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Comments:I agree with Galen to a certain extent. I read this book several times it mainly brings out the techinical / physic aspects of tennis. It answers a lot of the why's eg.,"why did my ball go short or long?" "Does strings and string tension matter that much or is it just my imagination?" It'll answer many question you had and break some myths as well.
From: Eric, Hon, HI. 12/08

Comments: I'm a Physics specialist and a 5.0 tennis player. For these reasons I'm going to be frank: if you have not read this book, you don't understand tension, spin, power, trajectory, strings, frames and balls. You don't understand how your gear behaves. You, in effect, believe the world is flat. Our current gear-knowledge is stuck in myth. If you want more control over the ball's flight, buy this book. Once you read it, everything (i.e., EVERYTHING) will be different. This book will do more for tennis than Kafka's "Trial" did for Existentialist literature. If you have not read this book, you are not stringing your racquet correctly. [Trust me] Let me ask you something: do you know where your gear ends and your mechanics begin? When a ball sails long by 3 inches, do you know exactly why? This is a genuine Copernican Revolution. For the first time in a decade I can honestly say that I see the world differently. This is an important book. Tread with caution, though, for this is one bell you cannot un-ring.
From: Galen, Utica, NY, USA. 4/07

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