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Comments: I got it because I wanted a poly that is easy on the arm, and others recommended this string. Well, it performs well in the comfort department, but doesn't nearly have as much playability as other polys I've tried. These don't pocket the ball well at all, even though I strung it in the low-40s (as I do with every other poly I use). As another reviewer said, this is a very overrated set of strings.
From: Michael, 1/12

Comments: This string is over rated. It doesn't offer any bite on the ball. It also felt very bouncy to me. Strung at 58lbs on my Volkl PB 10 It does have a very soft feel as described for a poly. I'm sticking with my hybrid Babolat Hurricane Tour 17 + 16 VS Gut string for maximum control and pretty decent feel. You can't go wrong!
From: Alan, Arlington, VA, USA. 03/10

Comments: This is an impressive string! I have used it for a year; both on my prince hybrid hornet MP and lately on my Babolat PD. Playability, spin potential and control are excellent. I would suggest this string to those who liked Luxilon TIMO. Unfortunately, as other players mentioned, the thin gauge makes this string fragile, so if you are a heavy hitter or generate a lot of topspin you should rather try the 16 gauge. For this reason I switched to luxilon alu power rough, which is a lot more expensive, but lasts at least twice as much.
From: Fabio, Italy, 02/10

Comments: I thought I would try these strings (main) and KLIP gut in the cross all at 62 lbs. At first they were great but then after 2 sets the mains broke. I noticed cuts or notches in the main and was disappointed that my polys broke before my gut!
From: Nick, Toronto, Canada. 1/09

Comments: This string is awesome!!! I hit with tones of pace and spin,and with this string it makes me hit harder with more spin and control. For a poly it is very soft. It has the control of a poly with a soft feel, which is great!!!!!!!
From: Jonathan, San Diego, CA, USA, 12/08

Comments: On my first day trying this string, I was very impressed. I was able to take full on cuts at the ball, and it felt great. Other strings I would worry about the ball sailing long on me, but with these strings every ball seemed to stay in. I just wonder how long it will last me. As far as a poly goes, it's the best for playability that I have tried.
From: Don, Garden Grove, CA, US. 1/08

Comments: This is a great poly that is soft and offers excellent topspin, control, touch and the ability to string at higher tensions then other polys. I tried Luxilon Alu Rough strung at 60lbs in my AeroPro Drive and had to cut out the strings because they were too stiff. I strung these at 63 lbs and am amazed at how soft they feel. These strings seem softer and offer just as much topspin and control as the Babolat Pro Hurricane tour 17.
From: Blake, Poway, CA, USA. 12/07

Comments: I am an open level player who hits extremely heavy topspin. I strung 17g TCS at 60 pounds. It broke in 2 1/2 hours (hour and a half of doubles, hour of singles) with heavy notching on all mains strings in the sweetspot. The string did have good feel and nice spin, but it is worthless if you hit a heavy topspin game beacause you'll be restringing every night.
From: Darren, Canoga Park, CA. 12/07

Comments: This really is a poly that offers feel and comfort more like a multifilament. Over the years, I have tried many poly's, and because of arm soreness, I had just given up and decided to re-string racquets all the time. But now that I have discovered PF TCS, the options are better. This string offers excellent spin and control, but do heed the manufacturers recommendation of stringing up 2-4 lbs more than other polys. Great string!
From: Nora, Raleigh, NC, USA, 06/07

Comments: As advertised, this is a very comfortable string for a poly/co-poly. Excellent bite and spin.
From: R.T., Atlanta, GA, USA. 6/07

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