Luxilon Big Banger TiMO 17 (1.22) String Customer feedback

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Comments: This is a nice poly that has above average feel and comfort. Nothing special. It has great spin potential but it's stiff like all other polys. For the money, I would use ALU.
From: Chaney, 8/12

Comments: It has amazing control for a string that provides unmatched spin potential for players with high racquet speed. Can produce monstrously heavy shots with immense spin. If the ball is going long, swing faster and the spin will bring it in. The downside is the durability is poor for the exact type of player that benefits most from this string. The string does not provide tons of power, so players wanting to get the most out of it will need fitness and good technique to be able to generate the necessary racquet speed. In my nBlade 106 with an 18x19 pattern, it lasts me 3 hours of heavy hitting before breaking. I play at the Div 1 college level and am the heaviest hitter on my team, so the durability will be a little better for most others.
From: Daniel, 7/12

Comments: There is no better combination in a Head Radical MicroGel Midplus than Pacific Prime Gut 17 in the mains at 61 lab with Luxilon Big Banger TiMO 1.22 in the crosses at 57 lbs. It turns the racquet into a wand. Super pop on the serve, deft control on volleys, and you can pound the ball from the baseline. Slice suffered a bit with the Prime Gut at 60 lbs but once I tweaked the mains at 61 lbs. I have never played with a better combo!
From: Alberto, 10/11

Comments: I tried this string for the first time and paid someone to string it who is certified. It was strung at 52 lbs. I hit with it for maybe 10 hours and had a string break. I am now using Luxilon ALU Rough 16 at 52 lbs.
From: Chris, Texas, USA. 06/10
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: Well,I've strung this at 56lbs(usually 60) on my K Blade 93 and it has great pop. Even with the dense pattern of 18x20, I can generate enough spin and I can place the ball well. Dropshots and volleying is great too. I use kick serve and it's great. Flat serve doesn't work so well... The only downside is I can't tell the difference between this and Luxilon BB Ace18... I strung BB Ace18 at 56lbs on the other K Blade 93.
From: Ooi, Malaysia 11/09

Comments: Really the only reason that I bothered with this string is because It's Tim Henman's string and I liked the sound that it makes when he hit with it. I got what I wanted... sound wise, but otherwise it was a relatively crappy string. Felt the string and it felt very brittle and stiff, strung it and hit with it a little and it felt like a crappy synthetic gut. What's worse was that it vibrated a lot, I don't like anti-vibrators, but was forced to put one on because it was hurting my arm. If you really want a good string form Luxilon, just go for alu-power or BB-original, don't look for rough or timo just go for the originals.
From: Harry, usta 5.5, Montreal, Quebec, Canada 11/09

Comments: Just got around to stringing my Pure Drives with Timo (I have two or three packs in my string stash), and in singles right off the bat found that I get really good control with my semiwestern forehand using this string. Especially when using new balls, the control is just excellent. My topspin backhand has always sucked, but I can slice and and keep the ball in play for a chance to run around and kill the ball with my forehand. Somehow my confidence and sheer enjoyment of the game just increases using this string in my Babolat Pure Drive. I strung at 57 lbs and am sticking with this tension.
From: Dennis M., Manila, Philippines. 2/09

Comments: Better strings/improved technology do make a difference. I've found that I can hit harder and maintain better control using the Timo and Supersense together. I'm an all court 4.0 player, 53 yrs, and willing to pay extra to play better. Try the strings! Take some lessons! Win!
From: Elsie, DC, USA. 8/08

Comments: This is honestly the best string I have ever used. You have to learn to control your racquet. This string feels great. I have it in my Head CrossBow 6 strung at 59 lbs.
From: Jeremy, Winchester, VA, USA. 8/08

Comments: These strings are high performance and give you a lot of control, but the pain is too much. Even with a dampener I get pains in my wrist and elbow when I use this string. I prefer the prince synthetic ones.
From: Jack, Chicago, IL, US. 3/08

Comments: This string makes a stick feel stiff. I strung it at 57lbs. I couldn't feel anything. But a lot of guys like it so I won't give up yet. I will try to string it at 52lbs. and see what happens. If only it were cheaper.
From: Gideon, Cebu. 3/08

Comments: I'm a 4.0 all-court player. This was my first experience with a monofilament, and I thought this was a nice string. I use a Wilson 6.1/95, and I typically strung with synthetic gut at 64lbs. The guy who sold me the string convinced me to go down to 59lbs (he recommended more, but I pushed back). It definitely plays a good deal stiffer than typical synthetic guts, which I really liked after a few minutes. I understand the tennis elbow complaints here, but the thing I liked about the string the most was that I felt it gave a very consistent response in a variety of situations -- pace, spin, on-center vs. off-center contact. I guess that's why the pros like it -- they know how it's going to react when they hit out. I didn't immediately feel it was an amazing spin string, but in retrospect I guess it did add quite a bit of bite to my serve and my topspin & slice backhands. I'm definitely going to stick with it.
From: John, New York, NY, USA, 11/07

Comments: Hello I played with lots of strings like big banger alu power, fluoro, and xp. I never feel power and control like with big banger timo it�s a great string try it now
From: Anthony, France, Nice, 11/07

Comments: Beware; all Luxilon string is well known to give you tennis elbow. Unless you hit the sweet spot every time do not buy this type of string. Remember tennis strings will not make you a good player, good players can use any string.
From: Steve, UK, 08/07

Comments: I bought a used Dunlop Revelation Select Pro racquet that came with Ti-Mo strings. I'd always played with syn. gut and multi-filament synthetics, some better than others, but never anything like this. When I first tried the racquet out, I thought the strings hit like a board... the weirdest stuff I'd ever hit with. I considered cutting it out, but didn't. I tried the racquet a second time to give it another chance, and everything began to click. I got the feel of the string and soon loved it. I was hitting the ball like Guga Kuerten or Gasquet. Everything went in with great pace and lots of spin. The harder I swung, the better the result. I played my first set with this racquet against the #1 singles player on our league team and beat him with it. Great kick and spin on serves, good slices, great drives! But most of all I returned his hard, flat serves consistently, something I've always struggled with before. I could block, chip or drive the returns. This string allowed me to handle the pace on his serves and hard- flat groundstrokes with ease. I'll be putting Ti-Mo in a lot more of my racquets. I'm a believer!
From: Gordon, NC, USA, 06/07

Comments: These are some of the best strings that I have tried in my life. I play for my tennis team in high school and almost all of are top players play with BIG BANGER. And half of the team plays with Big Banger Timo. These strings are awesome.
From: Anon. 3/07

Comments: I am about a 5.0 - 6.0 player and love to hit groundstrokes. Usually play with original big bangers, tried the Timo 17 today for the first time on my Flexpoint os with no 10% reduction, I like lots of control and I strung my racquet at 72lb. This is by far the best string I ever played with will never change.
From: Gil, Warwick, PA, USA, 02/07

Comments: I found I lost tension fairly dramatically after the first 2-3 hours of hitting. Good string at first, but the tension changes so much that I lost my confidence to hit out with it in the racket.
From: HMBTennis. 1/07

Comments: Didn't go down 10 percent and it feels fine. I play at 60 lbs I use Timo and Enduro pro I feel no difference, string doesn�t make u good trust me...being good also means being able to play with whatever string at about the same skill level. I wouldn�t spend this much on this string, just use Enduro pro, its less expensive and the same thing.
From: Anon, 11/06

Comments: I have been using all sorts of racquets from the Original HEAD Prestige to the more recent Flexpoint Radical Tour. I am also used to higher tensions, as I used to pay with 62 - 65lbs depending on the type of string. Right now, I am using this string at 54 pounds. It is very good string but not as forgiving on my elbow. I am planning to stick with it at 55lbs. I highly recommend it, especially for good net players.
From: Antonio, UK. 3/06

Comments: this strings are awesome. i dont know what it is, but you can take the biggest rips at the ball and it will go wher you want to. it has such food feel and control. i am austonded. these are better than alu power. i am completely satisfied.
From: colin
Anchorage, Alaska 3/10/06

Comments: I had these strings put on my Liquidmetal Radical MP and have found that my game has greatly improved. These strings have alot more bite to them than that of any other string I have used in the past. I am a solid baseliner and am now able to back my opponents up with powerful forehands and then I am able to use drop-shots. The durablility of these strings is also incredible. My friend uses pro hurricane strings on his babolat aeropro and has decided to switch to the Luxilon 17 TIMO because of the amazing feel of these strings. I highly recomend them.
From: Teddy , Woodstock, Georgia, USA 11/05

Comments: This is the best string in the world it has 68% more power and control from other string. People buy only this string, this string is gonna make you happy.
From:Alex City, State, Country: Russia

Comments: Hi I tried these strings out on my I-radical and for the most part I enjoyed playing with them. They have awesome control and volleying with them is so much easier.
From: Jas Gill, Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada. 10/04

Comments: A very nice string, at first it is hard to find your range, and the balls may fly on you, but after you get used to it plays wonderfully. It really does give nice finesse. My drop shots and volleys improved with this sting. I was also surprised how long it lasted for a 17 gauge. It's great.
From: Rob, Murrysville, PA, USA. 06/04

Comments: Like all Luxilon strings, finding the right tension for your frame is crucial. This string offers amazing control, yet is quite harsh if you string it too tight. I use this string with great success using a soft multi cross to lessen the stiffness. I string both mains and crosses at 52lbs and the feel is amazing! I play without a dampener and get great feedback from this string. Control is still 10 out of 10 too. My LM Radical Tour Midplus is strung at 52lbs with multi cross at 52lbs. I�m ripping winners everywhere with this stuff!
From: Bill, UK. 5/04

Comments: This string is simply amazing, trust me. I am used to Tecnifibre NRG2 18 gauge, Babolat Xcel Premium 17 gauge or Babolat VS Touch 17 gauge. It has amazing control, unbelievable feel, and outstanding power. As for the durability, this is only my second day using these strings and there has been no movement or sign of damage whatsoever. Strung on a head i. XSpeed at 22 kilos mains, 20 crosses.
From: Abuja, Fez, Morroco. 3/04

Comments: The Ti-Mo-Banger 17 has been my favorite string for the last 6 or so months. Wouldn't feel good if you miss the sweetspot a lot. However, it plays like a dream on every clean hit in my opinion. Great spin (especially topspin), great directional control, I feel like I have greater control and feel on touch shots (though not necessarily comfort feel), and the power feels just right when hit cleanly. However, these strings are geared towards big hitters it is as though they maintain almost the same pace, but the ball won't travel as far--less errors to those who might constantly hit barely past the line and what not on what they consider their good shots. In addition, I love the sound of every clean groundstroke off these strings. Used in a Dunlop 300G @ 60lbs.
From: Nick, Corvallis, OR, USA. 1/04

Comments: I use a Head i.Radical MP. I had intellitour strings on it but then put Luxilon Big Banger mains with natural gut across and it has resulted in the best string ever. It has excellent durability, excellent spin and more than enough power this is the best combination ever I highly recommend it. Big Banger on its own wont provide enough power.
From: Jon, Australia. 12/03

Comments: This is one of the greatest strings ever made. I used to use ALU Power, but it didn't produce the spin that I was looking for. This string has everything. The string doesn't generate much power, so I can fully unload on my shots and still be confident that they will stay in the court because of the spin. I highly recommend this string to everyone. Used in a Dunlop 300G @ 55lbs.
From: Mike, Yardley, PA, USA. 8/03

Comments: This string is not for me. It gives you a lot of spin but not the power. If you play with a lot of topspin then this string is for you but if your game is a combination of spin and slice then this string does not give you good slices. With other string you can string your racquet at the right tension but with this string you have to adjust several times to get the perfect tension even though Luxilon suggests you to go down 10%. I think I will stay with the Head Intellitour for now.
From: Dang, Westminster, CA, USA. 7/03

Comments: First of all I think Luxilon should be congratulated on its TI-MO Banger 17 String. I used to play with Babolat's Twin Tour Gut 16 string, untill I decided to change to another string because of the price factor and because it was winter in Australia. I decided I'd go with another Luxilon string as I had played with the ALU power 16L (and was very impressed), but this time opted for the TI-MO Banger. I wasn't sure if this string would live up to my expectations (as I had previously been playing with gut) but they were immediately surpassed. As others have said, I think the greatest quality of this string would have to be the control on the groundstrokes and the spin on serves. Topspin groundies were regular, but the spin that was generated from my slice backhand was a pleasant surprise. I will continue to buy this string as it is truly a fantastic string! (strung at 55lbs in an i.Radical MP)
From: Dylan, Perth, Western Australia, Australia. 7/03

Comments: This string is not for me. It seems to lack power. It can give you a lot of spin and control but the power is not there. The slices come from this string weak even though I strung it @ 50lbs with my Babolat Pure Drive which is the lowest tension.
From: Harian, Anaheim, CA, USA. 7/03

Comments: Great control is the main strength of this string. It does not have much power (less than most synthetic strings like Prince Synthetic Gut with Duraflex). Since you can really hit out, you are confident with your swing, thus the power. It is REALLY stiff, so it does not move at all (this might be one of the major reasons why it has good control, since the main strings don't give way on the impact). Good spin potential with little feel. Good for spin serve, but not so for flat, power serve. Sweet slicing and volleying. If you can't afford 17g natural gut, and have no arm problems, this is a good choice.
From: Warren, Columbia, MD, USA. 5/03

Comments: Luxilon calls this a good substitute for natural gut. I've never played with natural gut but I don't think it could be any better than Luxilon's Big Banger TiMo 17. This string has fixed my game. I have had trouble hitting topspin forehands in the past, but now all my shots have pace and land near the baseline. I can see why James Blake loves these strings. They also give good pop on the serve. I wouldn't recommend going down 10% in tension. I usually string at 65 and I strung these at 65 and they fit my game perfectly.
From: Anon, USA. 5/03

Comments: I have been using TI-MO 17 for my ProStaff 85 for 4 months. WOO! It is really great! I used to string my 85 at 40lbs. With NXT, in order to compensate the lack of power and stiffness of my 85, but then I tried the TI-MO at 50lbs. It is softer and more powerful than the NXT. You may need a bit of adjustment at the very beginning for the feel of it, after a few hours of trial, you'll like it. I have decided to keep my 85 on it in the coming future. It is durable and thus economical. Try it! It saves you time and money on frequent re-stringing.
From: Simon Ku, HONG KONG. 3/03
Racquet type: ProStaff Original 85 (best wishes to the all-time champion: Pete)

Comments: The Luxilon Ti-Mo Banger is a sensational string. This is a very durable string, should be durable enough for anyone. Control with Ti-Mo is actually better than natural gut. You just look where you want the ball to go and poof! Ti-Mo also exhibits great bite on the ball. The only complaint I have is that it is not great for people with elbow problems, but certainly doesn't keep me from buying this string, well worth the extra couple of bucks. (Strung @ 62-65 lbs.)
From: Lance, Pearl River, NY. USA 1/03

Comments: When I got TI-MO Banger 17, a friend said to leave the tension alone or back it down only slightly. I turned a little chicken on his recommendation and went from 58 to 54. That turned out to be the ideal tension for me. I play with a Volkl C10 which is 98 square inches. While Luxilon recommends 10%, 4 pounds turned out to be 6%.

TiMo retains tension (IMO) really well. I have found that there is virtually no tension loss after the inital break in. When you initially hit with it, the string sounds like you're hitting a ball peen hammer against a piece of metal. After about 30 minutes, it settles in and feels very solid. It is a very stiff string, but it doesn't play overly harsh.

The absolute best quality of TiMo is the amount of control that it gives you. This doesn't hold true for everybody, but there have been enough folks on this board who've validated my experience that there must be something to it. 54 pounds is one pound shy of midrange on the C10, so it's not terribly low. I would reduce tension 5 - 8 percent on my initial stringing if I were you.

I have never had any trouble generating power, and TiMo proves no exception. I would consider it lower powered than the multifilaments that I was using. I would even say that it is lower powered than something like Prince Synthetic. It has adequate power, and is always countered by excellent control.

Another great quality is that it is very durable. Just be advised that after about 10 hours, you might as well cut it out. When it goes, it goes.
From: Rabbit, TW Message Board feedback, 9/02

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