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Comments: Very solid stick! Great control from everywhere on the court . The weight helps you hit deep shots but the control oriented frame keeps it in. Where this stick excels is serve -- accurate locations and high speed are automatic. I played around with strings a lot -- in my humble opinion, a low tensioned poly were the best for this frame. Give it a shot and you will never look back. I'm a strong 3.5-4.0 player.
From: Kosta, 5/15

Comments: My last racquet was a Boris Becker 11, and though I used to play pretty well with it, in the last year or so I often was late off both the forehand and backhand. Before the Becker, I'd played with i.Predtige mids, Pro Staff 6.0 85s, and a Pro Tour 280. When I noticed that all those racquets had much lower swingweight, I figured it was time to try something new. My first impression with the TFight 325 was very positive. It's much more maneuverable than the BB 11, which not only helped with my groundies, but also quite a bit with my volleys. The sweetspot is bigger, it's more stable and powerful, and even though it's stiffer on paper, it's very comfortable to play with. It doesn't have that classic plush Head or Pro Staff feel, but it's also much easier to play. All in all, I am quite pleased with it, and would recommend it to 4.0+ player looking for a forgiving player's racquet.
From: P, 12/14

Comments: Before I purchased this racquet, I played with a Tecnifibre TFlash 315, wich is slightly less heavy and has a more open string pattern, it was an OK racquet, but I can say, after hitting with the 325, I could never go back again. It's a fantastic frame, although it is heavier, it doesn't feel like it, it feels much more stable when hitting the ball as welll, I feel this racquet is less powerful, but once you can get your swing right, it plays magically, and mighty powerful.
From: Carlos, 5/14

Comments: Fast swinging and perfect for hitting big, powerful serves.
From: WIll, 12/13

Comments: Same as the old version! Just a paint job. Best racquet ever, but if you have the old version, you don't need to change.
From: Robert, 11/13

Comments: I am about ready to send this racquet back as I have demo'd it for a week and I do not want it to leave my bag. It is a great stick and I loved the feel from the first swing. It is solid all of the way around. I had great confidence with it from every respect. I am currently playing a Head Prestige IG Mid, which I love. I am looking for something a little bigger as that stick is quite demanding. This could be the one and is a must hit if you like the feel of a "players" frame.
From: Tom, 11/13

Comments: I've been playing with Head racquets my whole life. Prestige TI Pro tour - Prestige. Lately, I've felt the need to change the racquet and based on the stats, the 325 TP seemed to be an ideal stick for me. As of now, I played with it for 5 hours. The first hour was horrible. I couldn't control the ball at all. The feeling was really awkward. After another 2 hours I started to get used to the stick but I was still hitting a lot of balls long that normally would stay in. After another 2 hour session, I finally started to feel the racquet. It is an amazing frame that offers a lot of spin, power, and control. Very unique feel. Love it so far.
From: Bogdan, 6/13

Comments: I'm currently trying to get back to my college playing form after a ten year layoff. I'm currently using my brother's Pure Drives and while the racquet is suitable, I find it difficult to add touch to shots. I decided to demo this racquet due to the smaller headsize. First things first, it is heavier than the Pure Drive, but I found it more maneuverable at net. Volleys were easy to angle and put away hard and throw in drop shots. Very nice touch! Serves were very easy to find both pace and spin despite the tight string pattern. Groundies were a dream! Biggest drawback for most would be the weight, I'm a big athletic guy at at 220lbs. After a solid hour of hitting it starts to toll on you. You need to be in top shape and not be afraid to take big cuts at the ball. This racquet is not for everybody, but if you're used to heavier racquets and still like old school feel but access to the power of todays racquets, great choice. I strung mine with RPM Blast at a low tension of 52lbs.
From: Bret, 4/13

Comments: I previously played with a 2012 version of this racquet and absolutely fell in love with it. Seeing that the specs of the 2013 version were identical, I ordered 4 from TW and paid extra to have them matched by Paul Reed. Money well spent! I absolutely love my new sticks! They play just like the former version and I now have 4 matched racquets in my bag! This racquet has solid power, great control and produces decent topspin or slice on my groundies. Volleys are rock solid and I can place my serves extremely well. A great players racquet thatis definitely worth a demo!
From: Chike, 3/13

Comments: Awful, first I thought it would be the same as the pervious model, which i love it, however it turned out to be a totally different racquet.
From: Leo, 2/13

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