Solinco Vanquish 16 (1.30) String Customer feedback

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Comments: I am using this one in the crosses with Hyper G on my RF97. After 2 sessions, the feel and control is pretty good. I have also tried to put it in the mains again with Hyper G, however it broke only after 3-4 sessions. Since it hasn't broken so far in the crosses. Now I'm curiously testing its tension maintenance. If it achieves my 4 times for 4 hours a week (16 hours in total) then I will stick with that one on the crosses.
From: Murat, 11/15

Comments: I ordered 2 strings to try with Solinco Tour Bite as a hybrid on a Wilson Pro Staff 97. I tried it both ways -- Vanquish on the cross and Vanquish on the main. I feel when Vanquish is on the mains, it does not work well, because I feel string bed is dead after the first 2 hours. But when Vanquish is on the cross with Tour Bite, I feel it has a very nice responsive feeling and it really feels like natural gut. I love it and will buy more of this string -- very soft feeling and a lot of spin and bite in a hybrid.
From: Nick, 9/15

Comments: I love this string. Won't use any other. It's soft, flexible, and has great pop. Doesn't last too long but that's because it's such a great string for all strokes I hit.
From: Robin, 11/14

Comments: If you like Tecnifibre NRG2 and Wilson NXT, you should give this one a try! It's super super comfortable. The power level is pretty good as well as the control! Plus the price is great! Solinco Vanquish is now my string of choice.
From: Kaimy, 9/14

Comments: Love X10 this string. Everything about it works. Had trouble adjusting the first time I used it but now can't play with anything else. Despite the durability (no more than 5 hours), this is the first 16g string I can say I'm gonna stick with. Plays soft and stays that way till it breaks, all the while offering plenty of spin as well has power from the baseline. Touch with the string is incredible on drop shots and easy placement. Hats off to you SOLINCO for a very fine product.
From: Luke, 2/12

Comments: I prefer this over Sensation, FXP Power, Quasi-Gut & Addiction. It has great feel but doesn't get mushy. Using this a a cross string with Solinco Outlast 18 on the mains. You can really feel the ball pocketing on the strings. No issues with fraying. I restring every 2 weeks.
From: Hugh, 1/12

Comments: This string is very comfort like Babolat Xcel. I strung it at 52 lbs on my Head Youtek Radical Pro. This string impressed me a lot and is very arm friendly.
From: J, 12/11

Comments: Nice string.. Good control. Only issue is that it breaks very fast. Mine lasts me about 5 - 6 hours. I hit hard and these provide good control for base line shots.
From: Chirag, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, 03/11

Comments: I have used this a couple of times for the crosses; I like it. It is a little stiff a first but it breaks in and plays well. It hasn't worn at all so far. I'm ordering more right now. Alu power in the mains. 49lbs in a Head radical
From: George, OR, USA, 02/11
NTRP Rating: 5.0

Comments: This felt a little stiff for being a multifilament in my opinion. I think Wilson NXT is softer and has more feel then this string.
From: Chad, Harrisburg, PA, USA, 10/10

Comments: Nice string! I usually use Gosen og sheep micro 16 because it's cheap, retains tension, is pretty durable and feels/plays well for the most part. The Vanquish provides a lot softer feel. I can't really say it adds any spin or bite but I do like the soft feel. Still, it's not nice enough for me to switch from the Gosen. The price point for the Gosen is just amazing. If you are looking for a soft multi-filament though and don't break strings often vanquish is very reasonably priced and high performing string.
From: JT, Chicago, IL, USA, 08/10

Comments: I've hit with this string in a hybrid and it is very good. Felt very similar to NXT in my opinion. The string is right up there with Wilson NXT, Tecnifibre X-One Biphase, Babolat XCel, and the pricing is a little bit better.
From: Mark, Nashville, TN, USA. 5/10

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