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Comments: A big thank you to the guys below who took the time to write in on how they solved the plastic band problem; I did the same thing to mine and problem solved! Turns out, it was the band closer to the toes on the outside of the foot that is problematic, the other three bands don't cause me any discomfort.
From: Michel, 7/15

Comments: The shoe does not run "true to size" for me. I wear a 10.5 in every tennis shoe, 10.5 in the T22 Mid is literally a half size too small. I ordered 11s, which deal with the size issue but the shoe seems to weigh a ton. Overall, a disappointing effort from Prince, I have been wearing their tennis shoes for years. Guess I'll try the new Viper mid.
From: Jimmy, 6/15

Comments: Purchased a pair of T22 mids in December 2014. The shoe runs narrow but that is exactly what I needed with a narrow foot. Have not had any trouble with the tongue maybe the issue has been corrected. Perhaps the users did not lace the laces through the tongue guide. Solid feel, durable sole ordering another pair if available. I play on indoor hard courts.
From: JS, 2/15

Comments: The tongue is constantly moving from the center of the shoe. Terrible design. I am going back to the redesigned Viper.
From: Gary, 10/14

Comments: These shoes are no good. The mid cut is very narrow and too tight around the ankle, specifically in the back. The front of the shoes is narrow and hard, so I recommend ordering a size up, otherwise yout toe will be hiting the front of shoes anytime you make a quick stop. The arch support is below average.
From: Mike, 10/14

Comments: I had a bad ankle sprain and it swelled up and turned red as ligaments were involved, so I was down and off the courts for a month so I decided to try the Mid T-22 for more ankle support. It is working very well and has not restricted any of my movement at all. It is a hard shoe to find in your size as not many are kept in stock. In my case, I ordered one true to my size 10.5 and it fits just fine, so if you want a little more support for your ankles, I would suggest you get this shoe.
From: Dave, 10/14

Comments: The tongue doesn't stay centered and the laces dig into the top of my foot. I constantly am fixing the tongue.
From: Gary, 8/14

Comments: One of the best shoes I've had. Would be on third pair if I could get them. TW, please get Prince to re- stock your shelves with larger sizes of this great shoe.
From: Guillermo, 5/14

Comments: This is the 4th T22 for me, and first time getting the "Mid." Why is the Mid much narrower than the normal T22? I just wanted the same shoes with extra support, but these are totaly different shoes.
From: Ty, 5/14

Comments: Why did Prince put the two plastic tabs at the front of the shoe? My feet hurt and if it wasn't for those darn upper straps, I'd have the perfect shoe!
From: Jason, 3/14

Comments: Perfect shoe if you have full length custom orthotics. After having a foot injury on the tennis court, my doctor prescribed custom full length orthotics -- great, but you can't find a shoe that fits them, until now! The T22 mid is perfect. The mid ankle height is perfect for keeping my heel from slipping out of the shoe as the orthotics tend to elevate your foot. Also, the toe box is generous enough for wide feet and orthotics. Previously, I had to buy New Balance tennis shoes in 2E widths to accommodate my foot issues. With the T22 mid, everything is great.
From: Andrew, 2/14

Comments: When is Prince going to bring back OC1? The T22, 24, and 14's upper/side "redundant" plastic is like a "torture claw" and I have to cut it out, or else it is really painful. It is really a flawed design. Prince, please bring back the OC1, it is a fantastic shoe!
From: Jason, 1/14

Comments: Love them...the most comfortable shoes yet!
From: Kathy, 1/14

Comments: These are not true mids. The side does not come up over the ankle bone. I really liked the Viper, and before that, the Adidas Barricade 2 mids. I was looking forward to the T22 fitting my need for the future but I am nervous to try them as I have had ankle problems before. I decided to go with ankle support straps from ASO, which allow me to pick any regular shoe. While these have worked, it takes more time to get ready putting on the straps. Still miss a good, solid mid and hope someone will come up with a few more to offer the market.
From: David, 12/13

Comments: Despite some of the feedback, I took a chance and bought the T22. It worked out for me as it's a great shoe. A little clunky and beefy on the tread, but my game is not built around exceptional speed. No issues with the plastic straps near the toebox. I used the fitting guide to help me. My foot size is 11 1/3," width is 4.1," I did not subtract by 1/5" and went with a size 12.
From: John, 10/13

Comments: These run small, my size 9.5 felt snug and then I developed blisters after 2 sets. The comments about the painful fit are accurate. I will be abandoning the plastic uppers. The inside of the shoe is very hard and you feel all the seams through your socks. Just poor manufacturing. Very disappointing.
From: Kurt, 10/13

Comments: I just recently purchased these shoes after the last of my trusty T9 Roadsters started falling apart. Although I'm not a user of Prince racquets, I have found their shoes fit my wider feet particularly well and the T9 was my shoe of choice for a long time. Thankfully, these T22s delivered. Similar to the T9s, I found the toe box generous and the ride was very plush and supportive (especially so being a mid). In fact, I would say that the overall feel was a minor upgrade to the T9s in terms of comfort. Great shoe that also look great on the court. I will stock up on these shoes for future use.
From: Brian, 10/13

Comments: Love the T22 Mid! I just bought my second pair.
From: Brad, 9/13

Comments: I absolutely love this shoe and have been wearing them for 2 years now. Comfortable right out of the box. Since they are exclusive to Tennis Warehouse, I purchase 3 pairs at a time when they are in stock. However, this last shipment seems to be defective. After just three weeks of use, the first pair developed a split in the sole under the right toe. This caused the shoe to lose lateral stability. I returned to TW and they replaced the shoe. In the meantime, I used the second of three pairs I had purchased. While hitting an overhead while jumping backward, I landed on my right shoe and the toe area twisted awkwardly. The searing pain I felt was a fractured right toe which kept me off the court for 5 weeks. The sole split in the exact same spot as the first pair. So to me, this appears to be a defective lot. I will be calling TW today to see what they think.
From: Gino, 9/13

Comments: Boy do I wish I had read the customer comments more carefully before buying this shoe. I have worn the Prince Viper for years, but this is a much less forgiving version. Like several others who have commented here, I found the shoe extremely painful -- it put tremendous pressure on the outside of the foot near the toes and the plastic straps have no give. I used a shoe stretching device to try to solve the problem but no luck. I used these shoes three times. The first time my feet bled, the second time my feet ached, and the third time I took them off after ten minutes. This shoe may fit your feet and be fine. But if it doesn't, you will be in a world of hurt. I will no longer wear shoes with plastic tops. Lesson learned.
From: Ethan, 7/13

Comments: Foot vs. shoe -- the shoe wins. I wear a mid shoe for the extra support, and since the Viper mid was no longer available in my size (or any other size than 7.5) I settled for the more expensive T22 mid. This shoe was painful from the start, and it will not "break-in" because of the hard plastic straps placed illogically at joints and pressure points on the sides of the foot. The tongue on the right shoe migrates to the right during play, leaving nothing but laces across the top of the foot. Quite simply, the best thing about this shoe is taking it off. What was the company thinking when they designed this shoe? Please Prince, try it on.
From: Jim, 6/13

Comments: The 3rd time is the charm for me! I was hunting for a pair of black mid tennis shoes and happened upon the Prince T22 Mids. I liked the styling and ordered a pair in my size, 9 1/2. The fit was very tight so I opted for a size 10 which was also too snug to be comfortable. Finally, I went with a 10 1/2 which fits perfectly. It is a very comfortable shoe and it looks great. Note - I have never worn a size 10 1/2 in any shoe, so I advise you to size up at least a half size and possibly a full size. Tennis Warehouse made the purchase and returns very easy.
From: Jim, 5/13

Comments: I was looking for a mid tennis shoe to replace my Prince Vipers which are worn out. I've played tennis for 50 years and taught for over 40 years and this is the first pair that really let me down! They are not mid and they hurt the side of my foot. Since I wore them yesterday (during a lesson), I'm in the process of finding someone to give them away to as "used!" Looking for a real mid cut isn't gonna be easy but I'm trying.
From: Rod, 4/13

Comments: I purchased these shoes after viewing the TW review by Chris. Have to say that the shoes are pretty good and a very decent price! Have worn them for about 10 hours now and have no issues at all. I have a slightly wider than normal foot and a low arch. These shoes suit my foot perfectly. I usually wear a size 10 but had to swap for a 10 1/2 as the 10s were a little snug. I will be ordering these again without any hesitation.
From: Nabs, 4/13

Comments: This is a terrific shoe! I have tried the Scream 3, T14, and T22 Mid; the Scream's lacing pattern did not have enough lace holes to feel secure on my feet, the T14 just didn't fit at all, and the T22 Mid hurt my feet. The T22 was my last try, and it worked! Extremely comfortable, great support, and a great look! Recommended.
From: John, 3/13

Comments: I have wide feet. They fit like a glove. My son has narrow fit and he feels great in them as well. The fit around the heel is exceptional. Try out different sizes. I wear a size 9 and the 9.5s bit better. If you want to insert additional padding get and extra .5 size. They look very cool. Can be worn as work casuals too.
From: Anjan, 2/13

Comments: Thank God you have placed another big order Tennis Warehouse! I love these shoes and will continue to buy again and again. Please continue to stock these awesome T22 Mids!
From: Mark, 1/13

Comments: I've used these Prince T22 Mids for the past 9+ months. On top of being a great looking shoe, they are by far the most comfortable pair of tennis shoes I've ever worn in my 25 years of playing. I'm currently in the market for new tennis shoes and was bummed when it looked like Tennis Warehouse was sold out of my size. I was pleasantly surprised to see my size available today. I'll be ordering a new pair today. Thanks Tennis Warehouse.
From: Tony, 1/13

Comments: This shoe is very durable and comfortable. Breaking the 6 month durability was not a problem since I play every day. I wish they were a little bit lighter, but I can tell they were going for the longer lasting shoe, which they achieved. Although it is not the shoe I would wear for a high end tournament, it is a shoe I would buy over and over again for practice out on the hard court. Fantastic shoe for a fantastic price.
From: Zhuy, 12/12

Comments: Prince, please do not stop producing this shoe! This is your best ever model and very likely the best shoe ever made in the world!
From: Michael, 12/12

Comments: After getting orthotics, I tried many different shoes with pretty much the same negative and painful results, so much so that I thought my last tennis game was in sight. This all changed after I slipped into these puppies! My feet feel unbelievably normal again, and after six months of rugged hard court tennis, they're still good for a few more months. But, alas, I heard Prince is going broke, so I'm here now to order a few more pairs before they're all gone.
From: Don, 9/12

Comments: These are one of the best shoes ever made. Right out of the box, no break in needed. The material is soft and very breathable. The cushioning on the shoe is what sets it apart from the many pairs of tennis shoes I have tried ever since the Vapor 6 was no longer being made. They are so comfortable and are great on your feet if you plan on playing tennis for very long periods of time. I use these shoes when I am out on the courts for more than 2 hours since they feel so supportive and offer pillow-like cushioning.
From: Anon, 7/12

Comments: I needed new shoes fast! I had PVC's on Saturday, so I ordered the overnight shipping. The shoes were a bit snug. (I might suggest going a half size larger and wearing two pairs of sport socks). Regardless, the shoes were broken-in in a single day! They have great traction, considering the courts were very grainy. (I won for doubles.) The support offered by the mid-top was excellent! (I prefer high-tops, which are impossible to find for tennis.) The shoe strings do run a little short. I would easily suggest these shoes to my friends, although I cannot yet comment on the durability. However, judging by the feel and thickness on the front and back, I would say these shoes are going to last quite a few months!
From: Trevor, 4/12

Comments: I bought this shoe on the advise of a sales rep. I now have fourteen pair. I was afraid they were about to discontinue the shoe so I bought enough to last for a while. I have owned a lot of shoes this one is the best ever. Thanks Prince.
From: Gary, 3/12

Comments: These past several years I'd been relegated to the New Balance shoes in size 10.5 (4E) because they accommodate my wide feet. Much to my surprise, I can wear these in a size 12 and they're a great fit. They remind me of an old pair of Prince NFS I had back in the early 2000s that fit like a glove. They were probably the best pair I'd ever worn.
From: John, 3/12

Comments: I have soft narrow feet with low arches. I am pleased with the cushioning in these shoes to absorb the pounding from tennis and the Achilles support is also better in this mid shoe. Per others' suggestions, I bought 1/2 size larger than my normal size and they fit like my normal size.
From: Mike, 2/12

Comments: I bought two pairs of these shoes knowing that this is a MID as described but it's NOT. Mid shoes like Viper II, Viper V, NFS Viper and Scream 3 covers your medial/lateral malleolus bones. This shoes (T22 Mid) should not be classified as MID. I ended up giving them to my two high school kids.
From: Alfred, USA, 1/12

Comments: Dear Prince, You really have something great here. Don't be like other companies and mess it up by tampering with a winning formula. I would not be writing this if adidas had kept producing the Barricade V's. I would be on my 10th pair of Barricade V's... possibly 11th pair and loving every minute of it. When you phase out a great shoe for one that has a different fit and support level you lose. I have tried on almost every shoe out there and this was my choice. Thank god TW has these in a mid because coming from the barricade I didn't feel like I had the support that I needed. Eventually I got used to the feel of these shoes and they have been great. Arch issues caused by the Barricade 6 are gone. These aren't perfect: like I said, they could use more support and beyond that the cosmetics make you believe that these shoes breathe but they are actually kind of hot compared to others I have tried. Anyway, I see that the price has dropped by $20... I'm hoping that is a temporary thing because I would rather pay full price for years to come than see these discounted because a new model is on the horizon. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
From: Edward, 11/11

Comments: As Drake said, "best I ever had," period. I have tried lots of mids but never a prince mid; after 3 hours of playing, I was still comfortable; the support was great, which I need because I tend to twist my ankles. My other kicks also had good support but tended to be too heavy or too light or hurt my forefoot after a while; my shin would also hurt. The T22 has an arch support that is also slightly tilted forward so you are always ready to move. Great shoe, I am sold!
From: Fidel, 11/11

Comments: I have been playing "Paddle" in these shoes for the last several weeks and I must say these shoes are the best. I have tried every shoe out there for platform tennis (K-Swiss, Nike, Diadora, adidas) and only the T22 Mid make my feet feel great during and after a match. I have had plantar fasciitis and ankle issues since last season and after moving to the T22 Mid's, my feet and ankles feel recovered. These shoes would be even better for tennis, as the court is not as tough as a paddle court. Also, I have a wide foot and these shoes perfect. I will be buying more T22 is the future.
From: Paddle Player, 9/11

Comments: I am about 190 lbs, 6' all-courter with wide feet - who has bought 2E, and even 4E tennis shoes in the past. I am older and have played a lot of tennis, and worn a lot of shoes. These Prince Mid T22s are comfortable and have enough room for wider feet - particularly in the toe-box. I think they are probably also good for D to E feet as well. They are a little soft on materials - but I am learning that most shoes are heading that way these days - except for Barricades - which have gone narrow and very firm. Soles on these are softish but grip well. The higher cut offers a little more ankle support if you lace tight - but that means a little more heat as well. The mesh tops helps breathing though. Definitely go a half size up. Very good on comfort and padding.
From: Danno, 8/11

Comments: I recently bought this shoes after wearing New Balance 622 for some months. I decided to change the New Balance 622 because I developed forefoot pain, ankle pain and all sorts of issues. I am 6'4 and 265 lbs so after much research I decided to try the T22 Mids. I wore them yesterday for my game for the first time and I never realized a pair of shoes can make so much difference. All my ankle and forefoot pain are all gone. They are so stable and comfortable, that after three hours of play, I felt great with no pain which was not the case with the NB 622. The shoes are well cushioned so much so that I could move so easily across court without the usual pain. One recommendation, is to go a size larger than your usual size. I am size 13 but ordered 14 and they fit very well.
From: Anon, 8/11

Comments: I'm a bigger, mobile guy at 6' 240lb and have been wearing Nikes for 15+ years exclusively, but I bought the T22 Mids for more ankle support and width. Pluses: 1)The T22 Mids offer way better support than a low cut sneaker and I was impressed with the side-to-side and front-to-back stability of this shoe. 2) They are extremely comfortable out of the box and 3) had no problems with my foot slipping inside the shoe at all. 4) Width was good. No pinching, boxier foot. The Nike's have been getting tighter and the Court Ballistecs don't fit unless I get a WHOLE size larger. 5) Good forefoot flex point and arch support. Minuses: The one negative is, at 240, I was able to completely bottom out the heel of the shoe where I can literally feel the hard courts smashing my heels. This would only occur on certain stabbing movements like a wide reaching volley. I never felt this before in any of the Nike Air shoes ever (unless an air sole popped or was deflated).
From: Steve, NTRP 5.0. 5/11

Comments: I love these shoes, I'm getting more ankle support than with my New Balance kicks, and they are wide enough for me, even though I use to order the 4E New Balance widths. One warning, I and two friends who wear Princes have found the Prince sizes do run small (short, not narrow). I had to return my first pair of (black) T22s and ordered a larger size, now I order one full size larger size in white and black every time. Great shoe.
From: Dave. 5/11

Comments: My achilles felt better almost immediately.
From: Paul, Short Hills, NJ, USA. 4/11

Comments: I just received my pair today and I'm so happy to own a mid in the T22. They offer just a little more support in the ankle, but in every other way they feel exactly like my regular T22's. The material used around the ankle is mostly mesh and padding, so it's not overly stiff like other mids I have owned. My only regret is that unlike the regular T22 which has two sets of plastic eyelets for the last shoelace holes, the mid only has one set of plastic eyelets at the very top. So, the laces don't slide quite as easily on final tightening -- but it's really no big deal.
From: Alan, Dallas, TX, USA. 4/11

Comments: These are so comfortable right away on court. I felt like I was getting to the ball a little faster than normal. They had great ankle support as well.
From: Manny, Tulare, CA, USA, 4/11

Comments: Better than the normal T22 especially if you have ankle problems. I wish this shoe was available in more colors.
From: J, OR, USA, 03/11

Comments: These arrived Friday, so I was a little reluctant to wear them for a big match on Sunday, but after wearing them around the house Saturday, I felt like they were comfortable enough to wear without a break-in period. I wasn't let down. I have knee, back, and ankle issues (thus the mids), so I'm constantly looking for shoes that will absorb the shock of the tennis court. These shoes were ultra stable and comfortable during a long 3-setter. They seem like they will be durable for the long haul. So happy I found these shoes.
From: Andy, Buford, GA, USA, 02/11

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