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Comments: I have had this 9 pack bag for about a year. Pros: Overall design is good, spacious, looks good, comfortable bag to carry. I like the 2 spacious compartments and built in ventilated compartments. Enough space to carry up to 4 racquets in each side compartment. Cons: My main complaint is a side accessories pocket -- it is too small. Any player has keys, a cell phone and a wallet -- it should have 2 side accessories pockets and a bit bigger size. The side internal walls should be made with a bit more of a sturdy material. The second handle is needed in the center of the bag. My previous Tecnifibre bag is about 7 years old, faded and dirty but other than that indestructible. I can't say the same about this model -- maybe I am not lucky but one external stich close to the zipper on the ventilated compartment ripped open within first week. I bought a Tecnifibre backpack too -- very good overall but again an internal wall stich ripped open within first couple weeks and the same problem with the side pocket, it is too small. I should note that after that nothing broke on both bags for about a year -- so overall it is a good bag but not great.
From: Red001, 9/14

Comments: Love this 12 pack bag, but disclaimer -- I'm a bag freak! I spend enough time playing tennis that my bag is a very personal accessory. Some pros/cons: - It is the right-size. I used to always buy the biggest bag I could, but letís be honest Ė- none of us need 12 racquets. The "12" "9" and "6" advertising for these bags assume youíre going to use all the compartments for racquets. So, could you fit 12? Maybe. But you wouldn't get anything else in there. This bag is best suited for 4 frames or less -Ė two on each side. Plenty for 99% of us. If you play a jumbo 135sq in or 1" extra length frame it probably wonít fit. The compartments are definitely more snug than my other bags. Compared to a Wilson 12-pack, itís smaller, but as a result nothing sloshes around and it retains its shape really well. On that note - if you only have 2 frames, put one in each compartment -- the bag will retain it's shape better. - It is ergonomic. No other bag was better designed to carry as a backpack. The back ventilation, chest strap, and purpose-built shoulder straps all add up to making this bag a joy to carry, especially if bending over to get stuff out of your trunk, to put on shoes, or hit the restroom while having both hands free. I can load it up with practice balls and it feels like a decent day pack. - The straps are on the top of the bag so the dirty surfaces stay away from your back. I don't like the Babolat bags where the straps interfere with the openings so I went to a Wilson, but having the straps on the bottom means they get dirty. This bag has pre-curved straps so they stay out of the way. Also, the handle doesn't flop around like the Wilsons and interfere with the center compartment zipper. My Wilson bags all get frayed handles from getting caught in the zipper. Annoying. - The material is fabric-like, not shiny/smooth plastic feeling. Don't know if that affects water-resistance. But unless I'm playing on clay where you can play in a light rain, it's not an issue. - Tiny outer pocket. The zippered outer pocket is at best good for a few overgrips or business cards. Odd form factor - long and thin. For keys/wallet/phone I use a neoprene zippered tote with a carabiner to the top carry handle so it doesn't get lost in the main compartment and is quickly available. - Graphics -- I like the red/black better than the all-black look of the other Technifibre bags. Also, my racket brands have never really matched my bag brand. So don't care about that. - No "thermo" compartment for the rackets, but I always thought that was gimmcky. Most places where you're going to put your rackets will equalize the temperature inside and out. Plus, the "thermo" lining tends to be fragile - mine always ended up tearing over the long run. My bag check: Outer: 4 frames, 2 in each compartment. Bottom: sandals or shoes Top: 64oz Klean Kanteen, Med kit, power bars, sunglasses, overgrips Inner: everything else - clothes, hats, balls, jump rope, elastic bands, massage stick
From: Rich, 6/14

Comments: The 9 pack bag is well made, well designed and a great looking bag. Bought this in spite that it doesn't have thermoguard heat protection, but everything else is first class. First, it looks great with high quality materials and soft padding and well designed backstraps. Even have a strap to go around your body for extra stability. I have put all 3 of my racquets into the smaller compartment (designed for racquets). I suppose you could squeeze in another one but it would protrude into the other larger compartment. In the larger compartment, I have several towels, first aid bag, sunscreen and other accessories. Also, a couple of shirts, sweat pants and a pair of sandals. The bag has two smaller end compartments, one is vented. TW says both are shoe compartments but Tecnifibre on their site says one is for shoes (vented one) and other non-vented one is for tennis balls, water bottles, etc. Regardless, lots of options depending on personal needs. I put 2 water bottles and a bag with several energy bars and a banana or two in one end and 12 opened practice balls and 2 new cans of balls into other end. These 2 end compartments go into the large compartment so more you put in end compartments, less in main compartments. The thing about tennis bags is you do have options. Takes some experimentation. There is one small front accessory compartment that I use for a note pad, my cell phone and keys and ID info. And finally, this bag is 85% PVC free which is important to me and Tecnifibre along with Wilson are by far the most thorough and quickest tennis companies to respond to my inquires. Others took up to 4 days or never responded. Hope this lenghty review is helpful.
From: Dick, 1/14

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