Topspin Cyber Flash String 16 (1.30) Customer feedback

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Comments: I was not impressed at all. My standard set-up is a full bed of synthetic gut or a multi, but, due to being annoyed by constant, significant string movement from my topspin, I've been looking for a poly or poly hybrid set up that could come close to offering the crispness I get from syn gut and multi. I have tried about ten different polys so far and was most impressed with the Kirschbaum Spiky Shark. I was the least impressed by this Cyber Flash. I only put it on the crosses, but it made the whole bed feel dead. It reduced the feedback or touch significantly. It was the mushiest poly I have tried.
From: Jason, 9/16

Comments: This is my favorite string. I string it at mid-tension (60 lbs) in the mains in my Yonex RQIS 1 Tour XL and with synthetic gut in the crosses. It is fantastic and cheap. Low-powered (control), decent spin, and best of all, amazing tension maintenance for a poly. This holds its tension so well that I would recommend stringing it with natural gut in the crosses. I tried it and loved it. It should last you a good two months without much change in playability. I played with a full bed when I first started using it, but the hybrid provides much better feel (the string is a bit dead feeling - which is probably why its playability remains so constant past the life of most polys). Buy a reel (or two)!
From: Brian, 3/13

Comments: Very good string. It has nice feel and doesn't move at all. I hit the ball very hard and am very good at net. This gives you a nice feel and bite.
From: George, 11/12

Comments: I did some research and got the whole reel of this string. I strung the whole racquet with it and did not like the stiffness so nowadays I use it with a hybrid set up and use it in the "main" and strung it at 7 to 10% lower than what I usually string at. So far it works out pretty well. And this is how I feel about it.
1. Durable
2. Holds tension well.
3. Stiff
4. Doesn't provide lots of feed back.
5. Moderate spin production.
From: Mike, Houston, Texas, USA. 5/11

Comments: I tried this on my Babolat cortex. Seems like it has a lot of durability. As for the feel, it has a more dampening feel to it. To me, it's a VERY firm and stiff string, doesn't have a crisp loud sound when you hit with something like the big banger. Also, it's a heavier string so it'll add more weight to your racket. You definitely need to be able to generate a lot of racket speed in order to get topspin on your balls. This string is surely not for light hitters. Overall, not for me.
From: Alvin, Alhambra, CA, USA, 01/11

Comments: Recommended by stringer so I gave it a shot. Lots of comments stating they liked it, makes me feel different. I have this strung full on my Fischer M Speed Pro N0.1 105 and I personally don't think it's too great. It feels stiff but there has been hardly any string movement! I felt I generated a lot less power and did not feel myself getting any more spin.
From: L, Fremont, CA. 6/10

Comments: This is my most favorite string. I use it with my Wilson NCode at 60lbs and have had amazing results. I hit almost every day for at least two hours and didn't see a difference in tension until two months after I put them on. I also have strung it on my friends racquets and they have had the same results.
From: Brady, Monahans, Tx. 5/10

Comments: Not my favorite. I personally did not find it to be the greatest of strings, not the worst either. Felt stiff, has a lot of power to it though. They look as if it'll take forever to pop.
From: Kevin. 5/10

Comments: This is greatest string if you have pop! WAY better than Big Banger. It adds more topspin and more control, but you definitely have to have a fast swing to play with it. This is not for the light hitters. If you have a really fast swing that can generate spin this is the string for you. Otherwise, I wouldn't try it. Probably for 4.5+ players only. (and by 4.5+, that would computer rated, not actual 4.5+ players)
From: Eric, Austin, TX, USA. 03/10

Comments: I switched to this from Wilson Synthetic Gut Extreme. Best choice. The string doesn't move at all & is very durable. It lasts 1-2 months. I string it at 56 in the mains & 54 in the crosses on my Yonex RDS 002 Tour 98. I don't think it makes me hit with that much more spin, but it's a really good string. BUY IT.
From: Dave, 4.5 semi-western forehand, two-handed backhand. 3/10

Comments: This string was great on my old racquet (Prince TT Scream OS). I could never break these strings and they provided decent power, spin and control. However, ever since I switched to the Wilson KZero, which I love, I am breaking these strings every few weeks. Otherwise, it seems to maintain tension quite well and the strings seem to never move.
From: Jack, Lynchburg, VA. 10/09

Comments: I found that the durability is good, But it in NO way adds EXCELLENT access to topspin, as this add claims. I agree 100% with the comments that Michael from Norfork, VA stated. If you are looking for added spin in a string, DO NOT buy this string.
From: Steve, Atlanta, Ga, USA 09/09

Comments: The most impressive thing about this string is how it holds its tension. Durability is higher other polyester strings I've tried. It is probably the most arm friendly polyester that I'm aware of. I've tried Kirschbaum Pro Line II and the control of both strings is comparable for half the price.
From: Martin Rousev, Bulgaria 08/09

Comments: Topspin Cyber Flash is an excellent hard firm poly string that gives you a lot of control. The string holds its tension really well. You are warned that you have to find the correct tension else you will hurt your arm. I have to drop 10% of my normal tension. I broke 17g string around 12 hours of play and I broke 16g string around 18 hours of play. I prefer 17g string for comfort. I am a hard topspin 5.0 player using Prince Original Graphite 93 racket with normal tension of 58lb.
From: Quang, Long Beach, CA, USA, 05/09

Comments: Strings provided excellent control and access to spin. My kick serves had extra "kick." My opponents had difficulty adjusting to the "kick." I strung them at 62 lbs on my Dunlop Aerogel 200 (16x19). I did feel that the stringbed was stiff. I played with these strings for about two hours and I felt I would have gotten tennis elbow if I played one hour more. I will try to reduce tension next time to see it'll fix the problem.
From: John Kim, Los Angeles, CA USA. 04/09

Comments: I've used this string for about 6 1/2 months and I finally felt the need to put a new set in. The string itself has a huge amount of spin and fits the topspin name. I play with all top spin and a little left hand slicing and throughout constant abuse to the string these things never moved!!! The only let down was that my strings didn't break because of a overly powerful hit but because this string rubbed right through the prince syn.gut crosses. Everything else was really absolutely perfect.
From: Sean, Santa Rosa, CA. 04/09

Comments: I've had this strung on my racket for about 2 weeks now. For the most part I'm happy. I had them put on at a higher tension, so adjusting to that was the first thing, but more and more I'm enjoying them, holds tension well. I bought a reel, and the rest of the team seems (for the most part) satisfied. So I say it's a good value. Want to experiment with hybrids, but I don't even think I feel the need for them.
From: Ty, Chicago, Il. 10/08

Comments: This string is very stiff and despite what the company name suggests, is very poor in the spin department. It also gave me wrist problems after only two days. This string is not at all competitive with more expensive polys and while it offers decent durability, you will not improve your quality of play with this string. In short, no feel, rapid tension loss, and lack of comfort. If you came here looking for an alternative to Luxilon, Babolat, and Tecnifibre that doesn't burn through your pocket, I suggest Weisscannon silverstring, Klip, or Pacific strings.
From: Michael, Norfolk, VA, USA, 08/08
NTRP: 5.5 all court player

Comments: The jury is still out. A buddy and I purchased a reel of this to use. So far we've strung 3 racquets and only1 of them has gone longer than 1 hour of play. During the time the strings were in the racquets the touch, feel and spin were all solid. The durability is an issue, and I'm not sure how they will respond to full out game play. Both times the strings broke were in warm-ups. I normally use Prince Topspin 15L, which as extremely good durability, currently I am using Gamma Zo 16 gauge and the durability has been very good, but the spin is lacking.
From: Rob, Menomonie, WI, USA. 7/08

Comments: These are my favorite strings that I have tried yet. They offer a lot of control and decent spin at a fair price. Before I tried these, I had a problem with string movement; I would spend too much time fixing my strings after every point and could not focus on the game. Since I've used these strings I haven't had to move them at all!
From: Luke, Epsom, NH, USA. 5/08

Comments: My string of choice for the past year. I'm very picky about string and tend to blame poor performance on the string. I think I've tried everything out there - polys, synthetic gut, multifilament, hybrids. Nothing compares to this string - no longer any need for blaming the string! Great value too!
From: Sam, Orlando, FL, USA. 12/07

Comments: Really amazing string. I used to break Prince Topspin in 3-4 weeks of play, so 4 months ago I decided to try something more durable. First I got the Luxilon BB. The string felt very hard, and didn't provide much feel at all. Worse, within one week, my elbow began to hurt. That's when I switched to this Topspin Cyber Flash. It provides much better feel than the Luxilon BB, although it doesn't bite the ball as much as the Prince Topspin. Most amazing is after 3 months of heavy top spin play, there's no cuts or string movements at all. And I don't notice any loss of tension either. It looks like this string will last forever. This string should be much more popular, given it's performance/price.
From: Adam, San Jose, CA, 03/07

Comments: Fantastic string. There is hardly any string movement after 20 hours of play, but I am starting to notice some of the tension loss. I'm considering trying the 1.25mm/17 version to see if I notice any difference.
From: Brian, Clemson, SC, USA. 10/06

Comments: Excellent string!! As good if not better than Luxilon BB, string doesn't move at all after 2 months of heavy top-spin play.
From: JF, Malaysia. 10/06

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