Polyfibre TCS 16L/1.25 String Customer feedback

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Comments: This is the best co-poly string I have ever tried. It is soft, gives you plenty of spin, and feels great. I have a Yonex Vcore Tour 97 and I strung mine at 55 lbs, I wish I would have strung it at 60! This string has quite a bit more power than I am used to in a poly. The ball seems to launch off the strings compared to other polys I have tried. I am a teaching professional and a 5.0 player. I hit a powerful more flatter ball and I am an all court player, I had to start hitting more topspin with this string. It is great on defensive shots! You can punch the ball back in play with some power. Once I find the correct tension I think this will be my string of choice. Great job Polyfibre!
From: Scott, 7/15

Comments: Excellent String. If you are looking for a soft co-poly, this is by far the best out there IMO. Great for spin and it is extremely comfortable. I would recommend this to players of all ages.
From: Jim, Austin, TX, USA, 07/10

Comments: I thought this string was pretty good. I damaged the inside of my elbow and needed a softer string. This string was easy on the arm, had good spin, held tension well, has good power and the strings don't move all over the place. I strung it at 62 in my old (but still the best) Wilson HyperHammer 6.3 110. I recommend this string if you're looking for any of the qualities I mentioned.
From: Jethro, SC, USA, 03/09

Comments: Great string. It does have good spin, which controls the ball. Good feel but the tension is what helps get that feel. I teach a lot of different levels and the average club player is amazed with the string. Control and feel what ever average player is looking for.
From: Paul, Niagara On the Lake, Canada. 9/08

Comments: Doesn't hold its tension and doesn't last very long! Luxilon Supersense 125 is much better string. Has great feel and control and spin with the addition of durability and doesn't lose its tension.
From: Troy, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, 09/08

Comments: Great feel, control and spin. Strings don't move. Easy on the arm. Friends who have tried it have remarked how amazing this string is. Some have ordered their own reels they like it so much. One friend switched from Babolat Pro Hurricane to TCS because of cost and playability. One of the best secrets of the string industry.
From: Renzo, St. Catharines, Canada

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