Tourna Grip Original XXL Overgrip 30 Grip Reel Customer feedback

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Comments: I've been a huge Tourna Grip fan for ages. The older XL size was barely long enough to fit my Babolat's handle length, so when I saw they released the XXL size, I gave it a try. Well, instead of making this grip longer, they made it wider, which accomplishes the goal, but makes it harder to wrap because the wider grips wants to wrinkle up at the bottom by the butt cap. I fixed it by cutting about 5 inches off of the end by the butt cap at an angle, but from here on out I'm going back to the XL size.
From: Andy, 8/13

Comments: Amazing overgrip for heavy sweaters. Lasts 3-5 sets of singles and absorbs like no other. Bought it in bulk and it's cheap so I just apply a new one for each match. Two thumbs up.
From: Nick, 5/13

Comments: On a positive note, the XXL length does it's job. I have to built up my grips to nearly a 4 7/8 and I had enough grip to cover almost my entire handle.

On a a less-than-positive note, this product is about as durable as paper toweling. I got about an hour of use from each grip before it started pilling, tearing, wearing out, etc. They say you can flip the grip over and get twice the usage, but it is really difficult to get a good re-wrap since you are 1) wrapping in the opposite direction and 2) that grip is so worn it won't lie smoothly when you apply it.

Did the "formulation" of this product change recently? I never recall this stuff wearing out so quickly; it was never durable by any means when I first tried it years ago, but it would last a nearly an entire match. Now barely lasts a set, and at a buck a pop, no less. Hugely disappointing, to say the least.
From: BLB, 8/11

Comments: I think this is a great grip, heads above VS from Babolat. It has better feel, lasts longer, and absorbs sweat much better without becoming as slippery.
From: James, 8/11

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