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Comments: Worst string I have ever used. No touch, no spin, no feel. I thought my game was off, but went to my old racket and did much better.
From: Sachin, Brookline, MA, USA, 01/11

Comments: I've played with this sting for years and keep going back to it. Liked the 16 much more then the 15. My game has a lot of spin, and whether it's a placebo effect or not I feel like this string provides bite and increases dwell time on the strings. I can slice it from high or low on both wings and friends have nicknamed my slice the "death spin." I have been experimenting with a lot of polys lately for there spin potential but they are usually too stiff for me and I don't have the feel and touch I love with this sting. Despite recent reports that polys have more spin potential then multi's, I just did not find that to be the case for me even with a 17 gauge poly. Problem is that now that I'm a better player and hitting harder I'm busting the strings a lot quicker. I was very disappointed that the last string job I only got 1 month of playing about 2x/week. I used to only have to string 2x a season. I wouldn't recommend it for baseline bangers, but for guys who play with precision, control and angle shots this is great. Especially for OS racquets were you really drag the ball across the plane of the racquet face. I also like the optic yellow because I think it hides the ball a little bit and makes it harder for my opponent to visually pick up the ball coming off my racquet.
From: Tom, Jackson, NJ, USA, 01/11
NTRP Rating: 4.0
Racquet: Prince precision equippe 110 18 x 20 string pattern @ 62 lbs

Comments: First used this string in the early 90s. It has changed a bit since then. The durability has actually improved, but the tension hold is really bad. After 2 hitting sessions, it's gone. The spin is average. The string is rather thick, thicker than standard 16G string. Overall, this string is average in every department.
From: Jack, MD, USA, 12/10

Comments: Terrible. Not much else to say. Feels like I'm hitting the ball with a piece of wood. No spin, no durability, terrible comfort, terrible all together. Don't buy them, period.
From: chris, redlands, ca, usa. 5/10

Comments: This string is a horrible option for anyone who takes a healthy cut at the ball. Playing only a few times a week, I went through three sets in four weeks. I'm only a 4.0 so it isn't like I am crushing the ball every time either.
From: Paul, Mankato, MN 02/10

Comments: I like this string. It's easy on the arm. Gets good spin (not as good as MSV Hex). Has good power and is economically priced. It does move around a little on the frame. I strung it at 60 lbs on my Prince Shark Hybrid Mid+. Tension has dropped to maybe 58. That's not too bad. I recommend trying it.
From: Jethro, SC. 10/09

Comments: This is the worst string I have ever used. There is little power provided in the shots or spin compared to other strings. I prefer Gamma Livewire. Most of my shots had barely any topspin to when I used livewire.
From: Theo, Harrington park, NJ, USA, 09/09

Comments: I have tried and tested most of the strings including natural gut and I find myself coming back to Prince Topspin 16. Amazing feel, crisp sound, backhand slice and forehand topspin is just amazing and service game is awesome, lots and lots of ace. I haven't seen anything comparable to these yet for the price!!!. I use Head Prestige Liquidmetal strung @ 57 lbs. String durability is ok, I play everyday and still haven't broken them yet for over 1 month now. I recommend these to anyone, it does bite the ball well.
From: Gardner, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 05/09
NTRP Rating: 5.0

Comments: I just had the yellow ones strung at 65lbs on my Wilson Profile 3.6 (first-ever widebody). It's sooo good. I just aced a guy 2x in a set and he couldn't return most of my first serves. I highly recommend the string. I was using the Head Master Syn Gut 16L. It's also pretty good. Before that, I was using nylon.
From: Jimmy, Palo Alto, CA, USA. 1/09

Comments:I personally have always used Topspin, and feel that is allows to be to hit great topspin and slice. What I have noticed is that everyone is saying how bad the durability is, yet I've had mine for about 3-4 months. Although I do not hit too hard (4.0 player), and string it at 58 on my o3 tour, I think this is a pretty good lasting string. I would like to know if there were any other textured strings out there that were just as good, or similar in play though?
From: Sean, Connecticut. 12/08

Comments: I must admit...I have always loved the feel of these strings. They are probably my favorite strings I have ever used. Unfortunately, they only last me about 45 minutes. I know that sounds ridiculous, but it's true. I have moved on to polys....using 18 gauge Topspin Cyberflash now...usually lasts me up to 3 hours.
From: Kevin, Hagerstown, MD, USA. 10/08

Comments: Very good string, it bites the ball and it gives it a little extra spin. I string it at 60, not the most durable, but I recommend it highly.
From: Ransom, Lenoir city, TN, USA, 10/08

Comments: I really liked the performance of the string however they lasted me about 3 days
From: Dante, St. Paul, MN, USA, 07/08

Comments: I like these strings with my Babolat Pure Drive Cortex. I play with very low string tension at 51 lbs. so they don't break very often. If you're looking for a string that will give you spin and you play with a low tension these are great, and the strings are comfortable to play with because they have a soft feel.
From: Evan, Louisville, KY, USA. 7/08

Comments: I love these strings. There's not much durability (about a week) but wonderful spin, control, and feel. I am a 5.0 player who plays 40+ hours a week.
From: Anon. 5/08

Comments: These strings are the worst things I have ever wasted my money on. I use moderate power, and I string my racquet at 62 lbs. I am only 15, playing for a high school team, and they lasted me only two hours of moderate practice. Unless you don't mind re-stringing your racquet every day, I strongly suggest you do not buy these strings! You will save yourself a lot of trouble.
From: Kris, Chicopee, MA, United States. 4/08

Comments: Although the string sounds nice at first with the whole "TopSpin" aspect just isn't true. These strings are no better than the Prince Synthetic Gut strings. When you serve it slices at first then after you play for a while it isn't great. Maybe since I strung it at 62 it had a negative effect. After playing with it for about an hour or so I had to go back to my other racquet with synthetic gut. This string is nothing special and it's more expensive than the better Synthetic Gut string.
From: Michael, El Campo, TX, USA, 02/08

Comments: I'm not sure if it was the way I hit the balls or the string itself, but none of these sets lasts more than 30 minutes of playing time for me, one set even last only 15 minutes. I strung at 60 lbs on Wilson nCode nTour midsize racquet. I would not buy these again, ever! If you're a moderately hard hitter, even if you string your own racquets, please consider other strings to save yourself from wasting money and frustration.
From: T. Tran, Hayward, CA. 11/07

Comments: Honestly I think that these strings are the best. I used to use the Topspin with Duraflex (15 gauge). It was hard to hit with, so I changed to the Topspin Plus and felt much better because of the feel, comfort, and massive topspin.
From: Victor, Chino Hills, California, United States. 11/07

Comments: This string is really nice, but has a super short life. I've been using it for one month, and I have used up all the reel. I'm only 14, but I hit super hard.
From: Lance, California. 10/07

Comments: Nice feel, soft and decent power, but lacks durability. I bought 5 packages of the string after reading numerous positive reviews. When first hitting they felt good. They didn't get a chance to loosen or wear, they just broke after about 4-5 hours. I'm around a 4.0 player and hit the ball pretty hard, but I don't use much spin. If you're looking for a string that lasts, this isn't the one. However, if you don't hit a lot or don't hit heavy it may work for you.
From: Eric, Salida, CA, USA, 07/07

Comments: I would not recommend this string. First time out I hit for an hour with our ball machine and it felt horrible. Even with the LM4's built-in damper it was terribly "buzzy." I added another damper, then another. A couple of weeks later the weather was good enough to get on the court with my wife. The string broke after about five minutes. If I can break this stuff that easily, I can't see it lasting more than a few strokes for a powerful hitter. Even with my limited ability to generate topspin, the mains were moving around like crazy, and I suspect they just rubbed themselves to death. I could not detect any significant increase in spin, but that's probably due mostly to my (steadily improving) technique. I had the LM4 restrung with Head Perfect Control 16g at 60 pounds and it's like a different racquet - wonderful! I left all the extra dampers off and first time out it just felt great.
From: Roland, New Haven, MO, USA. 5/07

Comments: Nice Strings! I really enjoy the Prince Topspin 16. I have tried various strings but seem to always move back to this one. The strings provide great bite, causing the ball to stick to your racquet just a little longer with an enhanced spin on it. For the high level of bite and control you get on this string, I am ok with the decrease in durability. I play with a Volkl DNX Mid Plus and these strings compliment it very well.
From: Gerald, San Francisco, CA, USA, 04/07

Comments: I had put these strings on my Head Flexpoint Radical Tour and I have never played better. I hit hard with a semi-western forehand and topspin was ridiculously easy to obtain. My shots came out really nicely. However, these racquets suck for durability. Strings moved way too much. I played for 3 days for about 2 hours each day, and the two racquets I had with these strings popped. I really like the strings so I'm going to try a hybrid in the mains or string savers.
From: Hubert, Weston, FL, USA. 3/07

Comments: This was a really nice string but it broke way too fast. I put a lot of topspin on, but it broke it 3 hours... nice string, not so good durability. Still, if you don't break strings too often try it. I've switched to a hybrid of pro hurricane tour 17 on mains and challenge pro 15L on crosses which works really well.
From: Anonymous, 11/06

Comments: I play with heavy topspin and these strings are like a drug to me. so much fun to play with and provides so much kick to my serves and strokes. But the durability is ridiculously horrible. One time I snapped the strings 3 games into a match right after I strung them. I don't think I've lasted a set without these strings breaking on me. But the feel and spin is addicting, so I bought a reel and kept restringing my rackets every set. Strung them at 60lbs first, and eventually down to 55, but they still keep breaking. So I finally switched to the 15 gauge topspin but the feel is not the same. Not the same bite on the ball and I lost some velocity on the serve. Plus the 15s don't last that long either. I'm trying the Luxilon big banger roughs now but they do not feel as good as the topspin 16s.
From: Dick, LA, CA 08/06

Comments: This string has awesome ball bite. It's definitely better that Gamma Duraspin. The only setback is its durability. These strings don't last due to the texture biting away at itself. I ended up using these in a custom hybrid as my crosses. I use Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power Rough on the mains at 63lbs and these at 65lbs. The power and ball bite is excellent. With the Luxilon in the mains, I can get these strings to last me a good 3 weeks or so. I play about 4 times a week.
From: Shaun, Virginia Beach, VA USA 06/06
NTRP: 3.5+

Comments: Topspin is an addictive string. Once you hit a slice backhand, you appreciate how much work you get on the ball. Durability is always an issue with high performance strings. This is a string for those who can afford to use it in multiple racquets since you may break frequently.
From: John, Atlanta, GA, USA 06/06

Comments: I use this one my crosses with Signum Pro Poly Plasma on the mains, and it is great. Massive spin and good control and power. Now I have to see how much it will last as a cross. Keep you posted
From: Jason, San Diego, CA, USA 04/06

Comments: Durability is HORRIBLE! I play #1 on my high school team and I am breaking a string once a week. I am probably getting 10-12 hours of play out these. You would probably be better going with BDE Natural Gut.
From: Tyler, Mount Juliet, TN, USA 04/06

Comments: Excellent string with a good bite on the tennis ball. If you like topspin and always want more, this string is good for you. My serve kicks much better too. However, I must concur with just about everyone else about this string's durability. I play with massive amounts of topspin, and I broke my strings in 3 hours. If you have the money to sacrifice for more spin and kick, go for it.
From: Joe, Williamson, WV, USA 04/06

Comments: This string really is quite awesome. The spin you can get and the bite you get is just wonderful. The MAIN problem I have with this string is it snaps so fast. I am a 14 super level player. I am 12 years old. Durability is a problem for this string. But I purchased a reel so I will be fine. If your a string breaker but will sacrifice it for marvelous feel, I would advise purchasing a reel.
From: J. Alexander, New Braunfels, TX, USA. 10/05

Comments:This string offers really good amounts of topspin, but the bad part is that they don't last. They last me just 11 days and I'm only 14!!! For best results use the 15L gauge version.
From: Gabriel
Lima, Peru 10/05

Comments: I really liked the prince topspin 16 strings. It had excellent feel and spin but within about 10 hours of playing these strings snapped and I am only 12. You are much better off getting the 15 gauge version. Overall these are great strings for people who want feel and spin rather than durability.
From: Vikash Pernenkil, Slidell, Louisiana, U.S.A. 07/05

Comments: This string is great. It offers huge spin and even with the extra spin I can hit with power. The big problem with this string is its durability.
From: Med, Montreal, Quebec, Canada 07/05

Comments: I love the crisp feel of topspin 16 but it's not worth sacrificing the durability. I usually play two to three hours a day and this string will last a couple of hours. A similar type of string that plays with a little more feel is Babolat razorspin, but both string still lack the durability that is found in other strings.
From: Robert, Chicago, IL, USA 07/05

Comments: This string hits well, but really doesn't last long at all. I played with it for a week and it busted on me in the middle of a match twice. There really are much better choices.
From: Bobby, San Antonio, TX, USA. 01/05

Comments: I tried this string a few times instead of the Topspin 15L, but I like the 15L better. The 16 does not hold tension as well, and the strings move too much. Also, I actually broke the 16 in play, and that never happens to me with the 15L. I will use the 15L exclusively.
From: Robert, Centennial, Colorado, USA. 01/05

Comments: I keep trying different strings and always seem to gravitate back to Prince Topspin 16. I just used Wilson Sensation 16 for 2 weeks and it had absolutely no bite on the ball, so I had to actually use sandpaper to give it a bit of texture for topspin and it still launched hard forehand shots out of the atmosphere. I had it cut off and Prince Topspin put back on. Holy cow, what a difference it makes! I forgot how much fun this string is and it's a killer on forehand topspin and hard slices that literally have my opponents tripping over themselves. The durability is questionable, but hey, if it can last for 2 or 3 weeks then I'm a happy camper.
From: Pete, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. 7/04
String type and tension: Babolat Pure Drive Standard @ 60lbs

Comments: I keep trying different strings and always seem to gravitate back to Prince Topspin 16. I just used Wilson Sensation 16 for 2 weeks and it had absolutely no bite on the ball so I had to actually use sandpaper to give it a bit of texture for topspin and it still launched hard forehand shots out of the atmosphere. I had it cut out and Prince Topspin put back on and holy cow what a difference it makes! I forgot how much fun this string is and it's a killer on forehand topspin and hard slices that literally have my opponents tripping over themselves. The durability is questionable but hey, if it can last for 2 or 3 weeks then I'm a happy camper. Strung in a Babolat Pure Drive Standard @ 60lbs.
From: Pete, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. 7/04

Comments: Topspin Plus 16 is hands down one of my favorite strings. The combination of texture and softness (no Duraflex) really bites the ball for great spin control. I also like this strings predictability because you don't have the "hot" and "dead" spots that you get with similarly soft multifilaments. I have not noticed the lack of power some people mention, but agree that durability is limited. To keep strings in the racquet, I use Topspin 15L in the mains and Plus 16 in the crosses. (Dunlop 300G @ 74-70)
From: Dean, Appleton, WI, USA. 1/04

Comments: If you are looking for durability, choose a different string. I was unable to locate my normal string I use, so I chose this one. Playability is nice, but if you hit remotely hard, it wont last. Broke two sets in the same match after playing with both racquets only once before the match. Would not recommend.
From: Jacob, College Station, TX, USA. 11/03

Comments: If you are in need of some quick topspin, then use this string. The major drawback to this string is its durability. I broke these strings in 2 days, which is the quickest I've ever broken a string. The good thing about them is that I can help a player trying to learn topspin. When you see the results, you will continue to work at it.
From: Nick, Pittsburgh, PA. USA. 7/03

Comments: Good string, offers great spin for about a week then dies down and breaks. Get the 15L instead of the 16 gauge for more durability.
From: Jeff, Brighton, MI, USA. 6/03

Comments: For me, this string is one of a kind. I used to play synthetic gut 16 With Duraflex in a Prokennex Titanium racquet for a long time. Switching to Topspin Plus 16 really brought me a whole new world. I found out that the first service return is really powerful. I never feel before, and the service really awesome. Only one thing bothers me, is it only lasts 1-1 1/2 month. But if you have the stringer, it's not a problem at all. I give this string TWO THUMBS UP & TWO TOES UP :)
From: Hoang, Santa Rosa, CA, USA. 5/03

Comments: I'll have to agree with the previous comments that the string significantly reduces power. However, I was lacking in spin before, but now I am able to put adequate topspin on my backhand and a lot of spin on my forehand. I play doubles this year on my high school team (varsity) and ironically, I find it difficult to put spin on my serve. I was expecting the exact opposite, but did not find it. As for durability, I've never been known to break strings quickly but these are already shredding a bit. I plan on using a Prince Synthetic Gut so I can regain the power I had on my shots and I'm hoping that the topspin strings have helped my topspin form, therefore eliminating my need for special strings. I recommend the strings to someone who has adequate power and control but lacks spin. Not for beginners, however, because they need to learn correct topspin form first.
From: Abe, Hemet, CA, USA. 3/03

Comments: I thought it was a very good string, it gave good topspin at the start but then started to wear and be like other normal strings. I was very pleased with it for the time I had it, but after week and a half they broke. So, if you need more topspin and are an ok player, I recommend this string to you.
From: Jason, Valpo, IN. USA 6/01

Comments: I'll echo Paul's comments. I tried this string in my Yonex 1500 and wasn't expecting much, but I like it better than any other string I've tried in that racquet, including gut. The reason is the racquet is borderline too powerful for me and this string has less power than livelier synthetics or natural gut, and when combined with the added spin potential it provides, it comes up a winner. It doesn't have the nice crisp feel other strings have, but the results speak for themselves. This string gets two thumbs up.
From: Rick, Thousand Oaks, Ca. USA 11/00

Comments:Prince Topspin Plus 16g. String has good playability, but it doesn't seem to last long. If you prefer playability though, you should try the Topspin Plus 16g.
From: Jun, NY. USA 2/00

Comments: Switched from regular textured 17 gauge string because I wanted more spin and control as I am using a very powerful Wilson 3.8 Power holes Stretch racquet. I found the textured Topspin Plus 16 awesome in its ability to improve spin & consequently control. Balls that landed over the base line or past the side lines on cross-court shots now land in bounds with lots of kick. Serves also have more kick. Great stuff!!
From: Paul from Carle Place, NY. 03/99

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