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Polyfibre TCS Rapid 16L/1.25 String Customer feedback

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Comments: I adore this string. This is the first and only co-poly I have used that didn't hurt my elbow, and the spin created by a full set is just superb. At 48lbs and with a flexible racquet it actually has a comfortale feel and elasticity that provides some nice pop. I have tried many polys without joy (PH, RPM, Sonic Pro, you name it). This wonderful string has brought me happiness on court. Way to go Polyfibre!
From: Marc, 10/12

Comments: I was a bit disappointed with this string. It played avg-good in most categories (control/durability/feel) but only fair in terms of power. Most disappointing was spin potential which I have to say was only avg-I did not experience the "unprecedented spin capability" touted by the manufacturer. In all a decent but expensive poly, there are better options available and at a lower price!
From: Rick, 4.5 player, nyc, ny. 1/09

Comments:This is a hidden gym and I think it is the most playable poly on the market. I have used Alu Power, Hurricane and Hurricane tour, red code, pro supex blue gear, prince tour, Wilson enduro, tcs, etc. This is the softest, most resilient of the bunch without a doubt. String 1-2 lbs tighter than you would for alu or hurricane tour. Very soft, lively, and powerful, but still with great control and ball bite.
From: Jason, DC, USA, 12/08

Comments: Spent lots of efforts and money looking for Luxilon Big Banger replacement. This guy is quite alive with amazing good feel. For hard hitters, I wouldn't reduce the tension by 10% like other polyesters. At 55 lbs hybrid with ISO Speed control 16g, the result is unbelievable. I think Polyfibre sets the price a bit too high, therefore no one else yet dares/wants/willing to give this a shot. TCS Rapid is better than the original TCS.
From: Bluefish, Atlanta. 12/07

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