Tournafiber Irradiated String 16 Customer feedback

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Comments: Good response, but feels like a cheap synthetic string. I think Babolat Addiction is a much better multi for the same price!
From: Pete, 5/12

Comments: Love this string. I get that "old-school" feel with these in my racquet. Can really hit out on the groundies and be connected with the ball, and my touch volleys are back too. After a brief trip into poly-land, I'm happy to be back.
From: Nick, NC, USA, 03/11

Comments: This is an excellent upper/mid grade multifilament that outperforms many higher priced strings. Definitely a sleeper.
From: Pete, Denver, CO, USA. 04/10

Comments: This is a great string that's very comfortable at high tensions, although, the 16 gauge doesn't give good spin. I wish TW carried the 17 guage. Other than that, it is a great sting. Strung at 65 on a ProStaff 85.
From: Kyle, Dothan, AL. 2/08

Comments: I am a stringer and agree with Juan. This is one of the most underrated multifilaments. Based on my experience and feedback from customers it outperforms anything under $11 on the market.
From: Stan, NYC, NY. 10/07

Comments: Perhaps the most underrated, unknown and under-appreciated string in the TW lineup. This is a quality multi. The price is a little high, but the string outplays the lower tier multis in all areas. A much better alternative to Sensation. The 17ga is really special. Durability is above average for a multi and feel is the "real deal" with this string. Wish TW carried the 17ga. It plays better than the 16. This string holds tension better and outlasts some of the higher cost strings such as NXT and Excel. A must-try.
From: Juan, FLA, USA 11/05

Comments: I am a USPTA certified teaching professional, and also a member of the USRSA. I string many racquets with many different types and brands of strings. I also recommend different types of strings for different players, depending on their racquets, needs and physical conditions. I have strung many racquets with this string. I recommend it for advanced beginners and lower level intermediates that need a little more control combined with a relatively soft feel. I also recommend it to some players that have sore arms and don't need to hit with a stiff string. Though it may be a little pricey at times, I have found that it does have definite benefits for certain types of players with certain needs. It lacks real durability, but that is one thing you have to be willing to accept if a softer string is desired. Overall, I am satisfied with the results my students have gotten with the string, and virtually all of them have commented that they like the way the ball feels when struck. You must remember, though, strings do not play the same in all racquets, so you must fit the string to the racquet as well as to the player.
From: Kent, St. Louis, Missouri, USA. 8/04

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