Tourna Grip Original Overgrip Customer feedback

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Comments: I recommend buying the XL version as it didn't fit my standard size racquet.
From: Jared, 10/16

Comments: Beware! Unless you intend on gripping your racquet like Wawrinka or Gasquet, don't buy this grip! Get the XL! There is no possible way of getting this grip to wrap all the way down.
From: Anonymous, 9/16

Comments: Tourna overgrip lasts only two-three games in Florida, after that it looks awful. Another thing, it seems just like some guy chopping off tapes and packing them -- this product doesn't have tapering or adhesive. I prefer Wilson, Yonex and Pacific overgrips.
From: Eugene, 5/16

Comments: I like Tourna Grip because I live in Southern California, where people here joke that the two seasons here are usually just summer and fall. Because the tennis season at my high school is in the spring, it gets hot starting about 11 and doesn't recede until about 7, so this is perfect. Loving it big time because of its absorption and because it doesn't slip.
From: Matthew, 3/16

Comments: At 99 cm in length, it came up too short for my normal grip size racquet. Also, it is not tapered at the beginning. The XL should work better.
From: Howard, 10/15

Comments: This was the least durable overgrip I have ever tried. In the middle of the second session it started blistering and becoming uncomfortable. I realize the pros re-apply after every outing, but my overgrips usually last longer than that!
From: Johnson, 8/15

Comments: This overgrip that isn't long enough for a regular handle. Don't buy the regular size. Go for the xl. That being said, the xl grips are great.
From: Danny, 4/13

Comments: This grip feels pretty good and as it says, it doesn't slip at all. However, the lack of tapering and adhesive at the ends may be a bit irritating to put on.
From: Winston, 1/13

Comments: There's low durability and it's too short. However, it has good absorption.
From: Bedrock, 10/12

Comments: This is a great grip, but moving from the serve to the forehand can be a little uncomfortable.
From: Steve, 10/12

Comments: Tourna Grip is great. It feels very nice and it stays the same color. Isn't that great?! Also, it doesn't slip. No wonder so many pros use it. Pete Sampras, a 14 time Grand slam champion, and the 2nd greatest player (behind Federer in my opinion) used this grip.
From: Neal, 8/12

Comments: Tourna Grip is not the most comfortable grip out there and it's not the most durable, but if you live in a hot climate or you sweat a lot, Tourna Grip is your best friend. It is the only grip I have found that does not slip in your hand in the Florida summer. There is a reason so many tour players use it, it just doesn't slip!
From: Mark, 8/12

Comments: This is by far the best over grip out there! I use it over leather and at first I got blisters but who cares. It toughened up my hands and now it feels great. I love the dry feel and the color. Although it wears out faster than others it's a lot cheaper. This is definitely my over grip for life!
From: Jess, 7/12

Comments: The length too short and not worth saving $0.15/wrap compared to Wilson Pro Overgrip. Not sure which side works best as other types clearly have a sticky side. Red tape difficult to remove film especially compared to other brands.
From: Brad, 5/12

Comments: I love Tourna Grip, but the durability is pretty poor. I use it over a leather and it works very well in hot conditions. Only problem is that it tears quickly in heat and humidity. I wish they would make it a thicker version for extra durability
From: Ry, 5/12

Comments: I decided to give tourna grip a go and I am really impressed by the dry solid grip, feel and sweat absorption qualities, it might not be durable, but it's financially accessible, so no problem.
From: Ricardo, 1/12

Comments: The best overgrip on the market by far and sweaty hands only make them better (lucky for me). They do wear out quickly, but they are inexpensive so just buy a large roll, they are worth the hassle of changing them out every other match.
From: Ryan, 1/12

Comments: I like these when it is hot outside and I sweat a lot, because the sweat almost helps the feel. However, I prefer something more tacky in the winter because when my hands are dry the grip is more prone to slipping.
From: Anon, 10/11

Comments: Like everyone else says, "The best feel, worst durability." I always hated tacky grips, this just feels dry like a cloth. My hand sweat a ton and since I started using Tourna grips I haven't thrown my racquet on a serve.
From: Anon, 10/11

Comments: This grip feels nice but wears out ridiculously fast.
From: Zarcelona, 10/11

Comments: I found this grip absorbs sweat well but it also wears quickly.
From: Bob, 10/11

Comments: I've been using Tourna Grip since it first came out in the late 70's or early 80's. I've tried all the others and nothing comes close to the quality and playability of Tourna Grip. I've never had a tearing or shredding problem. In the winter, it lasts for many sets of tennis. In the summer you have to change it more often but it still outlasts any other grip product.
From: Jose, 9/11

Comments: This grip is soft on the hand and looks cool, but it slipped out of my hand about five minutes into my warmup. Maybe I just need to "break it in" a little, seeing as I put it on last night and played once with it today. It was also hard to put on, with no adhesive on either end. I will probably get better with practice (I used to/still do use Wilson Pro) if I even try this grip again. I have also heard bad things about its durability. I will probably try something else.
From: Scotty, 9/11

Comments: I've heard a lot of talk about this grip not lasting long. The other day was the first time I used the stuff, and I somehow managed to put it on backwards. However, it felt very tacky and could have easily lasted me the rest of the week! I changed it because I hated knowing the fact it was on wrong. Maybe you should give it a try? The two sides feel completely different.
From: Jay, 7/11

Comments: This overgrip isn't long enough for extended racquets. If you use a two-handed backhand, you definitely have to go with the XL version.
From: Jessie. 6/11

Comments: I agree with Rob, the grip wears down at my thumb knuckle very fast. Other than that though it is a good grip.
From: Perry. 5/11

Comments: If you have sweaty hands, it's the perfect grip out there. There's nothing that can compete.
From: Anon. 4/11

Comments: I have EXTREMELY sweaty hands, and this is probably the best grip for sweaty hands. It soaks up the sweat really well. But like others say, it doesn't last long. Two matches and it gets worn out. It also isn't very comfy in the cold. It gets really hard and loses tackiness. Still though, this is my grip of choice as this is the only grip that absorbs my sweaty hands well enough.
From: Anon. 4/11

Comments: This is the first time that I use Tourna Grip. In the past I used Yonex- awesome stuff. The Tourna Grip frayed after 4 hours of playing. Will never use again.
From: Rob, Staunton, VA, USA, 03/11

Comments: Absorbs really well and it does not take away from the feel of the racquet because it isn't super thick and squishy like some of the tacky ones. It works really well for me because I have a leather grip and it gives you great feel to all your shots, and with the tourna it doesn't slip like it would with just the leather grip. And it doesn't hurt, at least for me. I have a one hander so I have no problem with the length of the original size.
From: Alex, OH, USA, 03/11

Comments: Feels great and it never slips. I will admit it doesn't last very long. After 5 hours of playing it looked pretty beat up. I'd probably only use it in official matches and tournaments to give you an extra edge and confidence.
From: Javier, Sunnyside, WA, USA, 02/11

Comments: This grip has the worst durability of any kind of tennis grip I have ever used. The surface starts to wear down in about half an hour and IMO is only good for 1 day of tennis.
The feel is different from most overgrips in that it feels more like cloth or felt or whatever, while overgrips generally feel more rubbery.
Tourna Grip is very soft and very absorbent, which works great over a leather grip. I have fairly dry, low-sweat hands but I notice a build up of moisture on my overgrips only when a leather grip is underneath, this doesn't happen with a synthetic. So Tourna grip may be great for people with sweaty hands and use leather grips, and cost of very frequent replacement is not a concern. Otherwise I didn't like Tourna Grip so much.
From: Anon, 01/11

Comments: My Favorite Grip. It is kinda short and that gets annoying but it worked out in the end. I haven't gotten blisters in the years I've used it. The grip is great for people with sweaty hands; this is the only grip I can use. Every other grip has caused me to drop my racket... I'm okay with saying that because none of you know me!
From: Peter, IL, USA, 09/10
(Peter, if you like Tourna Grip original but need a longer grip, try out the Tourna Grip Original XL-- TW Staff)

Comments: I love tournagrip. I've been using it for a week now and have no blisters. It never slips out of my hand, which gave me confidence to hit my strokes harder without my racquet flying out of my hand. I used to use the BABOLAT VS grips but they just didn't feel right.
From: Matthew, Sydney, N.S.W, Australia, 09/10

Comments: I like the feel and the tack and since I sweat a lot it's good for me. And I think the reason it is not durable is you don't sweat enough. I mail ordered 1 of these for 50 cents and it is lasting me.
From: Lohit, Irvine, CA, USA, 08/10

Comments: I have used Tourna Grip for about a month, and it is very absorbent. There are two problems though; this grip wears away in about 1 day of 5 hour play outdoors; the other one is, it kept giving me blisters!! I would not recommend this grip to anyone unless they are looking for discomfort. An alternative grip I would recommend is the Dunlop Hydramax overgrip gray. Very absorbent and soft. Dunlop grip- 10/10. Tourna-1/10
From: Marc, NY, USA, 07/10

Comments: I'm not going to complain about the size being too short because they do make an XL version if you want it. I was able to wrap this one fully but it only overlapped about 1/16" which is not good. What I will complain about is the durability. Everyone on here says that you get what you pay for, but it's about the cost of the Wilson Pro and Pro Soft Overgrip, which last for at least 2 weeks playing every day!!! I don't know how I'm going to use the 2 left in the pack because this grip tends to tear away the top layer after only 30 minutes to an hour of play and I can't afford to buy these grips every week. I'm still to try Yonex SuperGrap, which most people say is the best, but I suggest Wilson Pro Overgrip - It kind of has a rubbery feel and it has loads of tack compared to this grip. I wouldn't waste my money on this again.
From: Jared, California, USA. 06/10

Comments: I have used Tourna Grip for a while now. It was always a really good grip for me, but the main problem for me, whenever I overgrip my racquet with Tourna Grip, I never seem to have enough. That's frustrating. Other than that, it's a great grip. I will stick with this one for awhile. If Tourna Grip would just give you a little more grip to work with, I'd be much happier.
From: Anon. 5/10

Comments: I love this grip. I went to a Tennis Academy and everyone there even said this was a great grip. It gives blisters because it absorbs sweat, I suppose. I like it because it feels smooth, but not slippery.
From: Isabella, Quezon City, Philippines. 5/10

Comments: Tournagrip was the first grip I ever used, but I wasn't all that impressed with it. It definitely lacks the tack needed to keep it from rolling in your hands. Also, when it wears down... it really wears down. No other grip looks as bad as a used Tournagrip. I sorta think these are overrated. I wanna say people are buying into the "Pete Sampras" hype machine.
From: David, san diego, ca, usa. 3/10
(David, Original Tourna Grip is more absorbent than tacky. If you're looking for a tacky Tourna Grip, try Tourna Tac II. -- TW)

Comments: This grip is simply the best out there. After trying various grips, I came to this. Although I go through one of these in one tournament or a couple hours of playing, it is amazingly absorbent and does what it is designed to do. For people complaining about durability, it certainly isn't a durable grip or a tacky grip, but for people like me that don't like squishy grips this is ideal. Although it is hard to put on your racquet because of the square beginnings, if you rap it tightly, it is fine. Please use this grip.
From: Pablo, CT, USA, 11/09

Comments: This grip is great! It is comfortable doesn't slip, and doesn't give me blisters and I play two hours a day every day! Buy it.
From: Greg, Half Moon Bay, CA, USA. 9/09

Comments: Best absorbent grip out there!! I increased my serve speed by 20 mph due to the confidence in my racquet not slipping! People want to complain about how quickly it wears out: 1. It is designed for super absorption, not durability! 2. It's dirt cheap! Recommended!
From: B.P. Posse Inc., Flo-town AL 08/09

Comments: It's a really good grip and when the grip is full of sweat it actually works better. The only thing I don't like is that its too short but whatever.
From: Jonathan 08/09

Comments: This is the only overgrip that has given me blisters. It's a great grip, absorbs well and has decent grip. This is not a tacky grip, but the durability could be better. I like Yonex Supergrap much better. Squishier/tackier/gripper way more durable, but if that's not what you're looking for this is the next best thing.
From: Vincent, CA, USA. 7/09

Comments: By far the best overgrip I used so far in my short experience. I have already used Babolat VS overgrips, Wilson Profile overgrips, Yonex Wave Grap grip and Head grips but this is the best. Really absorbent,it never gets wet,it's soft and the blue color is perfect because it doesn't get so dirty-look like the white grips.
From: Vag, Thessaloniki,Greece 06/09

Comments: I love this grip because I sweat profusely. Once the grip absorbs some moisture it becomes soft and tacky; it seems to never saturate. If you find that you are getting blisters or the racquet slips in your hands, perhaps you do not sweat enough to use this grip ...
From: SKM, USA. 06/09

Comments: It's by far the greatest grip I have ever seen and I play only with Tourna Grip. It absorbs sweat extremely well and this is the only grip that lets me play tennis normally because my hand doesn't skid. However, when I buy Tourna Grip, I order 2x30 grips because they don't last long. Only about 2-3 sets.
From: Ivan, Krizevci, Croatia. 6/09

Comments: This is hands down the best overgrip on the market. There is a reason the majority of tour players use this on their sticks. I have been playing with it since the early 90's and I'll never use anything else.
From: John, Valdosta, GA, USA 06/09

Comments: Such a nice grip, stays dry and doesn't slip. Best grip ever and lasts a LONG time.
From: Cole, Kelowna, Canada. 6/09

Comments: This grip is great. Great feel immediately. I've been using it for 5 months and have no intentions of switching. The durability is not great, but it is worth putting on a new grip every 2 to 3 weeks.
From: Kevin, Archbold, OH, USA. 05/09

Comments: The best grip I have ever used. However, it's durability is so-so. It does tear, but change it every week or two. It's super-tacky and VERY ABSORBENT. They are also easy on my hands and feels like you can play better with it. Now the cons of this grip: horrible-looking color (change it!), needs to be more durable, and also it's hard to put on (you need to put a lot of tension on it). Overall, the best grip ever. I use it on both my Prince Hornet Hybrid O3 and Wilson Kblade Team.
From: Kevin, Los Angeles, CA, USA. 4/09

Comments: This is the perfect grip for people who sweat but want a dry feel. Plays like the original grip, but absorbs like a towel. It's inexpensive so you can replace it every day if you like. Mine last for several sessions before fraying. I don't have especially tough hands but I've had no problems with blisters or even hot spots.
From: SKM, 3/09

Comments: I think that this is the best grip in tennis. The only problem is the durability. This grip only last about a week and a half for me since I play 6 days a week.
From: Ethan, Ga. 3/09

Comments: Tourna Grip is the best grip out there for what it was meant to do, absorb sweat, and give a solid grip on the racquet. This grip gives you a great feel of your racquet, now mind you there is a reason it's called Tourna Grip, it really wasn't meant to be used very long. But then again that's why you can get 30 of them for 25 bucks. That's less than a grip a dollar and if you play serious tennis, you can expect to go through a couple every week, but other than that it's one of the best grips around.
From: Anon. 2/09

Comments: A classic. There simply is nothing like it. I have been a loyal TournaGripper since the early '90s, and simply will not use any other grip. With even mildly sweaty hands like mine, I can't afford to worry about my racquet slipping during a match, and TournaGrip is the only grip that gives me that sense of security, all the time. Wilson Pro, Yonex Super Grap, and Gamma Supreme, to name a few, absorb sweat decently, but no where near as proficiently as TournaGrip. Simply a winner.
From: Al, Boca Raton, Flordia. 1/09
NTRP Rating: 6.0 (Teaching pro)

Comments:I've been using this grip only in the summer because it is really good in the summer and when one side is done take it off and us the other the winter this thing is a piece of crap that will give you so many blisters.
From: Ozzy jr., Ontario, usa. 12/08

Comments: Grip is alright, been using it for about 3 to 4 months and it's pretty shredded. After about an hour or two of play each time I get blisters in the middle of my palm on my middle finger and my thumb. You get what you pay for.
From: Steve, Somers, New York, USA. 11/08

Comments:First, this overgrip really helps your hands from getting a blister, but it doesn't last long if you play 6+ hours a week. Then again that's why it's sold in bulk! So buy now!
From: Angelo, San Lorenzo, CA, USA, 10/08

Comments: Brilliant grip! If you have sweaty hands you simply can't get anything better! I have heard many complaints about the durability of these grips but they seem fine for me. You are even able to use both sides!
From: Matt, South Africa, 10/08

Comments: I put on a brand new grip and it came apart while I was warming up!! 20 forehands and that was it!! Warning!! Do not by this grip!
From: HENRIK, BOD�, NORWAY. 9/08

Comments: There is just honestly no grip like Tournagrip. No matter what people say about its poor durability, shredding qualities, and lack of tack, for people like me with sweaty hands, no grip comes even close to absorbing the sweat fully. Say whatever you want, Tournagrip is the absolute best!
From: Mike, 09/08

Comments: It is a very good grip. I have tried other grips such as Wilson Pro Overgrip, but that grip did not do the job. It absorbs heat in hot months but in cold months it is a pain. It does not last very long but overall I think it is good.
From: mr scruffles, usa. 8/08

Comments: It is a good grip. Agree that it has low durability but what is the big deal? it is less than a buck. It is like asking a cup of coffee to be durable.
From: mike, Washington, DC. 8/08

Comments: Although there are better grips out there, when it comes to absorbency this is the best one. It did give me blisters, though, and the durability is not so good, but it is comfortable too. I like Yonex Super Grap better.
From: Disuke, Chicago, IL, USA. 8/08

Comments: This grip is very cheap and it really sucks. I decided to try it out but it wore out the first 3 hours I've played. The best grips are PRINCE or BABOLAT because they last way way longer and are tacky.
From: antonio, Monterey Bay, CA. 8/08

Comments: Awesome grip, but shreds too easily. Could be more tacky and/or durable.
From: anon. 7/08

Comments: I didn't like these very much. My hands and wrists sweat a lot, and these just seem to get very slimy and slick.
From: rich, Atlanta, GA. 7/08

Comments: Tourna Grip is a joke. It gave me multiple blisters on my hand because the grip is too hard. It absorbs all the sweat that builds up on your palms and becomes even harder. You need the overgrip to be somewhat tacky and slippery to avoid blisters. I prefer Wilson Pro Overgrip.
From: Anon. 7/08

Comments: I'm a top junior and I need the best supplies this grip is the best no better kind you'll never use another grip this grip is amazing!
From: Joe, Memphis, Tennessee, USA, 07/08

Comments: The more your hands sweat, the better the grip gets. Don't use this grip in cool climates because it will rip your hand and cause blisters. It needs moisture to work its best.
From: Dan, Tempe, AZ, US. 6/08

Comments: This is the best grip I have ever used. It is the longest lasting grip out there and has the nicest feel.
From: Shaun, Riverside, Ca, usa. 6/08

Comments:This thing shreds like crazy. I don't really get sweaty hands so one of the only plus that this grip has over others doesn't apply to me. I'm loving Yonex Supergrap so much than this one.
From: David, Taunton, MA, USA, 04/08

Comments: I have very sweaty hands, and this overgrip absorbs it all after an hour of play, my hand feels quite dry. But, the grip already seen flays and holes on it. I'd personally seek something more durable since I'm just a beginning player and can not afford to change grip for every match.
From: Li. 4/08

Comments: Tourna Grip is the best grip - for an hour. After that, the grip starts to "shred." Also if you use this grip, be careful to have a soft replacement grip under it or it will give you blisters. I prefer the Wilson Pro Overgrip or the Yonex Supergrap.
From: Kathleen, Monterey Park, CA, USA. 4/08

Comments: Good overgrip, for those who have sweaty hands. However, if your hands do not sweat, don't get these. I got them reading the reviews saying they were great, but these are ABSORBENT grips. Unless your hands sweat a lot, these overgrips will slip around in your hand. Also, their durability is terrible. The reason so many pros use this grip is because they don't have to worry about buying them, due to endorsements. These grips were meant to be thrown out after one match.
From: David, Puerto Rico, 03/08

Comments: I agree that this overgrip does have the best feel of all the ones I've ever used. My problem, like many others have stated, is with the durability. I may get about one set in before the grip shreds and needs to be replaced. I now use the Wilson pro overgrip, which lasts me through quite a few matches. If the tourna grip didn't shred so fast, I definitely would be using it.
From: Anon, 01/08

Comments: I think this is just an ok grip. You have to play a couple games until it gets to that comfort level. It does absorb but isn't tacky. It's worth a try for the price for a 3 pack. I'm not going back to this. Might try the Tournagrip II, the tacky version. As for now I'm going back to the Wilson

Comments: Decided to try out this grip after my Wilson pro over grip ran out. Perfect Feel like leather but tackier. Even though my hands don't sweat it's tacky enough.
From: Vincent, Hong Kong, 01/08

Comments: The reason a lot of pros use it is because they can use it once and throw it out. The grip is very good; it is probably one of the best feeling ones out there, but the durability is really bad. After just one or two games it starts slipping and shredding. The Wilson pro is probably the best grip overall.
From: Jack, Chicago, Il, US. 12/07

Comments: First of all, I noticed a lot of comments were about how the grip wasn't tacky. It's not supposed to be. It's an absorbent overgrip, and it's made to provide maximum feedback from your racquet. The reason pros use it is because they don't pay for the grips, and so put a new one almost every match. But all this being said, I have tried many grips: Gamma Pro Overgrip, Wilson Pro Overgrip, Prince Microtac, Prince Microzorb, Tournagrip 2, Yonex Super Grap, and above all I keep coming back to these. Why? they work for me. the length isn't an issue for me, since I only need as much as it gives (one-handed backhand). If you don't like the length, buy the xl version! But for overall usefulness, this is without a doubt the best out there. Hopefully it will never be discontinued. I run through a 30 pack in about 3 months. I'm a 4.5 all court player.
From: Cody, Silvis, IL, USA. 12/07

Comments: Really great overgrip! I tried a Prince MicroTak and HATED it! When wet (I sweat a lot) it felt like a banana peel. However, I tried Tournagrip and loved it. I never had to deal with wet hands again! However, when the grip starts to wear out (has horrible durability) you can get blisters.
From: Anon, 11/07

Comments: To be plain and simple, this stuff is straight garbage. I thought it would be great because so many pros use it, but it's not. It lasts me at most two sets, and shreds quite easily. When it gets wet and sweaty it tends to have the consistency of a wet American Flag. However, it does keep blisters away...but if your looking for a good overgrip for blisters, check out the Babolat Symbio, it has some sort of anti-bacterial in it to prevent them...or just go with the Wilson Pro Overgrip, you won't fail.
From: Andy, Rhode Island, USA, 11/07

Comments: Tourna Grip is certainly the best grip in production now. The feel of the grip is rough, but pleasant; it is absorbent but, contrary to popular opinion, also durable. It comes at a great price for 30 grips. They actually last forever because you can flip the grip around, and it feels almost the same. Buy this grip and play some awesome tennis.
From: Macapaca, Vietnam. 11/07

Comments: I have tried Wilson, Yonex, Gamma, and this grip. Focusing on absorbency only, Wilson is probably the best followed by this grip (Tourna), Yonex, and Gamma (which is terrible). The main problems with Tourna is that it is too short and tends to shred.
From: Andrew, Morristown, TN. 10/07

Comments: Personally, I didn't enjoy tournagrip. It is an exceptionally good grip for absorbency, but I don't like it. It gave me wrist injuries.
From: Anon, 10/07

Comments: This overgrip isn't very durable at all. I change mine every day, although the playability is good, but I still prefer the tacky 2 version because it lasts 4x longer and is much tackier and absorbent.
From: Ian, San Diego, CA. 10/07

Comments: Great grip, I have extremely sweaty hand all year round. Best of all when one side get bad you can flip it over and use the other and its feels like brand new.
From: Mathew, Alexandria, VA, USA, 08/07

Comments: I've been using Tourna Grip since it first came on the market 20+ years ago. There is nothing better. All other over wraps are just pretenders to the throne. I use it all year round and it never fails me in the AZ heat. Doesn't wear out in one match like another reviewer said nor does it give me blisters. It is infinitely better than the slimy grips produced by Wilson, Head, Gamma or Babolat; and it is a heck of a lot cheaper.
From: Maurice, AZ, USA, 07/07

Comments: During the school year while playing on my high school team I play with Head Extreme Soft which has a very tacky and soft feel. But now that it's summer and I live in Texas, which is extremely hot I have no other choice but to play with tourna grip. With the Head grip I cant grip my racket at all and it feels as if the grip is covered with a slippery slime but with the Tourna Grip I can grip and control my racket with ease because it has a cloth-y feel that absorbs sweat. But besides the summer when it's hot, I can't stand the feel of Tourna Grip. I would recommend this grip for an advanced player who is struggling with griping your racket during the hot months when you sweat a lot.
From: Taylor, Fort Worth, TX, USA, 06/07

Comments: This grip is harsh on the hands. Even my dad (yes, a regular tennis player), who loves working outdoors and has very tough hands, did not like the harsh feel of this grip. Unlike other dry grips, it does not seen to soften up over time, but these do not. I can't wait to be rid of it.
From: Wesley, Suffern, NY, USA. 6/07

Comments: Usually I use Yonex Super Grap during the non-summer months (which is great), but now that summer is here in the Midwest it just doesn't absorb enough sweat. I switched to this & so far so good. I thought that it would be a little rough on my hands (as other players have told me), but so far I haven't had a problem. I agree with Giles - this probably isn't a good choice for beginners, but if you've been playing for a while, you should give it a try
From: Jackie, Woodridge, IL, USA. 6/07

Comments: These are excellent grips. I used Gamma Supreme overgrips, and they were too tacky, and had to be used for a while before they felt right. These were perfect right from the start. They don't last for a long time, and they're a bit short. I had to really stretch them to get them to fit on my ncode nsix-one 95. Otherwise, very good overall.
From: Ian, Ft. Collins, CO, USA, 06/07

Comments: I have been using Tourna Grip for over 20 years and every time I run out of them on the court or stray to the new "next thing" I am gravely disappointed. There is a reason that it has been around so long and hasn't had to change it's complexion. Probably more suited to the advanced player, as it is rough on the hand. By far the best grip for humid conditions.
From: Moz, Sugar Grove, IL, USA, 04/07

Comments: This grip has just the right amount of tackiness and feel, but only for about one match. The durability is terrible and holes are present after a short amount of play. Unless you're willing to buy tons of this grip, switch to the Gamma Supreme Grip.
From: Louis, FL, USA. 3/07

Comments: Great grip. I love it; out of all the other grips I have tried (I.E. Wilson Pro Overgrip) the Tourna Overgrip is much better. It gives a really good grip on your hand while hitting groundstrokes, backhands, slices, etc. But then when it wears out you might feel as if your hand is getting a blister. That means you need to change your grip. I bought the Tourna because even though the other grips last longer, this overgrip is the best. Slip-Resistant.
From: Denny, San Jose, CA, USA. 3/07

Comments: After reading all your experiences I impulsively bought the pack and it has disappointed me a bit . I agree with most of you that the grip works very well in sweat absorption conditions and it�s quite comfortable . However, I agree with Andrew of St. Louis that is not tacky at all , that is what I want to feel when I replace my grip for a new one. It is not comfortable from the start of the installation process, in a middle of a game it's better at home with time and scissors. The durability is good and the price competitive. Try it and if you like it , buy the 30 pack.
From: Melendo, Barcelona, Spain. 3/07

Comments: I have very sweaty hands and this grip is the best! Yes the durability is bad and yes it gave me bad blisters the first few days after using it, but after trying many others including Wilson Pro Overgrip, Head and Gamma, I find that Tourna Grip works best for my sweaty hands!
From: Tie, SF, CA, USA. 3/07

Comments: This is the original and best players overgrip. There's a reason the pro's love it so much. It's not best suited to beginners as it's not tacky, or pretty to look at and it may give you blisters. But that isn't a problem to advanced players as years of tennis have made the skin on your hand so hard that you are impervious to blisters anyway.
From: Giles, England, 02/07

Comments: It's great. It's the first time I bought it and it really makes my hand stick to the handle. Although, after using my racquet a few times, I noticed it started to lose it's color. But it doesn't matter, the package provides more than 1 overgrip. Overall, it's excellent. Why do you think Pete Sampras used to use it?
From: Alexis, Puerto Rico. 2/07

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