Tecnifibre TGV 16 String Customer feedback

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Comments: Was using NRG but I felt that it was to powerful. I tried TGV and wow, great string that is low powered, spin friendly and very easy on the elbow. Nobody talks about this string, but I would put it up there with XCEL and NXT. I am now using this as my number 1 multi.
From: Gseuede, 9/13

Comments: This string is good in a full bed for dense string pattern, is close to zero movement and has pretty good feel. It is good as the main string for hybrid with polyester cross on open string pattern racquet, very minimal string movement, very good feel, pop, and control. But it moves like crazy if you use it full on in an open string pattern racquet. Compared with the Tecnifibre X-One Biphase, they're pretty similar. The TGV has a little softer feel(not as crisp), a little less pop, slightly more durable, and it locks the main and cross even tighter to each other(full on 18x20).
From: Jack, 9/11

Comments: This string has great comfort, feel, power, and control but is not durable.
From: Steven, 9/11

Comments: Great string. Comfort( bad shoulder and elbow -> no problems at all with the string) and touch is there.Only does the string lack a bit of pop-creation but with the APDC there is no problem with that. And the durability is not that good, I play with heavy spin and it last me a week in practice and about 4 sets in a tournament on gravel The only string that is better for me, is the Pro Hurricane Tour but due to bad shoulder I can not play with them. Worth every penny!
From: Vic, Belgium. 2/09

Comments:I like it, and I plan to buy more. It has a very solid feel for a multi. The extra PU gives it touch. It is a bit difficult to string because the protective coating generates so much friction that you can't weave the crosses all the way across, but must go 1/2 or 2/3 of the way then pull them through, like a rough string, poly, or gut. However the protective coating works. Notching of the mains is much less than normal. I am a 4.5 player. I have a bad shoulder and I play with a Kennex 5G strung at 45 lbs.
From: Kendra, San Francisco, CA, USA. 12/08

Comments: The Tecnifibre TGV 16 String is very soft and lively. Very easy to string and has an unusual texture. I strung it up at 60 on my 95" 16x18 racquet and it came off the stringer with a Dynamic Tension (DT) rating of 43 (according to my ERT-300). After about 16-18 sets the DT rating is still at 38. That's pretty good tension maintenance for a multi. I'm not much of a string breaker so I would expect these to lose their playability before I break them. It's hard for me to compare them because I typically don't use multis for the tension maintenance problem. I can tell you they felt great, I had to get used to the power, and after a weekend of playing in eight matches, they still look and feel great, and my shoulder and elbow feel much better than they would normally feel after that much tennis. We'll see how good the durability is, but if you're looking for a multi, so far I would give this string an 8 on a 1-10.
From: Tod, 3.5, Lubbock, TX, USA. 8/08

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