Topspin Cyber Flash 17L String Reel (1.20) Customer feedback

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Comments: I love this string! I use it in a hybrid setup in my mains at 50/55 lbs on a Dunlop 200G -- great spin and control, it needs some break-in time, then it softens up and plays great, easy on the arm too. Either way, if you hybrid it you can't go wrong with this one!
From: Pete, 6/14

Comments: I use this as the cross string at 55lbs with Tecnifibre X-1 Biphase Mains at 58 lbs on a 95" head Wilson racquet. This hybrid produces excellent power and control for me. My serve, backhand slice and forehand have all improved with this combination. I am a 4.0 all court senior player.
From: Rod, 6/13

Comments: These strings have a nice bite. I strung them at 54 lbs and I am a high school #1 singles tennis player. They are great for net games, serves, and ground strokes, but at first you may hit a lot of balls out.
From: Varun, 12/12

Comments: This is a really nice string. It has good power, even though I swing really fast. It doesn't go out from the baseline. After 2 weeks, it lost a little tension, but it gets soft after the loss of tension. One of my go-to strings if I'm playing tournaments.
From: Albert, 10/12

Comments: Great feeling string, for me a nice crisp feel with enough power and control. I bought a reel after reading good reviews and was looking for something durable. I hit a pretty heavy, hard ball but expected a little more durability, strung at 58 I get about 8-10 hours of play. The thicker version of this string I guess should have been my choice. Played with Luxilon Alu Power and Savage Black, but it will bankrupt me, this is a really nice string and exceptional value if it will last a little longer. If you are a regular breaker, I would suggest try this, but go for the 1.3 first. At the current rate I'm stringing 2-3 racquets a week.
From: Freddie, 4/12

Comments: These are awesome strings. They have great spin and great control! A must try for heavy top-spiners.
From: Jimmie, 10/11

Comments: My strings are strung at 60 lbs. with my head extreme pro and wow the strings produce a lot of spin on the forehand and serve, so you players who hit long strokes and want big strokes coming back at your opponent, I highly recommend these strings. The disadvantage is that the 17 gauge will break if you are a hard hitter and play regularly like three days a week.
From: Josh, Hood River, OR, USA 02/10

Comments: Great alternative to the pricey Big Banger strings, I like these even more because they give slightly more feedback - otherwise the same thing. I use full stringbed of this stuff at 55-60 lbs in my EXO3 Rebel 95 and it's perfect for my 4.5 aggressive baseliner game - very good touch at the net too.
From: Anton V, Staten Island, NY 01/10

Comments: Hard hitting 4.0 with large serve. Strung this in my Wilson k factor ksix-one 95 (16x18) at 51lbs. This string is quite different from the topspin cyber flash 1.30. Does not have the same power, but for a thin string the power level is good. Much better feel and spin than the 1.30, really hangs on to the ball. The major draw-back is durability. I get anything up to 35 sets out of a set of 1.30. This 1.20 lasts as little as 3 sets and seldom more than 5. I like it but do not enjoy stringing racquets enough to stick with it. When I bust the last one I will try the 1.25.
From: TJ, Stamford, CT, USA, 06/09

Comments: Great feel, great spin, only problem is durability. As long as you don't mis-hit it should last a few hard sets, but it can easily be broken on a mis-hit. Stick with the 17 I suggest.
From: Will, California, USA. 05/09

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