Tecnifibre TFight 305 TP ATP Racquets Customer feedback

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Comments: Wow, what a stick. I am a typical Babolat 100 square inch head user. Heavy spin and the works. I didn't think I would like a closed pattern 95 square inch racquet but I was wrong. I have more precision with this than any other stick I have used to date. I love the 320 as well, but the maneuverability is killer with the 305. My forehand really excels. What a whip with this thing. The most underrated stick, and the most underrated brand. You must demo it.
From: Dan, 7/14

Comments: I am considered to be a technically sound tennis player with an offensive baseline game who also likes to come to the net. I play lower league tournaments in Germany and Haas is my role model. After learning tennis with Babolat racquets, my last stick was the Aero Pro Drive. I was looking for more control and feel and tried out many different sticks. In a play test for a tennis magazine this one stood out of 10 raquets of all brands. What a gem. The specs are wonderful. Balance and weight allow for good plow through and also quick volleying. The small head and unique 18/19 string pattern give scalpel like precision. Still you can generate lots of raquet head speed and in combination with the unique string pattern heavy topspin and biting slice is a pleasure. The sweet spot feels better than anything, this stick gives you a very direct, dry feedback, feels awesome! The firm beam is easier on the arm than the current 100sq 70plus stiffnes sticks and for a control raquet penetrating power is also available without swinging like crazy. Touch shots turn heads and returns can be directed eassly because the racquet is so stable and not too head light. Serves are all you can wish for: Power, spin and especially placement to the lines. It's all there. Last but not least, the cosmetic is sleak and not like a child's toy. Margin for errors is low and the sweetspot is what you would expect from a 95sq inch head. So beginners stay away, but for the advanced ball strikers out there: This is seriously as good as it gets. Give it a try! (I wrote this review deliberately after I have been playing for over a year with this thing -- truly not just in a rave after winning a match).
From: Chris, 7/14

Comments: This racquet felt very comfortable from the first few moments I hit with it. It offers excellent control and precision in particular, compared to several other popular models I tried. You can really go for your shots with confidence. Shots feel very solid while still offering a relatively light weight. Volleying feels fantastic for me and the racquet offers good spin potential as well. So overall, a great all-purpose racquet for a variety of styles for a more advanced player. Definitely best for those with their own power looking for better control. Very nice cosmetics on this one, too. Was just "arm friendly enough" for me, as others with similar weight and stiffness gave me more pain but can't call it arm friendly in general yet.
From: Eliot, 4/13

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