Tecnifibre Black Code 17 String Customer feedback

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Comments: I like much this string. It is rather soft compared to Luxilon Alu Power 16. It also gives me more power and more spin. The snap back effect is really good. This string lasts long and keep rather good playability (until it breaks). For the time being, it has become my sting of choice with the Babolat APD at 56/55 lbs. Great also at 57/56 lbs with the Pure Drive Roddick. Playing with these strings and racquets almost feels like cheating.
From: Vince, 2/15

Comments: I have used the Black Code 17 pentagonal for 3 months (before I played with Big Banger Rough at 54 lbs) -- this penta string is impressive. For control, spin and power it is always perfect for my game. Now I use it in my Head Speed Rev (260) at 52 lbs. This string is softer, comfortable and not bothering my arm. I play 3 times a week and play doubles (at 67 years old). After using this string I play more aggressively.
From: Latif, 4/14

Comments: Good spin, control, soft feeling during the first 2 weeks of play. Each week I play 3-4 times. After that, the string feel dead and uncomfortable -- low durability especially in cold weather.
From: Caesar, 1/14

Comments: I'm a 4.5 offensive baseliner, and due to arm pain from ALU Rough I was recommended to try these soft strings and yes, although it's soft, it's way too muted for me! Not only that, it was a trampoline at 52lbs. Way too much power, lacks control and hardly any spin. After a week of hating this string, I finally broke and it was an amazing feeling. Now I'm trying Volkl V-Torque 17g and it's crisp without being uncomfortable. Unless you like muted strings, stay away from this and go try some Volkl strings.
From: Ken, 10/13

Comments: Most spin-friendly strings are stiff, rigid monofilaments, that will take all the feel and playability out of even the plushiest of racquet frames. The string that consistently breaks this rule is the Technifibre Black Code - the softest, most arm-friendly, powerful, playable, yet spin-friendly and controlled monofilament. There are more durable strings (Luxilon Alu Power Big Banger), there are spin friendly strings that generate more spin (Dunlop Black Widdow), there are control strings that offer more control (Technifibre Red Code), and yes, there are strings that hold tension better (Luxilon 4G), but almost all will have a deader, uncomfortable and sometimes even unpleasant feel, with no pop and no power. That's where I found Black Code really shines. Just make sure to get it in the 17 or 18 gauges (1.24 and 1.18 milimeters) and string it at a higher than average (59 lbs/26 kg) or more, because low tension will also make this one feel dead and uncomfortable. That's it!
From: Sam, 7/13

Comments: I had used this Black Code 17 in my Head Flex-point racquet last month. After that, my serve and game has improved incredibly. I didn't expected too much from a co-polyester monofilament string before. I recommended this string but still don't know it's duability is true or not.
From: Than, 7/13

Comments: I love this string! It gives me exceptional control and power I've never seen in any other string. I love it and don't have issues with tension maintenance.
From: Anon, 6/13

Comments: On my second reel of Black Code now on Head Radical MP racquets. Very nice control versus almost all other strings used. Nice sound on a well hit ball. Good durability. Arm pain has not been any worse versus other non-poly's. It really allows you to freely swing away without excess concerns over hitting long, yet your power isn't lost. The hex shape does seem to give a little more spin but it's not a big difference.
From: Eliot, 2/13

Comments: I enjoy playing singles. I'm an all-court player with heavy topspin, and naturally a string breaker. I have tried many and happily settled on Black Code and X-one. I string them myself, full bed. If I play a lot I'd go X-one, lasting no more than a week but helps the arm. Black Code is my best choice otherwise, not as stiff as Lux but is just as good for a copoly for a middle age guy still like to play aggressively. I have been buying reels for both. I have tried other brands from time to time. I'll stick with Black Code and X-one.
From: Dan, 11/12

Comments: I really do not recommend this string. It plays way too muted, and gives no bite or spin on the ball. Power is seriously lacking. I made a big mistake switching from my old cheap IsoSpeed Baseline Speed 16L string to this. I've played some of the worst tennis of my life because I'm struggling to hit a decent ball. I've had people tell me my shots are flat when I am known for being a very aggressive baseliner with heavy topspin. I tried it at 45lbs, 49lbs, 50/48lbs, and even 56lbs. The higher you go, the worse it feels!
From: Nick, 11/12

Comments: Strung this at 50 lbs on my BLX Blade 98, and I found it just too muted. Not much pop either. Have been trying many poly strings lately, and this one leaves much to be desired. Between the Kirschbaum Evolution, Volkl Cyclone and the WeissCannon Silverstring, this has got be the bottom of the pack.
From: Vince, 7/12

Comments: I used these strings in the mains with Prince Synthetic Gut Duraflex in the crosses. My initial thoughts on this string were they it was on the stiffer side and it might bother my arm. As I continued to play, the strings softened up and I was able to produce ample amounts of topspin. The pentagonal shape is clearly visible, but, as expected, the edges eventually wear down. These are great strings with good durability.
From: Alex, 12/11

Comments: Adding on to what I said before, the string broke right after 2 weeks during my first set in the high school match. Maybe the durability isn't as much as I hoped.
From: Joe, 9/11

Comments: This is a good string. I first used 17 gauge but I find it hard to spin with my forehand and backhand alike. Slices stay on your racquet for an extra second for more backspin. As for serves, not to impressed with the power, a little weaker than my 16 gauge Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour, but maybe it's because it's a different string. Which is odd, because I drop 3 lbs on this string than the 16g Pro Hurricane Tour I use (62). Overall a great string, I might try it again at 57 lbs.
From: Joe, 9/11

Comments: Amazing string! It is tied for my favorite string of all time. I strung it at 56 lbs on my Head Youtek Radical mp and I never thought I could get so much spin with a closed string pattern, and the spin is also necessary with the power it also produces. Not to mention it's great on the arm, and durability is superb for a 17 gauge string. I highly recommend.
From: Anon. 6/11

Comments: I have used this string on and off for quite some time and find that under a certain tension it becomes uncontrollable and I spray everything off the back fence. 58 to 62 lbs in warm weather and the stuff feels so good I become unconscious. It's unlike anything else I've tried, and I think I've tried them all. The bad thing is when the tension drops below 58, it becomes uncontrollable. It seems to lose about 8% tension in the first 24hrs after stringing, even if you don't hit a ball. However, after the initial tension drop it settles in and holds tension quite well, unlike Luxilon, which just continues to drop tension with each game. I suggest to string it at 64lbs, then let it sit a day and drop to 59lbs. If the weather is warm, you will feel like you're on another planet with this string!
From: RJ, GA, USA. 4/11

Comments: This at first was a great string. I had a lot of fun with my serve. I had it strung at 60 lbs at first but as my reel got older and older I noticed that there was a lot of differences as time progressed my strings kept dying really soon after stringing. I recommend this string to every one but don't let the temperatures you have them in differ that much...
From: Will, McMinnville, OR, USA, 01/11

Comments: I tried Black Code 17G (main)+X-one 17G 10 times on my racquets (kfactor90, rds001), this Black Code string is best for hybrid strings. Black code has good spin & control, but not much comfort & power, X-one Bi-phase string can solve the problems. I used Alu power rough 3yrs, Black Code's absolutely good for spin than Alu, durability's also good.
From: Seol, Seoul, Korea, 10/10

Comments: If you like Alu Rough you'll love a full set of these strings. Very crisp with good power and control.
From: Anon, Allendale, MI, USA, 09/10

Comments: This has become my favorite string. Concerned about arm friendliness, I had originally tried it as a hybrid and didn't like it. Then tried it with full bed with tension on the low end - still didn't care for it. I decided to give it one more shot with full bed on the high end of tension and all I can say is WOW. Crisp, yet arm friendly. Powerful AND accurate. I like the new RPM string as well, but after switching strings back and forth on three different racquets I prefer the Black Code on all. After switching to the Black Code, I immediately notice better accuracy on my shots. The Black Code is very arm friendly, but has that nice crisp feeling when strung tight. It comes off the string bed quicker yet still able to generate spin and placement. As a bonus - the "pop" sound this string makes on impact is like music to my ears. It also seems as though it enlarges the racquets sweet spot a bit. I'm a 4.0 level player and tried this string on Volkl PB 10 Mid, APD GT, BLX Tour and Yonex 100 Mid Plus.
From: Anon. GA. 09/10

Comments: I am a 5.0 player who loves hitting the ball hard and have tried several poly's before. I used to play with the red code in college and tried this black code poly. I did not like the string, felt like a hard synthetic gut. It did not give much playability in terms of spin; had tons of power but not much feel or spin. I still think red code might be better. I used this poly as a hybrid along with Gamma synthetic gut with wear guard for crosses strung @ 60.
From: Harsh, Kansas City, MO, USA, 09/10

Comments: Have a full bed of these on a Tecnifibre 315 Speedflex (M60 X58) and have put quite a few hours on them. They look and feel like the day they were strung. Excellent durability and no tension loss noticeable (I had heard was a problem with them). Excellent access to spin, ample power with control....they play great....as good as any poly out there. Probably work well with X-One Biphase or similar hybrid too. Highly recommended.
From: Jay, Ontario, Canada, 08/10

Comments: Switched from a multi to poly because I was breaking multis in about 12 hours of play. My choice was Tecnifibre black code because of its soft make-up; best choice I have ever made. I strung it at 58 pounds in my Wilson blx 6.1 at it is working wonders. I have about ten hours of play and the strings have not moved. Overall, great string, spin friendly, arm friendly, and allows you to take aggressive shots without the fear of over shooting. I will be sticking to this string from now on.
From: Javier, Lynwood, CA, USA, 08/10

Comments: Great string, great right out of the shoot stays awesome till it breaks. 2000 times better than red code.
From: Ricky, CA, USA, 07/10

Comments: Unfortunately, this string died so fast on my k-blade tour. Also, it seems like it would give lots of spin, but it did not. I am sorry black code fans, but this isn't the right one for me.
From: Anon, CA, USA, 06/10

Comments: Amazing string! Gets the job done beautifully. My serves have tons more power and spin, and my groundstrokes have much more pop when I need them. I'm a hard hitter, and I use a lot of spin. If you are like me, this string is for you.
From: Nate, Muscatine, IA, USA. 5/10

Comments: Great string in both hybrid and in full bed. Personally, I like the full bed a lot more. It allowed to get a lot more pop on my shots and volleys were really crisp. On serve, I think I gained a few mph on it, it felt really good and clean. Last but not least, my groundstrokes were devastating. The ball had penetration and spin. Definitely recommend this string to everyone.
From: Victor. 4/10

Comments: Moved to poly from multis; am comparing MSV Focus Hex 17L to Black Code 17. Prince O3 Speedport Black Team (16X19) with hole inserts. Was hitting multis @ 58 lbs. (mostly Yonex Tour Super 850 Pro 16). Strung both Focus Hex and Black Code @ 52 lbs. and am very pleased with both. Feel: Exceptionally good feel from both; have to give the edge to Black Code. Power: Plenty of power from both, yet easy on the arm. Serves with Black Code sound like a high-velocity pop -- not any faster, but sounds intimidating compared to Focus Hex's "ping." Consistency: With both I'm able to hit lower, deeper, harder, flatter groundstrokes -- slight edge to Black Code's precision. Movement: I'm really annoyed by string movement; both Focus Hex and Black Code stay put -- couldn't be happier. Comfort: Both really comfortable at 52 lbs.; don't notice any arm soreness or stiffness (based on other feedback I've read, may drop tension to ~48 lbs. next round). Overall, I am truly pleased with both MSV Focus Hex 17L and Tecnifibre Black Code 17. I like the crisp yet forgiving feel of some multis like the Yonex 850 Pro and Tecnifibre TGV. I'm prone to a little arm/elbow soreness so was hesitant to try poly. But moving to a thin textured poly and dropping tension ~10% was eye-opening -- glad I tried it.
From: DH, Ventura, CA, USA. 4/10

Comments: Great string set. I am trying a full bed on my APD-GT @54lbs. So far is a powerful string, but nothing in comparison to a multi. You get a better mix of control, durability and the spin is amazing. I'm a heavy topspinner and its a machine on slices and heavy forehand spins. Its so far doing great a fairly stiff frame such as the APD. Its quite expensive, however so far is worth it, and I just may buy a reel.
From: Michael, Australia 03/10

Comments: Great string. Provides a very nice soft feel. It creates a lot of spin, topspin and slice. One of the softest if not the softest poly I've ever used. Love the black color. Looks awesome on my Youtek Speed MP. Try this out if you want the control, spin, and durability of a poly with the feel of a multifilament.
From: Johnny, San Diego, CA 03/10

Comments: I tried this string 1.24mm 57main/54cross on my Wilson tour 90. It's great! Better than ALU rough or MSV, spin in ok, has some nice pop as well. Some tension loss is maybe 5% to 9% , but if you pre-stretch holds longer.
From: Mort.Darius, Bethesda, MD, US 5.0 12/09

Comments: Have tried Black Code 16, 17, and 18 gauge as replacement to Lux rough or spin. 16G not enough bite on ball, 18 gauge harsh and breaks within 1.5 hours. 17gauge good combo Strung at 56lb mains, 58lb crosses. I've checked the dynamic tension with the Gamma ERS tennis computer. Hitting with 5.0plus and tour pros. (players not hitting so hard might not see the tension loss that I have) Tension loss is constant. Loss was less than 9% from time of stringing to next day hitting. During 1.5 hours of hitting lost down to 48 lbs. Ridiculous tension loss. Exact same tension loss of two rackets. Gonna try pre-stretching. If that helps will let you know.
From: Kent, Melbourne, FL, USA 12/09

Comments: These are my new strings. I ran these and the Tecnifibre BiPhase 17 strings at 52 lbs on Wilson K Factor 95s (The Fish racquet). The BiPhase are reckoned to have a lot of power. I have no doubt this is true but I found them pretty harsh and this does not suite my swing. The Biphase's claim to "pocket" the ball, which is what I am looking for, but did not find in the BiPhase. By contrast the Code Black co-poly's have excellent pocketing and softer feel. I also found they have plenty of power and good spin. According to spec's they lose 9% tension after stringing, but here is their killer feature, once they have settled in they do not go dead. For the first 3 sets they felt a little tighter then I like, but once they lost that 9% they are great. No change in feel after about 12 sets. Durability is excellent - 15 sets so far from a 17 gauge string is some performance.
From: Tj, Stamford, CT, USA, 10/09

Comments: Used Black Code 17g as a cross string (first time: strung @ 56#, Wilson racquet). Looking for a durable string for hot summer (95+ temps). BC is softer, feels less crisp than PHT 17g (VS-gut/PHT is one my favs, but got too costly. I'm always looking for alternatives; PHT dies too fast, while VS is still good). Off center hits and shanks are better with BC than with MSV (MSV hex black). BC feels solid on groundstokes, not stiff, and not muted. MSV feels lower powered (good control), but found better directional control with BC than MSV (possibly a pentagon shape vs hex shape difference?). I'm still trying to decide between MSV and BC.
From: Anon., Northern CA, USA. 09/09

Comments: I am baseline player, who uses quite a bit of slice drop shots mixed with lobs. I play a USTA 3.0 team. First poly string that I love. I was looking for poly that has a lot of feel, and touch. I used before Tecnifibre x one biphase 17, vs team 17, pro hurricane tour 17 ... this is the best string so far for me. Great spin, no movement at all after 2h of playing, unbelievable touch and feel for drop shots, lobs, drop slices, even at 61 pound tension. Great control. Good amount of power, but not too much like gut vs team. overall perfect string if you are looking for a durable string with great touch and feel, excellent spin, control and good power.
From: Mateja, Seattle, WA, USA 08/09

Comments: If you are used to Polyester strings please try these, I use full Alu Power in my racquets and the Black Code is, at least, as good as the Alu Power. I strongly disagree with reviewers negatively commenting tension loss, tension loss is minimal. On the upper tension range of your racquet you can swing like there is no tomorrow!
From: Mike, Mexico 08/09

Comments: I am a loyal user of Luxilon ALU rough until I tried these black code strings. Guys, I play county tennis and coach. In total, I spend 15 to 20 hours on court and these strings have very little movement with little or no tension loss. I rip it big time from the baseline, and at $8.50 a set opposed to $13 for alu power rough I would say these are much better. But don't take my word for it; try them for yourself you won't be disappointed.
From: Davie, Scotland, UK 07/09

Comments: I bought this string to try as a hybrid on my kids racquets. I am a loyal user of other Tecnifibre strings (such as NRG2), but NOT THIS ONE. This string is not great and the racquet felt muted. Since I did not believe my son's comments regarding this string, I tried myself and must agree.I tried the string on the mains at 57# while the crosses were strung with gut at 55#. Compared to his other frames also with hybrid jobs it did not feel as crisp as the ones strung with Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour 16 gauge and Gut 16 gauge, or BPHT and NRG2. All racquets were strung using the same tension. I will not buy these strings again...
From: Charlie, Panama, R.P. 07/09

Comments: I was set on Alu Power Rough as the best string ever in terms of control, power and spin. Tried other alternatives that could also bring more feeling and sensitivity but did not find much without loosing power or spin, until I tried last week the Tecnifibre Black Code. I believe these strings are the ultimate perfection so far: same as the Alu Power, plus more touch at the net and less vibration.
From: Milan, Italy, 05/09

Comments: If you haven't tried any of these Tecnifibre Co-polyester strings then I think you are missing out. I use this Black Code in the crosses and Klip Venom 16 or 17 gauges in the mains. I have tried many different mono-filaments in my racket including: Luxilon, Babolat hurr., and the Pro Red Code. My favorite were the Tech. Pro Red Code because they are easy on the arm and for whatever reason they just feel right to me and give me extra control, feel, spin and pop on my serve. I decided I had to try the octagonal Black Code strings and to my surprise they are even better than the Red's. I feel like the string has increased my ball spin and I think I'm swinging even more freely without worrying about the ball sailing, which is often my concern when using the Luxilon string because the ball will fly if your not ripping it. I string myself and therefore have tried lots of combos; I think it makes going to the courts that much more fun and I swear by this set-up I use. I would recommend it to anyone who is experimenting with this stuff, great strings Tecnifibre!
From: Joplin, Longview, WA, USA, 05/09

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