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Comments: GREAT OVERGRIP! Only complaint is that it should be tapered an the end for easier application.
From: Kevin, 3/12

Comments: This is a good overgrip for playing on clay. I usually use Yonex Grap, but on clay it doesn't last long. The Tourna Tac could be improved if they taper cut one end for a better look at the top of the grip. It is also thicker than expected.
From: Tracy, 1/12

Comments: This is a sweet grip because it's tacky and soft.
From: Adam. 08/11

Comments: I personally loved this overgrip! It was nice and tacky, but not overly tacky. It absorbed some moisture and became absorbent over time as it shredded and lost tack. I love the fact that the grip tape doesn't peel off like the other brands. Overall, awesome overgrip!
From: Angelo. 5/11

Comments: This is a complete joke. I sweat more than like 99% of the people out there while playing and this was 110% saturated to the point where I could squeeze my grip and sweat would pour from my handle. If you sweat, go with the one and only Tournagrip or XL whatever you would need. In fact I lost my racquet on a serve due to the wretchedness of TournaTac. I HIGHLY recommend Tournagrip and I think Unique should take this garbage off the market!
From: anon. 08/09

Comments: Awful overgrip. I tried this one based on the good comments. Big mistake. This overgrip should be called "Caution: Slippery When Wet"!!
From: Steve, Davis, CA, USA. 3/09

Comments: A great grip because my hands sweat like crazy, but it really doesn't last that long.
From: Ritchie, NJ, US. 1/09

Comments: Tourna Grips feel very nice. However, it does not last for more than 2 matches. I do not sweat much, however, even so the grip does not last long. But the feel, is like no other. Wilson Pros feel relatively nice and lasts longer, in my opinion.
From: Daniel, Raleigh, NC, USA. 10/08

Comments: I love this version much more than the original. It's just a great balance of tack, absorbency and comfort. I personally don't have a problem with sweat and grips, but I do have one problem. If you slapped this Tourna Grip II onto a brand new racket with a brand new base grip, you're unfortunately going to find that there will be blue residue when you remove it.
From: Brandon, Boston, MA. 5/08

Comments: Overall, 6 out of 10. Even though original Tourna Grip gives me temporary blisters, it's longer lasting and tackier for a longer period of time. But, this is very comfortable. If you're a casual player who doesn't really tear through grips, this should be OK for you. I'm going back to Tourna Grip.
From: Alex, Spring, TX, USA. 3/08

Comments: Great over grip when you put it on. It's tacky, absorbent ... everything. But within a match, all the tackiness is gone.
From: Ben, New Canaan, CT, USA. 2/08

Comments: For many years, I have used Head Agassi Grip as an alternate to Tourna Grip original (They are very similar). When this new Tourna Grip appeared on TW, I immediately ordered a box of 10. For those who like tacky grips, I think Tourna Grip Tacky is one of the best. I'm just a little bit disappointed because it enlarges raquet's grip size a lot compared to the original Tourna Grip. I'd prefer the same color as the original. This is a little bit clear so it get dirty in 4-5 hours.
From: Fede. 10/07

Comments: I think this is the only tacky grip that actually absorbs sweat and doesn't get slippery. Usually, tacky grips get slippery when your hand sweats (i.e. Wilson's grips). Tourna Grip 2 really strikes a nice balance of tacky and sweat absorbing. One of the best new grips I've tried lately.
From: Colby, Los Angeles, CA, USA, 09/07

Comments: A view from the other end of the spectrum. This stuff is terrible when compared to the original, which still can not be beat. If the tape didn't read "Tournagrip" I would have thought I was playing with something made by Gamma. I can see why Unique says to play with it in moderate climates because even on a non-humid early summer day this stuff is bad. Can only imagine what would happen on a hot day. The idea behind overgrip, or so I thought, was to provide a good grip. Stick with the original, kids!
From: Tom, Canton, OH, USA, 06/07

Comments: The best! Most tacky grips don't absorb sweat (i.e. Wilson and Gamma). Tourna Grip really nailed it by combining a tacky feel AND a grip that actually absorbs sweat.
From: Jason, Atlanta, GA, USA. 6/07

Comments: Leaps and bounds above original Tourna-Grip, which is harsh on the hands and easy to go through. The years they spent developing it were worth the while. This is the closest grip to my personal fave, the Kirschbaum Touch-It, that is sold on this website. As Opposed to Tourna-Grip "high-Tac," this actually has tack to it. It is also comfortable and extremely absorbent. I've actually begun grabbing my racquet to get rid of sweat on my palm, just because it sucks up that much moisture. GET THIS GRIP!!!
From: Wesley, Suffern, NY, USA. 5/07

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