Tecnifibre Duramix HD 16 String Customer feedback

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Comments: I played with NRG due to elbow pain. It was super great, but the durability was bad. (For me, it lasted about 8-10 sets). Duramix was less sensitive than NRG, but lasted noticeably longer. A much better value.
From: Ben, 9/15

Comments: Duramix is an unbelievable string -- it has all the best characteristics of a multifilament string with the rigidity in feel of a poly but without being harsh like a standard poly! That is not to say that Duramix is mushy or stiff but different! Its like the best of both worlds, you can have your cake and eat it too with this string! Bon appetite!
From: Ishmeister, 4/15

Comments: Compared to Kirshbaum Pro Line 2, or Babolat RPM Blast, this string is much smoother on my arm, but still has a lot of spin potential. It is more durable than any multi string, but not as durable as the two other tested poly strings. Still, I enjoy them a lot. Highly recommended for poly string addicts that have arm issues.
From: Kemal, 4/15

Comments: Nice feel. However, it wears out even faster than Prince Synthetic Gut. Strange. Not really much value for the money.
From: Terence, 2/14

Comments: I've been using this string on my HEAD MicroGEL Prestige MID (58M55X) since late September 2011, and just found out here that it's a polyester mix. If I had known this was the case, I would have asked for another brand Synthetic Gut. But surprisingly these string last much much longer (within the same time period of constant play) than my "ole faithful" Prince SynGut DF16 with about the same playability and finesse. I play on hard court and am a lefty flat hitter, other spin except top-spin. The outer coating is worn at the sweetspot, but it barely rubs into each other and still has allot of life left on them. It does explains the mild Tennis Elbow I've been experiencing (falsely attributed to using regular and soft PENN balls for hard court play), but not as serious as my brief stint with ALU as I'm able to recover to play the next day. I'll drop the tension further and see how it goes. Don't care much for the "HD" naming, but the results speak volumes. Color me impressed.
From: TnTRobbie, 12/11

Comments: I love this string. It has great spin and power but still able to have great touch! I have had a shoulder injury and it is very soft on it! the only downfall is it broke with in 5 hrs! I am a national and southern junior player.
From: Tyler. 5/11

Comments: Just to update the comment I made bellow a couple weeks ago. I experienced some mild elbow irritation either because I played a few days with wet heavy balls due to wet conditions (Fl 90% plus humidity) or my string tension was a bit too high. Anyway, I lowered my main(BB ori 16) down to 50 lbs and my cross (tec duramix) to 46 lbs and the result is just awesome. Ball bite, spin, power are a whole lot better, and amazingly there is still plenty of control. Best of all, my elbow seems to get better. Give this duramix a try. Racquet used in: K 6.1 tour 90.
From: David, Pensacola, Fl, USA. 12/10

Comments: I have been looking so long for strings to use as crosses with BB original 16 as mains on my K 6.1 tour 90 and I just found it. I just bought a reel of duramix 16 and I was very please with. I strung my mains 53 lbs and my crosses 50 lbs and it turned out great. The power, control, and spin are all there. The soft sticky like texture of the duramix help hold the mains from moving around enhancing spin and control. Backhand slices and volleys become so easy and I can put the ball so deep with confidence. I can serve with a lot more precision down the T, slice and kick serves out wide become easier too. I have been playing with it for over a week now and the duramix still hold tension very good. It only has some light notches where it makes contact with the mains. I had NXT and Isospeed control 16 as cross strings before but NXT is only very good about less than a week and things go down hill after that. The NXT can't hold the mains in place so the control is not there. It eventually frays and breaks quickly. The Iso speed control 16 is OK. It just does not have any power and it has a death feel. Durability is a little bit better than NXT and like NXT; it can't hold the mains from moving around.
From: David, Pensacola, FL, USA, 12/10
Skill level: 4.0
Style of play: hard aggressive hitting, fast swings with top spin on both wings, like to come in to the net after a good deep shot.

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