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Comments: I have been using this string for my crosses and Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour for mains. It is a wonderful combination. However, the Prince Topspin tend to break fairly quickly so that is a big problem. With these strings you can get a wicked spin on you serve and also obtain great power. I highly recommend this string selection.
From: Jared, 5/12

Comments: Are you kidding me? These strings lasted me 1 hour. I am a string breaker, but I've never had strings snap on me this quickly. I love the way it plays, but it's definitely not worth the durability.
From: Tim, San Jose, CA, USA, 02/11

Comments: Great string for those heavy spinners who also require soft feel. I lose a lot of feel with the 15g but it lasts a lot longer than the 16g.
From: Ben, Houston, TX. 11/08

Comments: I use this one my crosses with Signum Pro Poly Plasma on the mains, and it is great. Massive spin and good control and power. Now I have to see how much it will last as a cross. Keep you posted
From: Jason, San Diego, CA, USA 04/06

Comments: Durability is HORRIBLE! I play #1 on my high school team and I am breaking a string once a week. I am probably getting 10-12 hours of play out these. You would probably be better going with BDE Natural Gut.
From: Tyler, Mount Juliet, TN, USA 04/06

Comments: I really liked the prince topspin 16 strings. It had excellent feel and spin but within about 10 hours of playing these strings snapped and I am only 12. You are much better off getting the 15 gauge version. Overall these are great strings for people who want feel and spin rather than durability.
From: Vikash, Slidell, Louisiana, USA 7/05

Comments: For heavy hitters who use a lot of spin seek another string, this string will go dead on you quite quickly and breaks not long after. Therefore, unless your rich or don't hit hard, find another string
From: Anon. Richardson, TX, USA.

Comments: This string is great. It offers huge spin and even with the extra spin I can hit with power. The big problem with this string is its durability.
From: Med, Montreal, Quebec, Canada 07/05

Comments: I love the crisp feel of topspin 16 but it's not worth sacrificing the durability. I usually play two to three hours a day and this string will last a couple of hours. A similar type of string that plays with a little more feel is Babolat razorspin, but both string still lack the durability that is found in other strings.
From: Robert, Chicago, IL, USA 07/05

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