Tecnifibre Black Code 18 String 200m Reel Customer feedback

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Comments: Great string when freshly strung. Plenty of spin, feel and control. However, after 10 hours of play, the string feels lifeless even though the tension is maintained. On off-center hits at the 10 hour mark and beyond, there is no more power or spin. At the 15 hour mark, regardless of how hard I hit, I cannot generate more pace or much spin. There are better value string out there at 2/3 price that is comparable except for less spin. I will only use Black Code in tournaments where the rapid loss of feel will not be an issue. I am a 3.5 veteran serve and volleyer using Wilson K-Blade 104 strung at 40 lbs.
From: Ken, 11/14

Comments: Strung it at 58lbs on my Head Extreme MPs. Soft feel, nice access to spin (not as good as RPM Blast). Feels the best during break-in for the first few hours then tension loss is very quick. Won't buy again because it simply doesn't last that long. I'm a 4.0 baseline singles player.
From: David, 8/13

Comments: Strung up Black Code 18g @ 62/60lbs on my Yonex RDS001 90 Tour and loved it from beginning to end (12hrs). It starts up firm, then after 20 minutes it gets gorgeous with incredible elasticity and feel, poly or not. Fantastic ball pocketing that makes it feel like your racquet is catching the ball and firing it back with marvellous control. Tension loss is progressive and I thought I would hate that but I didn't because the awesome level of control remains. Towards the 10hr mark the string begins to lose its elasticity and the great feel along with it but still plays very well. The spin is very good throughout. I am testing out many 18g poly strings right now.
From: Sander, 9/12

Comments: After three months with a full bed of Black Code 18, I have to throw in the towel. The strings are perfect. Bites the ball really well with pin point control (and durability). But, the problem is (despite an 18 gauge and low tension of 53lb/51lb on my Pro Staff 100), I am beginning to develop tennis elbow. I had to go back to my full bed of X-One 17, which is also great. But realistically one won't get more than 8 hours of usable life in the X-Ones. They offer gut-like performance but offers shorter usable life than gut.
From: Marv, 8/12

Comments: I tried 3 combinations of Tecnifibre Black Code 18 in my new Wilson Pro Staff 100: full bed of Tecnifibre Black Code, Tecnifibre Black Code in mains/ Babolat XCel in crosses and Tecnifibre Black Code in mains/Babolat XCel Power in crosses (slightly firmer string that the XCel). The XCel is way too soft a string and the Tecnifibre Black Code cuts through it pretty quickly. So the usable life of the string is not good. Interesting enough, the full bed of Tecnifibre Black Code does not feel harsh (I strung 53/51 lbs). Good bite on the ball and since the cross strings don't deteriorate in performance like a hybrid, the performance is consistent. I recommend the full bed.
From: Marv, 5/12

Comments: Excellent string, if tension is high enough. I strung it (full,16g) at 62lbs. It does lose about 4lbs. of tension, so do string it that much higher. Good for all play styles, and spins.
From: Anon, 3/12

Comments: I'm not a string breaker but like the feel of a hybrid. I strung this on the mains with Tecnifibre NRG2 18 on the crosses on my Yonex EZone 100. I got incredible spin on my serves and my lobs had tons of topspin. Flat serves had nice zip to them and this doesn't feel harsh on the elbow at all. I had tennis elbow a couple years back and this setup doesn't irritate it at all. I can't comment on tension loss as I haven't had this string setup for long.
From: Jackie, 10/11

Comments: I loved Luxilon Big Banger until I broke my wrist playing hockey and just couldn't tolerate the hybrids. I am a string breaker so I was bummed that I would have to be stuck with softer stuff. I tried this and loved it! I usually end up stringing the racquets once every 5 to 8 weeks, but for me, it's worth it. I use a full set of it and have not had one issue with my wrist at all. It does lose tension, but its about the time I would break anyway due to its thin gauge.
From: Max, 8/11

Comments: I have been using Tecnifibre Black Code 17 mains (55 lbs) and Wilson NXT Tour 17 cross (57 lbs) on my Wilson BLX 95 and recently tried out with 18 gauge on the mains at 56 lbs. Pretty noticeable difference as the 18 gives me more bite versus the 17 and I can pocket the ball much better. Durability should not be an issue for me as I am not a string breaker. And it is a pretty soft poly overall. Didn't experience any arm problems at all. Give it a try!
From: Marv, 8/11

Comments: This is an amazing string. It took about a week to break in but after that the balls were flying off my racquet. The durability was alright, it lasted me a month before I had to cut it out. Overall a brilliant string.
From: Philip, 8/11

Comments: This string is awesome when it is strung fresh at your tension. Very crisp feel with lots of spin. But it loses tension rather quickly. Excellent string for your match but you need to restring it for the next match.
From: Matt, NJ, USA, 10/10

Comments: I currently have black code 18 strung in the mains with NRG2 18 in the crosses on my Yonex RDS 001 mid. The feel is excellent and not harsh on the arm at all, and sweet spot is about the same. Power is dampened just a little bit, but you can really rip through a topspin shot and the ball just dives in. Slice serves feel exceptional with this string, it really grabs the ball.
From: Gene, Irvine, CA, USA. 06/10

Comments: I had used these stings in a hybrid pattern with natural gut; due to gut prices I decided to try a full stringing with black code 18. I was surprised how well it played! And it was easy on my arm. I'll be using this string from now on!
From: Ed, Church Hill, TN 03/10

Comments: I don't know.. It seems crazy based on the prior comments, but I really do not like this string. It is not comfortable like it should be, and the spin potential isn't as good as i thought it would be. The feeling is horrible for me. The black code shrinks my sweet spot. I would not recommend this string.
From: Anon. 03/10

Comments: No longer will I use Luxilon big banger spin strings, these black beauties are thinner, grip great, softer on my tender elbow, and look down right mean. I love these strings.
From: Wayne, Atlanta GA USA 10/09

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