Prince Topspin 15L 100m Reel White Customer feedback

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Comments: For the price, you can't beat it. Lots of comfort. Could match the comfort of the Babolat Xcel. Easy to generate spin and power. Impressed! 10/10 and plus the strings barely move. Only played with it for 6 hours and no drawbacks yet. Can't comment on durability yet.
From: Chris, 4/13

Comments: This string offers a lot of extra power for my baseline hitting style. It has a lot of control and has great feel, so you are able to place the ball where you want on the court and pound the shots through. The string also provides a lot of extra topspin on my forehand shots, and allows you to put a lot of spin, either backspin or topspin on your shots. Cons: After about 8 hours of playing with this string, it began to loose its tension, and started to move around a lot. Before, the string hadn't moved at all, but once it goes, it goes. The strings slip and move on every shot. I can hear them slip after I take a forehand or backhand, and it becomes very annoying, especially when you look at your racket and the strings are arched in different directions, and there is an uneven pattern in the string bed. Another downside to this string is that it frays easily. I have only had this strings for 5 days, playing two hours a day, and parts of the string (mostly in the sweet-spot) are fraying off. Overall, I really like the string, It's affordable, and really brings out your game.
From: David, 4/12

Comments: Great string and get a lot of movement on the ball, but not very durable. Strings would pop within 4 sets.
From: Joe, Atlanta, GA, USA. 05/09

Comments: This string is great and provides great spin and control for a beginner to advanced tennis player.
From: Mustaq, waterbury, CT, USA. 10/08

Comments: It provides good spin and control and will still last more than a week. I highly recommend this string.
From: Matt, NC, USA. 3/08

Comments: This string is not worth $5. It plays very well with tremendous topspin but breaks in 2 hours. I had such a bad, frustrating time ate a tournament last week when I ran out of rackets! Buy Tecnifibre Spinfire.
From: Eric, Staten Island, NY. 2/08

Comments: Everything that you hear about these strings being durable is a LIE! I've tried these strings twice, and just like any other textured string that I've used, they broke in less than a week. Plus they move a lot.
From: T., Glen Burnie, MD, USA. 5/07

Comments: Got my Head LM Radical oversized restrung yesterday and decided to give this string a shot. By the way, I play with lots of topspin (mostly why I chose this string. Played with it today and it rocks! Has great "bite" on the ball and gives you so much control with lots of spin. Also it doesn't move as much as the factory stringing or the Prince Problend. The guy that strung my racquet had played with it for a longer time and he said it helps prevent tennis elbow and is easier on the arm. So far I'm pretty impressed by it.
From: Lukas, NC, USA. 4/07

Comments: Most of the comments within the webpage hold true. The strings might move a bit and loose some tension in the long-term. But overall it is a great string. I gained immediate control of my forehand going long with the topspin control it offers. Further, I don't worry about breaking the strings, which used to haunt me.
From: Rivendell, Regina, SK, Canada. 10/06

Comments: I am a 3.5-4.0 baseline player and I liked the string a lot at first, but like people have said before you spend so much time fixing the strings between points. The first match I played with these strings was constantly delayed because of how much they moved. They are very durable though.
From: George, Hubertus. 10/06

Comments: Very durable string! Great for baseline players as well as at the net. These strings have lots of control. I would rate these strings a 9/10. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
From: Hannah, Killen, AL, USA 07/06

Comments: This string plays very well for the first two weeks, but seems to lose a lot of playability. After the first two weeks, the strings seem to lose tension. The strings also seem to become dull after very little play and fray easily in the center of the string bed.
From: Keith, Troy, Alabama, USA 06/06

Comments: This string has quite the durability! Nice spin generation and feel for a 15L string. When stringing this string, you must stretch it for about 3 minutes to get maximum durability because it is an elastic string! Otherwise, this string isn't bad for us heavy topper players. I would recommend this string to anyone who wants more spin and durability who plays from the baseline.
From: Justin, Hagerstown, MD USA 06/06

Comments: Read all the comments, strung it up @ 55lbs on my POG mid and it was dull and unresponsive, no pop at all. Switched over to same frame with Gosen OG 16g and all was well again. Cut out the Topspin as soon as I got home.
From: Christo, Walnut Creek, Ca 04/06

Comments: Great string! Long lasting and very durable. Has excellent spin and control. I'm a big baseline hitter who uses lots of spin. By far on of the best string I've every used. It holds tension extremely well. It also had a very crisp feel and control was unmatched. Not perfect on volleys but that might just be me.
From: Patrick, East Lyme, CT, USA 04/06

Comments: Longest lasting string I've ever used. Great spin and control. It is for power players who use topspin.
From: Luke, Charlotte, NC, USA. 9/05

Comments: I've used this string since '95 with the Head Radical series strung at 68lbs; the control is great, the durability is superior to anything I've tried, and the feel is amazing for such a fat string. I've tried other types of string because friends have recommended them, but this is a solid string with good feel and good bite on the ball. The only problem I've had is with string movement, and string tends to stretch with in 5 to 8 sets.
From: Rob, MN, USA. 7/05

Comments: I have only used this string for about 3 days(6 hours). I think the feel of the strings are great. I am feeling my shots have a bit more topspin in them. These strings don't usually go out of place so you don't always have to fiddle around with your strings during a game. I did not like prince that much at first but these strings are not far off from the other Wilson strings which I prefer. I would rate these strings 8\10. I would also recommend these strings to those who break strings.
From: Kai, The Peak, Hong Kong, China 05/05

Comments: Good stuff. I like this better than the stamina spin. I was able to put some heavy spin on my shots (even though I like to hit flat and go for winners on my forehand).Good stuff for heavy spin players.(Playing style big forehand and bigger serve)
From: Hendrik, Mercer Island, WA, USA. 01/05

Comments: The Prince Topspin 15L string is great for a topspin player and gives a person total control and a lot of power. The strings also offer good durability.
From: Max, New York City, New York, USA. 3/04

Comments: Fairly good strings but not very durable.
From: Robert, NY, NY, USA. 3/04

Comments: I've only played with this string for a week or two, but I'm suddenly in control of the ball. I used to be aiming for perfect shots for different situations and missing because my aim was off. Now I have so much control it's amazing the difference. My topspin was amazing before, and now it's even better! My topspin is probably the most important aspect of my game as I like to just slam into the ball pretty much on ever hit. I don't have a flat serve but my slice is pretty fast so I needed a more durable string, and this does it for me. If you hit with spin of any type and want to enhance it and get a longer lasting string I suggest this one.
From: James, Houston, Texas, USA. 8/03

Comments: I've tried many different strings and I keep coming back to Prince Topspin. I find the playability and the durability of the string to be at about the optimum level for my game. I'm basically a big hitter though I do like to add touch shots to my game. Topspin works well for both types of shots. I'm also very hard on my strings. I use a generous amount of spin I can break strings very quickly. Topspin lasts as long as any other I've tried and I still prefer the way it plays more than other strings I've tried. I also find it holds it's tension very well, especially compared to strings like Wilson Sensation NXT. The other thing you can't beat is the price to performance ratio. Even if I break it on a fairly regular basis the price is easy to deal with.
From: Yoda, Fairfax, VA, USA. 7/03

Comments: I am a 4.0 player that plays a power game. I came to somewhat of a wall with my old strings where I could not hit any harder. The Topspin 15L strings are great. They added much more topspin onto my shots and this allows me to hit harder and keep the ball in play. They last a long time and give me great control.
From: John, Asheville, NC, USA. 6/03

Comments: I am a 4.0 doubles player. I tried switching from the Prince Topspin Plus 16 to the 15 gauge. I did not care for it at all. I seemed to lose some feel and spin. It was also harder on my wrist and elbow. I seemed to hit more balls long than usual as well. I am switching back to the 15 gauge string.
From: Scott, Minneapolis, MN, USA. 4/03

Comments: I recently bought the Prince Topspin 15L. My swing is mostly pure flat with no spin, so it is not that effective. But after I got the Topspin, I can hit with some more spin and it works very well with me. Also, itís very durable, the only problem is that, for flat hitters like me, the string losses some of its texture within a few days of play.
From: Albert, Fountain Valley, California, USA 4/03

Comments: I am a 4.5 NTRP, and I play around ten hours per week. I am a typical baseliner with a big forehand and I play a very power oriented game. I have played with a nylon string for as long as I can remember. And then, one day, I decided to switch to a textured string. I have tried numerous different brands and I have found that Prince Topspin 15L is the best one on the market. It gave me more consistency and more feel than any thing I have ever used. Oh yeah, did I mention the vast improvement it gave me on my topspin? The only drawback to Prince Topspin is durability. The strings hardly ever break but they lose their feel and tension after only three days (6 hours) of play. But for someone who is looking for a quality string and is also looking for a substantial improvement on their topspin, Prince Topspin 15L is the string for you.
From: Sven, Green Bay, WI, USA. 3/03

Comments: Ever since I switched to Prince Topspin, my game has improved substantially. I have better ground strokes and produce better kick on my serves. Although I use 15L, it tends to break on occasion. I would recommend this string to any player looking to improve his or her game.
From: Brian, Appleton, WI. USA 12/02

Comments: This string is quite impressive. Unlike other 15 gauge strings, this one has a sharp spin, very good consistency, control and string-tension maintaining property. The strings don't slide that much. Actually this string is better than 16 gauge strings in every category. I would recommend this string for oversize and midplus racquets.
From: Jean, Annandale, VA. USA 12/02

Comments: The Prince Topspin 15L is one of the greatest strings in terms of combining playability and durability. I have been using this string for over a year and I will not stop using it. Like the name says, this string offers whopping topspin for those who want to really take a whack at the ball. The control is amazing and the durability is outstanding as well. The Prince Topspin 15L is an excellent string for players of all levels and styles.
From: Alex, Santa Fe, NM. USA 11/02

Comments: As far the combination between playability and durability goes, Topspin 15L is one of the best strings available. While it is 15 gauge and is a bit stiff, it doesn't play like you'd think. It still offers good pop and decent spin potential. Factor in the good price and this string is a terrific value (especially for high school and college string breakers!) I play with the original Slazenger ProBraid strung at 72 lbs.
From: Dean, Appleton, WI. USA 10/02

Comments: The Prince Topspin 15L string offers a great feel for heavy topspin hitters. It allows me to do almost anything with the ball. I feel totally in control!
From: Conor, Santa Fe, NM. USA 8/02

Comments: Prince Topspin 15L is a good string. It felt a little stiff for me at first but after playing a set or two, it felt pretty good. I am a heavy topspin hitter and this string provided more spin for me. I am a frequent string breaker and this string had decent durability. A good choice for people who want a softer feel rather than a blend.
From: Paul, Pomona, CA. USA 6/02

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