
From: KProStaff88er, MA 12/09

Comments: These are great strings, especially if you have been dealing with arm problems and TE. I changed racquets and strings simultaneously so I am not 100% on the strings, but my TE is so much better and they hit better than most multis.
From: John, Atlanta, GA, USA. 06/09
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: These are great strings. I've been a big fan of NRG 17 and Bi-phase 17 but these are as advertised. They take a little more edge off the arm and pocket the ball really well. I've only played a week with them but durability hasn't been an issue yet and they appear to be holding up well. I will update as I continue to play with them.
From: Faruq, Atlanta, GA, USA, 06/09

Comments: Feels OK, much like NRG2. I don't think I could tell a difference in my Wilson KBlade Tour. Durability is NOT good. I was a bit surprised that they advertise durability. I would guess these are lasting a 75% as long as NRG2 and 25% as long as Babolat Tonic 16ga (not a fair comparison because these are 17ga). I won't be buying these in the future. The packaging is nice, and got me to go for them.
From: Roy, Santa Rosa, CA, USA. 6/08

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