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Comments: Players -- you have no business stringing this or any other Luxilon string at the upper range for your racquet. Read the package. 10% below a non-poly string tension should be your max tension. Quit equating high tension with "I'm so good." The ample control is there with good swing mechanics.
From: Mike, 11/16

Comments: I used TiMo 18 just 2 weeks ago in my 260g Head Speed Rev Youtek at 55 lbs. I'm 66 years old and have an eastern grip, I play tennis 3 times a week. Great on volleys to accept hard hitting from your opponent. It has good control and there are no problems in my elbow or my wrist. Before using TiMo, I usually used Big Banger ALU Power 16 for more than 20 years and now TiMo 18. It's a very impressive string.
From: Suganda, 11/13

Comments: I use a hybrid of Gamma TNT2 and Luxilon Big Banger at 62lbs. The string feels fantastic. It's easy on the arms, pretty spinny, and has a nice satisfying "pop" sound. I don't feel a whole lot of bite and I'm not completely sure why, but I may be because I'm using an eastern grip on my forehand.
From: Sean, 3/13

Comments: I love this string - great feel, control, spin, and it gives me great angles. I hit 2 hands off both sides and had it in my Yonex now in my Head Youtek Graphane Speed S at 54 lbs. It is smooth hitting and generates lots of angles for me. It is great on volleys and at the net.
From: Howie, 3/13

Comments: I strung my K Six.One 95 at 52lbs, full bed. The positive points are that it is easy on the arm, amazing feel and control (which I wanted) and great ball pocketing. However, there was too much power for me at 52 lbs. Maybe next time I'll go a little higher. I read a lot of reviews regarding Luxilon strings being harsh on the arm, but I got to say that these strings are not one of them. I'm 23 years old.
From: Jeffery, 10/12

Comments: I absolutely love this string. I'm a 4.0 player with heavy topspin on the forehand side. It gives you the benefit of poly (durable, control) without all the cons of other polys (harshness on arm, loss of feel). The 18 gauge certainly helps in this respect. However, I'd only recommend using this on the mains and using a synthetic gut on the crosses - for me, stringing this in the full string bed was too much.
From: Brian, 5/12

Comments: I'm using hybrid: Luxilon Big Banger Timo 18 gauge (main) 56 lbs and Gamma Live Wire 17 (cross) 56 lbs. It plays nice on my arm and elbow. Lots of power and topspin. Amazing serve pops.
From: Alex, 2/12

Comments: This string is perfect for me. I initially had it in a hybrid with a synthetic gut string and when I got used to it I went full poly with a slightly higher tension and the difference was very noticeable. I've created some arcs and bends with my spins that I didn't even think were possible at my level. Warning Warning Warning: it is hard on the arm if you have a weak one. Also, if you play with your wrist, stay away from this string as it may cause arm injuries.
From: Tony, 8/11

Comments: I just put the Wilson Pro Duo set on my Slazenger Tim Henman Pro Braided frames and love it. Lots of bite, a little extra pop on the ball make for a great combo. I was playing with Gamma Livewire 17, then I went to a hybrid with ALU Big Banger Rough. This set set is much better. The Timo in 18L really comes through. The folks who have elbow problems with this should probably do one of three things: decrease the tension, change the synthetic they are hybriding with, and/or work on their form. Most of the people I see with those issues have it strung like a syn gut and use a grandma racquet with nothing but wrist action. Swing with your legs people! Great strings.
From: Schuyler. 7/11

Comments: This is a great string! It gives me excellent feel, spin, and power. I used a hybrid with a synthetic string so it is not too stiff. I never have had arm problems.
From: Anon, 7/11

Comments: This is excellent string if you're looking for bite on the ball. The 18 gauge grabs even better than some of the "shaped" polys I've tried such as Savage, RPM, etc. It can seem a little stiff, so I'd recommend using it with a synthetic cross of some type to soften it up. I've got my Head Radical (18x20) strung up with these in the mains at 55lbs, using Kirshbaum 17 gauge Syn Gut crosses, and I get tremendous bite. It has very good tension maintenance and pretty good durability. I have had a couple string breaks, which is to be expected with this gauge, so I purchased a reel, which lowers the cost per stringing considerably. It can be a little tricky to string with as it's stiff as piano wire, but if your careful not to crimp the string anywhere, you'll be all set. Great stuff!
From: Pedro, Salem, MA, USA. 5/11

Comments: Sorry I had just bought them when I made that comment I have had a lot of injuries there not worth it don't risk it.
From: James, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia, 11/10

Comments: I was using this string for 3 months and enjoyed its bite, power & control. But unfortunately this stiff string caused tendonitis in my wrist area forcing me to take a break. I have played tennis for most of my life without any arm injuries. I never did a lot of research on strings or put that much emphasis on them. A friend told me about these new poly strings and how effective they are. I really like them but not at this expense. I consider myself to be healthy and strong so take caution when using them.
From: Paul, New York, N.Y. U.S.A. 08/10

Comments: I have been using the Luxilon Alu Power 16 gauge for several years and it was okay, but too still not enough control or feel. A friend recommend the Timo 18 gauge to me, played on it and love it. The strings have real good control, EXCELLENT FEEL, without giving up the power, no arm problems, I have it at 54 lbs on the main and cross, on my Yonex RQIS Tour 1 XL (Ivanovic's racquet). I volley extremely well with the strings. I am a 4.5 usta rated player who plays 2-3 times a week. So far played 3 times with it and loving it. It's like night and day with the Timo vs. The Alu power.
From: Howie, San Francisco, CA USA 04/2010

Comments: I brought these strings and I have the Babolat Pure Drive Lite and not only do they have excellent control, they had great power too.
From: James, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia. 04/10

Comments: Just played last two weeks with the Timo 18 at 57lbs on a kBlade 98. I really like the control this string gives the 18x20 pattern of the kblade. I had k gut 17 before and there just wasn't enough bite (good string on a 16x18 though). No elbow or wrist problems and I've been playing for about 20yrs. I find it hard to believe that these problems are so sensitive to strings rather than swing and grip, especially to get better or worse within weeks of changing strings? Not a doctor though. Great strings if you are a big hitter that needs to dial in those winners. Only two weeks of hitting but I've played almost every day and I hit hard. No signs of strings breaking or splitting. I think these are a keeper.
From: Brian, Gainesville, FL, US 02/10

Comments: Played with this string for two years in various rackets including Aero Pro Drive, K6.1 Tour, and KPS88. I wanted a string for control but without having to resort to high tensions. Started out at 53lbs full string job, which gave tons of bite and control but killed my arm. Awesome if you hit the sweetspot, pain if you don't. Playing twice a week the string will last me on average two weeks. I use to buy the stuff in reels. Now string at 50lbs or below in a full setup or hybrid combination. Still have lots of control at the lower tensions. Now tend to use as a hybrid as the crosses with soft mains (nat gut or multi). This my go to combination on days when I need extra control.
From: Tennis Player, UK 12/09

Comments: I've used both the Timo & Ace 18 guage at tensions from 50-60 pounds with excellent success; I started slowly & gradually built up to using these strings 6 days/week 3-5 hrs./day. I did have some elbow pain at first & changed rackets and gradually increased my playing time with the Luxilon. I tried 30-40 diff. strings; these are the best so far for power & control with ex. spin. I'm an upper 3.5 & 65 yrs. old.
From: Bob, Wilmington, NC USA 11/09

Comments: Broke in two new Babolat's for my son. We normally just purchase the frames, and string them ourselves -- but decided to save some time -- and chose the TIMO option for stringing at 58#. I felt a twinge in my elbow within the first five serves. Four days later, while I was preparing my son for the 14 Norcal Sectionals -- one set in, and two games into the second set, I told him that I could not hit another forehand, or volley. I was done. My doctor has confirmed medial epicondylitis -- Golfer's elbow. I have used Lux 18 Ace, 16 ALU rough, Wilson Sensation and NXT, as well as any gut -- without any problems. But this string would appear to be a bit too stiff. Like swinging a plywood ping-pong paddle (or blade -- as they call it). Normally swing a Wilson 6.1 Tour 90 with
From: Gary, CA, USA 06/09

Comments: 100 percent 18 gauge Luxilon on both mains and crosses. I love it. The strings don't move. Lots of power and control. No elbow problems here. Hit the ball in the middle of your racquet. Strung my Prince Speedport Platinum at 64lb's. Love it.
From: Mark, Mesa, AZ, USA. 06/09

Comments:I love this string; for about a week. I set the tension on my Old (before 2009) Head Microgel Extreme Pro at 59lbs. It feels awesome at first. For the first week or two, I can comfortably crank a big forehand and always see it drop on the baseline. But after that, it gets really hard to keep the shot in control as the ball begins to sail deep. I'm a little confused as to what's going on with my forehand from that point. I'd like to try a hybrid set-up with this and Natural gut, but the price tag on Natural gut makes my eyes explode. I'm not a Pro who gets paid to play tennis so I can't imagine blowing $40+ on a good gut string.
From: Kevin, Maple Heights, OH, USA, 05/09

Comments: I would have to disagree with most of the positive reviews of this string. To give you some background, I'm a 4.0 player with an all-court game and one-handed backhand. I've been playing with Lux Big Banger ALU Rough in mains @53lbs and NRG2 17g @58lbs in the crosses, for the last year. Life was good until a couple of months ago when I started having terrible arm and elbow pain. I immediately switched to a setup that had a poly in the mains @55lbs and gut in the crosses @58lbs and the pain went away. However, I didn't want to give up on Lux so easily so I got the thinnest Lux that is available, which is, TiMO. I tried the TiMO @53lbs in the mains and NRG2 @58lbs in the crosses and after playing just two games the elbow pain came back. In my experiments, I did not find TiMO to be any better than Big Banger ALI Rough. As things stand now, I'm now looking for a softer poly, maybe something like Kirschbaum or MSV. I might even get something softer than NRG2 for my crosses. Moreover, I've come around to accept that the only way to play with Lux is to pair with gut. Mind you, the racquet that I play with his extremely flexible (57 rating) and very low-powered.
From: GS, Boston, MA, USA, 03/09

Comments: Keep in mind; you need to string Luxilon strings 10 percent lighter than conventional strings. Naturally, you would have the feel of a cast iron frying pan and develop elbow and wrist problems. Read the owners manual and string in the low 50's.
From: RF, Marin County, CA, USA, 01/09

Comments: TiMo 18g is great control/spin string. It works great with rackets that have dense string pattern. I have had it on a few different rackets and it's been my favorite Luxilon string. The only downside is that it can be hard on your wrist. After playing for a while, my wrist became sore. I have tried an hybrid setup, but with TiMo in the mix, it was still bothering my wrist. Since my left wrist (my non-dominant side) started hurting, too, I am afraid I will have to put it down at least on my present racket (MG Prestige Mid). I have had it on more forgiving rackets such as PD and Yonex RQ-7, and it did not cause any wrist/elbow issues.
From: Sunny, Richmond, VA, USA. 10/08

Comments: I recently tried the Big Banger TiMO 18 with the PPS 18g synthetic by Head strung at 45 lbs. on my Wilson H Rival oversize racket and really liked the control and power that can generate. Unfortunately it made my wrist really sore for a couple of weeks. I used to have a wrist problem until I switched to a 17g synthetic gut and a lighter racket in the Wilson H Rival, and it had not been sore for a long time how ever after switching to the TiMO Big Banger string the pain came back after two years of no pain. It's too bad because I really like the power and control but the strings are a little hard to get use to. I wonder if it will be easier on my wrist if I dropped the tension even lower to 40 lbs.
From: Ferdmeister, Arcadia, CA USA

Comments: I am a senior 4.0 singles player with a mostly backcourt game, using top, slice, and power from both sides. I string my own racquets (Volkl DNX10 mid 98) and have tried a wide variety of strings over the years. Most recently I have been using natural gut and thought I wouldn't find a better string until I tried the Luxilon TIMO 18 in combo with natural gut (TIMO 18- mains @ 50lbs/KLIP 16- crosses @ 55lbs). I found this combination to be just as easy on my arm as all gut, but with more spin and more pop. This combo will be tough to beat!
From: John, Rochester Hills, MI, USA. 7/08

Comments: This string is very very good! I strung up my Prince Diablo 107 with it 28/27 kgs. The bite on the ball is just awesome. I have been struggling with my 2-handed backhand topspin lately, but with this string I had so much feel and bite that I was able to rip topspin backhands again...great! What really surprised me too was that I still had control whenever I hit a ball in the top of the frame. Can't say anything about the durability yet but if that would be a problem then I will just use a thicker Big Banger TiMO for the main strings.
From: Robert, Rotterdam, Holland. 6/08

Comments: For those of you with experience using a Luxilon string plus natural gut in combination, can you please comment on your experiences regarding tensions (mains and crosses), performance and recommendations.
From: Hugo, New York. 5/08

Comments: I have 5 racquets all the same Wilson Ncode 6.1 - 95. Each racquet has a different string. I like to experiment with strings and tensions. On a match I test different strings by playing a set with each one. I am a believer on this TIMO 110 (18 gauge) The first set I won 6-1 using this string. The 2nd set I used another Luxilon and was losing 4-1. In the middle of this 2nd set I went back to the racquet with the 18-gauge and ended up winning this set 6-4. There is no other way to prove that in this case the string made the difference!
From: Luis, Houston, TX, USA, 05/08

Comments: This string is good. Great control and bite when you need it. When hitting passing shots, it performs like "natural gut" where you could create some serious side spin. I love it. I am a 5.5 player, played Division 1 tennis and ITF circuits long time ago. The only thing bothered me was that with my Babolat Pure Drive+, the strings last a little while, but when I deomoed Prince 03 Speedport Black, the string broke after playing 1 set. It depends on the string pattern. It does not last but is an extremely playable string.
From: Brian, Miami, FL, USA. 1/08

Comments: This string is just fantastic; I have no complaints! Slices and topspin are ridiculously easy, as long as you have a full swing. Kicks and slice serves get terrific motion and volleys have plenty of touch. Drop shots and lobs, usually tough to pull off with polys, come very easily. I used to break Wilson NXT 16g every week, but this string has lasted three months and barely chows any wear. I am a 17 year old junior player and can generate plenty of power on my own, and this sting is great for helping to keep my shots in the court. Terrific string! (Dunlop Maxply McEnroe at 63#)
From: Alex, Puyallup, WA, USA. 4/07

Comments: I am quite disappointed by this string. In the beginning it was really stiff and had little power, and after a bit of break-in it got better, but after a few days the tensions keeps dropping. My shots were first consistently a few feet within the baseline, then on the baseline, then a few feet beyond the baseline. Finally, one night, the balls were close to hitting the fence and it popped in ten minutes. I had the string for about two weeks. I really thought it would be durable like ALU Power and last me a few months. I didn't notice increased spin or feel due to the fact that it's gauge 18.
From: Derek, San Francisco, CA, USA. 9/06

Comments: I started using the Luxilon TI-MO Banger 18 about 3 months ago when a friend recommended it to me. I have it strung at 50lbs on my Wilson Prostaff Tour 90 racquet. What a delight!! I can generate more spin, better serves, ground- stokes and volleys. Durability is the only trade-off so far. I have to re-string my racquet once a month. Other than that, I really do love the string.
From: Bayo, Lawrenceville, GA, USA. 10/06

Comments: I recently had my Head Flexpoint Radical racquets strung with the Timo 18 and after some strange beginnings, I have to say that I really like this string. It took some time to get used to the spin that I can generate, but I'm very pleased with the outcome. My string pattern is very dense, so I don't think the 18 gauge will be a problem. I can see where a wide string pattern might cause durability issues. Similar to other comments, the strings don't move. I used to play the Wilson NXTs and I was always adjusting the strings. I've not once had to move a string since switching over. Also, I had rotator cuff surgery in December 2004, and I don't notice any extra strain on my arm with this string. It has a tendency to be more "pingy" so a vibration dampener helps a lot.
From: Jeff, Lawrenceville, GA, USA 07/06

Comments: Luxilon TIMO 18 and ALU Rough 16L make for a great combination. I put the TIMO on the mains at 55 pounds and the ALU on the crosses at 57 pounds. It produced a great combination of spin and pace. I play with a Wilson HyperCarbon 5.0.
From: Lewis, Columbia, SC, USA 01/06

Comments: This is a very good playable string, but way too thin and I'm a 6.5-7.0 player who is just starting the pro circuit. It only took 1-2sets to break so be prepared tournament players, bring multiple racquets. Luxilon TiMO 18 is a great string, but not good for durability.
From: Alex, Bradenton, FL, USA. 12/05

Comments: Luxilon strings are some of the best around. I prefer the TIMO 18, but I have also played with ALU. Durability is superb and I love the feel of this string. There is a reason that the majority of the top pros use Luxilon. I’m a 5.0 player using the Avery M3 racquet strung at 50lbs.
From: Chris, Atlanta, GA, USA. 9/05

Comments: Offers a high level of spin/playability, although it does break fast with no warning because of its very thin gauge.
From: Doug, California, USA. 02/05

Comments: The Luxilon TI-MO Banger 18 string is my 1st string choice for playability and durability. Great feel and spin control without sacrificing string life. Handles the hard-hitting well, without frequent restringing. Would like more color choice, but without a doubt, an all-around, top-shelf choice.
From: Gordon, Idaho Falls, Idaho, USA. 08/04

Comments: I strung my Yonex RD Ti-70 as always on 65lbs. with TI-MO 18. Very interesting string. It offers much more spin than any other string I used before - even more than XL gut. It gives crisp, clean feeling, but even at such high tension and dense pattern (18 x 20) on my racquet, I feel the ball is still bouncing off if not hit properly with full swing. No problems at all on arm and I would not suggest to string it 10% below recommended tension unless you play with a stiff racquet. It gives me more pop on my serve and slice or spin capabilities are like a dream. It generates more speed to the ball than other durable strings. Solid volleys and a feeling that you have a great amount of control the moment you get to use to it. After four hours of hard hitting, I feel that the loss of tension is not big, the strings still don't move much. Very playable string. I am a 4.0 hard hitting baseline player, with aggressive full swing power shots on both sides and I like to volley, powerful flat first service - second service sliced.
From: Stefan, Montreal, Canada. 08/04

Comments: Based on all the fine TW recommendations, I put this stuff in my Head Radical @ 56lbs (10% less than normal). After 1 set, my arm began to ache and it felt like I was playing with cement in my racquet. So, for $35 (cost of strings and install), I got one very sore arm and very poor play. Sorry, other contributors, but I find no redeeming qualities in this string!
From: Gipper, Naples, Florida, USA. 8/04

Comments: I have been trying Luxilon TiMo 18 along with Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power16 for a while now in identical racquets. I swap between the two regularly during matches. After many months, I have reached the conclusion that I like the TiMo 18g better. The feel of ALU is tough to beat, but when you are consistently hitting the ball in the middle of the racquet with TiMo 18, the feeling is much better. It is crisp, smooth and delivers as much, if not more power than ALU, with more control. There is much more topspin potential and just a better all-round feeling. However, if you're not hitting consistently in the sweet spot, it can feel a little harsh. It makes me want to hit the ball in the middle of the racquet, and when I do, I'm always rewarded. It makes me a better player! The durability is great, and it's lively feel stays until it breaks. The bottom line? ALU is a fantastic string, TiMo 18 is even better.
From: John, Sydney, NSW, Australia. 07/04

Comments: TIMO 18G is an excellent control string but it is very stiff and can cause arm and wrist problems. I started having chronic wrist pain after using TIMO 18G at 60 lbs. In my Prince Original Graphite OS over a 3-month period. Since then, I have switched to ALU Power 16G and the pain is gone. I believe TIMO is a polyester base string while ALU is some nylon derivative. Nylon tends to be softer than polyester. Too bad, I really love the control of TIMO but my wrist would not stand it. On the other hand ALU is also and excellent string with tons of power and control but not as much feel as TIMO.
From: Peter, San Mateo, CA, USA. 07/04

Comments: Tried TI-MO Banger 18 in my daughters racquet during a national tournament after her Head Intelistring got loose and she was having control problems. This stuff really settled her shots down and got her back in the chase. Only problem I had was with the tournament stringers. They had never used it and broke the first set on the tie off knot by using pliers. I had it stung at 57-normally she is at 63. Was a perfect setting for control and power with Head Radical Oversize. The bed does not move! Could not believe this as she hits big topspin and kick. Gave control and placement to serves. The next problem was with another tournament stringer who broke the sting again on a tie off knot. Still working on this issue as she wants to play it, but unless I can string it we are having trouble at away tournaments. Good stuff-although I have not tried Ace 18. Will try Ace and go from there.
From: Mark, Colorado, USA. 7/03

Comments: The Luxilon TI-MO Banger 18 is a good string for spin, control and good power. The durability of this string is excellent and follow the instructions to use the 10% tension reduction. The only bad thing about this string is that it will give you tennis elbow, and therefore, in my opinion, the BB Ace 18g is a better string.
From: Joe, San Jose, CA, USA. 6/03

Comments: SPIN, SPIN, SPIN - even in an iRadical MP 18x20 dense string pattern. I had new balls jumping over my opponent’s head - they couldn't believe it! Much more comfortable when you string it 10% lower than normal and no control loss. Seems to be durable also. I have tried ALU, BB original and TI-MO 17, but I like this the best so far. Strung @ 54lbs.
From: Rod, Canberra, Australia. 3/03

Comments: I have played for 30 years and this string is the best I have ever used. Bravo Luxilon!
From: Kenny, Atlanta, GA, USA. 3/03

Comments: The Luxilon TI-MO Banger 18 is an incredible string! I've never played with a string that doesn't move when you strike the ball. This string doesn't require constant adjustment, it just stays in place. It produces plenty of power, topspin and great control! Give it a try, you won't be disappointed!
From: Jill, Natchez, MS. USA 10/02

Comments: I have tried all of Luxilon's other strings including ALU Power and ACE and I admit TI-MO 18G is the best one. It has tremendous control and feel as well as power. Slices are easy to generate with real bite. Kick and slice serves have pop and angle. I found TI-MO to be the softest and easiest to string and less harsh on the arm among the other Luxilon strings. ALU Power is great for power but has little feel and difficult to generate spin. ACE 18G felt rather dead with little pop and power but with good control. TI-MO 18G has it all!
From: TF, San Carlos, CA. USA 10/02

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