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Comments: Honestly, the ultra light-weight of this dampener makes a difference. Unlike most small dampeners, this one does not dampen the vibration of the (mains) strings. It also is wide and secure. Babolat and head logo dampeners are not secure. This dampener is not effective enough for some racquets/players! Otherwise recommended.
From: Dean, 4/12

Comments: This dampener doesn't ever fall off and absorbs the perfect amount of shock on my Wilson BLX blade 98. Very impressed and satisfied.
From: Brian, Avondale, AZ, USA, 01/11

Comments: I've been used this dampener for about 4 months now. It adsorb perfect amount of shock. It's one of my top 2 dampeners (this dampener and the Gamma "no shock" dampener, which stays better than this but absorbs a little bit too much shock for me). The Vibra clip never fell off, however: it tended to slide off from the red piece of the clip at the center that's between the clear rubber and the side of red clip (at the center) when I hit some heavy topspin shots. It only happen once in every 3 games. If it happened, you will know by its weird feel and it takes 5 seconds to fix it.
From: Jack, Denver, CO, USA, 01/11

Comments: I've been using this dampener for a year or so now and really like it. It small and doesn't move around. I don't like large intruding dampeners. This one is about the same amount of dampening as a rubber band, but easier to use. I have found that it's a good idea to put it into the mains as you string the racquet to avoid tearing it up. Pulling it in and out a lot tends to finish it off pretty quick. Highly recommended.
From: Tracy, Austin, TX 10/09

Comments: Dampens just right and it never falls off.
From: Vic, Livonia, Mi., USA. 11/08

Comments: In my opinion, a very good dampener, as it doesn't dampen too much. It just changes the sound of the shot and makes it a tad crisper. So I understand the aficionados of big worm-style dampeners, who hate this one. It just has nothing to do with that; if you like small dampeners, you have to give it a try. Very easy to install but take care, if you install/uninstall it too many times, it has a poor durability.
From: Nicolas, Toulouse, France. 8/08

Comments: These dampeners work the best for me of all I have tried. I like their size, level of dampening and overall construction. I have tried others that were larger and bulkier and felt they may have sometimes interfered with some of my quick-reaction shots like when volleying at the net and such. Not so with these! Even if the ball does hit these- the ball seems not to go astray because the shape of the dampener blends into the face of the racquet. Also, some dampeners mute the shot so much that I lose some of the feel at the point of contact, but these do the trick without losing my sense of touch. I have seldom felt good enough to go all the way through with offering positive comments about products but I do in this case.
From: Ken, Huntersville, NC, USA. 6/08

Comments: This is by far my favorite dampener. It is extremely light. I'm sensitive to the weight on my racquet so this works great. I also enjoy the feedback I get from it. It isn't mute like a lot of other dampeners. One of the best parts is I haven't lost one yet thanks to the way it is attached.
From: Anon 05/06

Comments: This is a great vibration dampener. It really does get the job done. It is also very inexpensive. It also has a cool little design on it and is easy to put on. If this one does not work for you, you should try the gamma red eye which is also a really amazing vibration dampener.
From: Sam, New York, USA 04/06

Comments: I like it because it doesn't dampen a lot. The sound is still raw but it's dampened enough to get a great pop off of it.
From: Viet, San Jose, CA, USA. 9/05

Comments: Although the Tecnifibre Vbra Clip did the dampening job, I was a little disappointed in how much it really dampened. Some of the larger dampeners pretty much silence the hit, but this one left a little bit of a pitch on my racquet. For $2 and its small size, I'll give it a B.
From: Howard, Rockville, MD, USA. 8/05

Comments: This dampener is a piece of plastic that clips onto 2 strings and is surrounded by a small amount of rubbery dampening material. The material doesn't contact the string very hard, so it's mostly a string=>plastic=>rubber path of vibration. There are probably some dampeners that offer a bit more dampening (such as a rubber band tied around 10 strings would give), but there are none that are easier to install/uninstall, and none that stay on better either. It appears it will last a very long time too. This is the one to get if you want standard dampening with as little "dealing with dampeners" hassle as possible. The only negative is cost, and it's reasonable for how it's made.
From: Brian,Victoria, BC, Canada

Comments: I bought this because of the outstanding recommendations on here. I have always used the Gamma worm and loved it but due to recommendations and pricing I tried this one. I used it for 5 minutes and threw it away along with the other one I had purchased. I felt zero vibration dampening. Obviously some people love it I am just not one of them.
From: Matt, Atlanta, GA, USA. 04/05

Comments: I truly think that this is the best dampener that I have ever tried. It really works, it never comes off, it is the perfect size, and it is really easy to put on. This dampener is really good because it doesn�t interfere with the ball when you hit it. Out off all the dampeners I have had and tried, I would have to say that this is my favorite.
From: Joe, Fredericksburg, VA, USA. 6/04

Comments: A very good dampener, but I felt like it was a little bit "too" much. I ended up losing feel and even though the sound was great, I went back with my Pete Sampras ones.
From: Matt, Washington, DC, USA. 5/04

Comments: This damper is great, like everyone said it is secured and it makes an awesome sound and definitely made my racquet better. You can't go wrong with it, and the price also... very nice.
From: Calvin, TN. USA 10/02

Comments: I like the Tecnifibre Vibra Clip a lot. When hitting a ball my racquet remains very stable and the vibrations are dampened quite well. The weight doesn't have any kind of effect on the balance. The way it's clipped on the strings is quite unique. It really keeps the strings apart. And indeed, it has never come of my racquet.
From: David, Sterrebeek, Belgium 10/02

Comments: The Tecnifibre Vibra Clip is a great vibration dampener. When I hit the ball with my racquet I don�t have to worry about it slipping off the racquet. Also, its light-weight doesn�t effect the balance of your racquet. I would recommend this dampener to everyone who wants their racquet to sound and play better.
From: Larry, TX. USA 8/02

Comments: The Tecnifibre Vibra Clip Vibration Dampener is a very good vibration dampener that does not affect the balance of the racquet, due to its little weight.
From: Lucio, NY, NY. USA 5/02

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