Tecnifibre Player's Wrap Overgrip (3 Pack) Customer feedback

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Comments: The grip is up there with the Wilson pro and Yonex, the only down side is that it loses tackiness faster than the other grips but at a buck cheaper I'm willing to sacrifice.
From: Liam, 10/09

Comments: The best overgrip I've ever used. Feelings are great - softness and tackiness, just less absorbent than Wilson, Gamma and Yonex. Tecnifibre should sell it in reels.
From: Volodymyr, Flushing, NY, USA 07/09

Comments: The Tecnifibre Player's wrap is a good grip. I found it to be about the same or maybe a little better than Wilson's Pro Overgrip and Yonex's Super Grap. However, I still think that Gamma's Supreme Overgrip, especially in white, is still the best among overgrips currently on the market today. The Tecnifibre still gets high marks though. If Gamma ever discontinued making Supreme Overgrip, I'd probably switch to the Tecnifibre Player's Wrap.
From: Doulers, Manhasset Hills, NY, USA, 04/09

Comments: This grip is decent, very soft and tacky but not that absorbent. I thought it left kind-of a slippery residue on my hand after using for a couple hours. I love my Tecnifibre racket but wouldn't use this grip unless ran out of others.
From: Joplin, Longview, WA, U.S.A. 2/09

Comments: Great stuff. I'd put it up there with Wilson pro and Yonex super grap.
From: Untalan, Cerritos, CA, USA, 12/08

Comments: Great overgrip, love the feel. However, it's not for people like me who sweat alot. It's also gets dirty fast. Other than that it's great. Quite durable and tacky.
From: Peter, LA, CA, US. 11/08

Comments: This grip is the one to play with. I have found my grip of choice- I'm using the red version that I recently bought in bulk. Tipseravic, Verdasco and Vliegen use, can't be that bad! On more serious terms, this grip compared to the Wilson Pro overgrip and the Yonex Supergrap is way more tacky, more absorbent, doesn't wear easily (I have no wear at all) and feels great in the hand. The Pro overgrip has amazing feel, the Supergrap is great as well with the softness etc, but this grip has a better overall rating for me, GET IT.
From: Ajit, Urbana, Illinois, USA. 7/08

Comments: Great overgrip that�s very tacky and lasts a long time without wearing down. Only negative is that it gets dirty quick and it a kind of short overgrip that doesn't cover the entire grip
From: Kevin, Anaheim, CA, USA

Comments: The Tecnifibre Player's Wrap Overgrip (White) is the best over grip so far. It's ok with duration, however I'd prefer a colored version because it gets dirty very soon.
From: Adriano, Rome, Italy 05/06

Comments: This grip gets dirty very quickly, and is in no way tacky. It's really slick when you sweat. I would go with Yonex super grap or tournagrip/Wilson pro if you want tackiness.
From: Chris
Rockwall, Texas 1/4/06

Comments: This grip isn't tacky at all and not very absorbent either. In fact, it's kind of oily. I was expecting great things from this product from the great reviews here but I guess it depends on your personal preference.
From: First Name: Y, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 02/06

Comments: I was so excited to try this because of all the great reviews, but was quite disappointed. The grip is soft and smooth, but not at all tacky. Also, it REALLY built up/ rounded off the grip size/shape. I took it off after two days and went back to Tourna grip. The durability (on tourna) sucks but there just isn't anything better.
From: David, Ontario, Canada. 9/05

Comments: Thin, soft, smooth, long lasting overgrip. But if you sweat a lot it is not a good choice.
From: Vasily, Russia. 9/05

Comments: I used this grip for the first time and I liked it at first. However, once it gets a little bit of sweat on it from your hand the grip is done. It is impossible to hang onto the racquet. I was using it in a tournament and I broke a frame because the grip slipped from my hand.
From: John, Virginia, USA. 9/05

Comments: This is the best overgrip I have ever used. It is slightly tacky, but not so much that it hurts your hands. It is also the softest grip on the market and absorbs sweat well. It lasts the longest of any grip that I have ever tried. I highly recommend this grip.
From: Andy, Houston, TX, USA 08/05

Comments: Switched from Tournagrip to this one, and I have to say it is one heck of an overgrip. I live in humid TX, and it does a pretty good job of absorbing and maintaining tackiness. Absolutely love it. Inexpensive too.
From: Thomas, Plano, TX, USA. 7/05

Comments: Great value overgrip!!
From: Bob C., Cordova TN USA 07/05

Comments: The Tecnifibre Player's Wrap is probably the best grip I ever tried. Durability is excellent, and sweat absorption very good. Strongly suggested!
From: Enrico, Italy. 03/05

Comments: Excellent grip. Best grip ever
From: Edward Atkin, Newcastle, England. 03/05

Comments: I live in Texas and I sweat a lot. The Tecnifibre grip helps me when I sweat. They absorb very well and are tacky for longer than any other grip I have used. I would recommend these to anyone.
From: Richard, Corsicana, TX, USA. 3/04

Comments: The grip has a very soft feel, which was easy on my hands. Unfortunately, the grip was never long enough to go around the whole handle. I'm the #2 player in 18's.
From: Tommy, Saigon, Vietnam. 2/04

Comments: This is one of the best grips I have ever used. It�s great for people who sweat a lot. It�s very tacky and comfortable in your hand and the adhesive strip is better then most other grip. Overall, it�s an awesome grip, pretty cheap, and I would recommend it to any one.
From: Anon. 10/03

Comments: The best I've ever used, but they are not long enough for my 4 5/8 grip.
From: Ben, Newton, MA, USA. 9/03

Comments: The Tecnifibre Player's Wrap Overgrip is the best grip I have ever tried. Even though I sweat a lot. I would recommend this grip to every one.
From: Basit, Albertslund, Copenhagen, Denmark. USA. 5/03

Comments: The Tecnifibre Player's Wrap Overgrip is a great cushioned overgrip. It is very comfortable though a little bit tacky. The adhesive strip is better than a lot of the other over grips I have tried. Overall, I think it is a very crafty overgrip and it is very good.
From: Prashant Sabapathi, Ellicott City, MD. USA 2/03

Comments: This grip is very good and is the first grip which I have used which equals the Tournagrip. It absorbs sweat well and lasts long compared with other overgrips. I recommend it.
From: Jamie MacDonald, Dunning, Perthshire, Scotland, UK 11/02

Comments: The Tecnifibre R.G. Player Wrap Overgrip is great. I sweat though, so after a while I change the grip because it loses its tackiness and begins to wear away, but otherwise a great grip. I would recommend for the non-sweater.
From: Mike, Morristown, NJ. USA 9/02

Comments: Tecnifibre R.G. Player Wrap Overgrip is the best overgrip I've ever used. Tecnifibre has managed to make an absorbent grip just enough tacky, it doesn't stick to your hands but is just very comfortable.
From: Oskar, Paris, France 8/02

Comments: The Tecnifibre R.G. Player Wrap Overgrip (White) is a great grip. I like the comfy, tackiness and the way it absorbs sweat quickly. I have always used overgrips, but found that they wear out very quickly, but these are an exception. They may get dirty easily because they are white, but they still maintain their tackiness and don't wear out! I am definitely sticking with this grip from now on.
From: Sean, Hawkhurst, Kent, England 8/02

Comments: Tecnifibre Player's Wrap Overgrip is a great grip. It's a bit tacky, but not like the regular tacky grips that hurt your hands. It absorbs very well too. And just to answer R in Ellicott City, the coloured grips loose a lot of there absorbing capacity and its therefore very good that they only have it in white. It's just like the Babolat ATP tour grip, the white ones and the colored ones are not at all the same. Play well all of you!!!!!
From: Oskar, Paris, France 6/02

Comments: Tecnifibre Player's Wrap Overgrip is awesome! If you like the Yonex tacky grips then you are gonna love this. I used to use Tourna Grip, then Yonex, but now I'm sticking with the Tecnifibre. It's tacky yet absorbent and it's also long lasting. I used to go through Tourna Grips in mere hours. So if they last for me, they can last for anyone.
From: Alex, South Orange, NJ. USA 6/02

Comments: The Tecnifibre Player's Wrap Overgrip (White) is the best over grip so far. I'm a 4.0 NTRP level player in Texas. I do sweat a lot but this grip hold very well.
From: Changsu, Austin, TX. USA 5/02

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