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Comments: First I bought the Tecnifibre TFight 320, then the TFight 325. The strung weight should be 337g and 343g respectively. Their actual weight is 340.2g and 340.7g. The mass distribution is different and the Tfight 325 has even a lower swingweight. With so much technology, couldn't they calibrate the racquets better? That said, I love the racquets!
From: Miguel, 8/15

Comments: I demoed the 2012 version a couple years ago. I liked the crisp, firm feeling and spin potential of this racquet. It was perfectly blended with power and control. Recently, I purchased the 2013 version, it was a little disappointing that I had a hard time keeping the ball in the the court. I felt it lacked some control. Currently, I play with the Head IG Prestige Mid with dense string pattern. Maybe I should have purchased the 325 instead.
From: WC, 4/15

Comments: This is my preferred racquet. It is the perfect weight and balance for me. More maneuverable than the AeroPro Drive GT. The 2014 version looks like just a paint job from the older version. Good! Why change something that is already so good? I don't understand why Tecnifibre in not more popular? Suddenly, in 2015, they miss the 320g model, other brands also jump from 310g to 330g. Well, I will keep my old racquets and save my money.
From: Miguel, 4/15

Comments: A nice player's racquet. Strung with Babolat black gut, mains at 58 lbs and Luxilon ALU Power Rough, crosses at 54 lbs. It takes a little time getting used to the dampened feel, but then again I've had no arm, shoulder, or elbow issues with this bad boy. I left it as is -- no lead tape anywhere. The weight is 12.1 ounces. I'll buy another after I pay off my property taxes.
From: Chris, 11/14

Comments: I have been using this stick for a few years now (2012 and 2013 version). I have tried pretty much every other racquet that is in my spec range (94-100" headsize, 27" lenth, 295-335g unstrung weight). I demo'd one of the older ones back around 2009 and remember playing very well with it, but I was so convinced that I wanted a Babolat that I ignored what was best for me and went with the more popular Babolat brand. I tried the T-Fight 320 again in 2012 when they introduced the tour prepared technology and fell in love with it. Directly compared to the Aeropro GT that I was using, it wasn't even a contest -- the T-Fight was just better for me. Babolats are also a bit stiff and hollow feeling leaving me some elbow/wrist issues. Like Allan said, it does play similar to the Six.One 95 (16x19) but unlike him, I don't really notice any more power in the T-Fight, which is fine with me. The T-Fight 320 definitely feels a bit more maneuverable. I prefer some extra control but the 320 has a sweetspot that feels bigger than a 95. The Six.One racquets also tend to give me some elbow issues which the newer T-Fights do not. I'm a huge Tecnifibre fan and surprised they aren't more popular. I teach tennis and so many of my students have liked them compared to the more popular brands. I currently have several students that have fallen in love with both the T-Fight and T-Flash series. My favorite string on the T-Fight 320 has been Yonex Poly Tour Spin 16L and Black Code 16. I like my polys in the 53-56 lb range. I really wish that TW would do a review of this racquet -- I also wish they would review the Yonex Poly Tour Spin string as well. Since I have my own opinion about so many racquets and strings, I would just be interested to see what Andy, Chris and company would say about the equipment I like best. The Tecnifibre T-Fight 320 is the most perfect stock racquet I've ever used.
From: Josh, 7/14

Comments: I was looking for an alternative to my old Wilson 6.1 16x19 after not "feeling" the new 6.1. Demoed the Wilson Juice Pro, Babolat Pure Storm, Yonex (forgot which model), Wilson Pro Staff 95, and this Tfight 320. The 320 specs were just right but I was hesitant to leave the big brands. I am glad I gave it a try. This racquet is a great alternative for players who love the 6.1 and are looking for a little more power and spin, and who's not? It was not a "cannon" like the Pure Storm. I think it is accurate from the baseline and solid at the net as well. The feel is slightly muted, probably from the gel in the handle, but I have a feeling that will be good for the arm/elbow in the long run. I hit it strung with Hybrid Code black 18g and Gamma TNT 17g.
From: Allan, 5/13

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