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Comments: I was skeptical about a Slazenger after having used Head racquets for most of my tennis life. I switched from a Head YouTek Speed Pro and I have to say, it has been a really good switch. I added 1.1 ounces to the handle and throat bringing the total weight to 12 ounces strung and moving the balance from even to 13 points head light. It feels super solid and manueverable, producing penetrating groundstrokes, crisp volleys, and a strong serve. I realize I completely changed the specs on the racquet with the weighting, but it's a perfect foundation for customization without making it too heavy at the end. If you have been using a players racquet that isn't quite customized to your liking, buy this one, hit and adjust a few times, and you will end up with a super solid racquet that is perfect for your game!
From: Nick, 2/14

Comments: Enjoying how predictable and stable this racquet plays, although it lacks a certain amount of feel. Making it head light by adding weight to the handle helps to maximize the spin potential, which is high. A pleasing feature is that no shoulder-destroying vibrations come through, regardless of how savagely I hit with it. Using Volkl Cyclone Tour at 52 lbs.
From: Sean, 12/13

Comments: Just got these racquets, great deal for a solid frame. I just had to get used to the even balance and in stock form, it's a little light for my taste. Added about 6 grams at 10 and 2 and about 3 grams on the handle, weighted to 11.2 ounces (321 g). It swings very nice now and I'm getting used to the weight. It is solid off the ground and very nice at net. Next step is to play around with the string setup, currently Wilson Extreme at 54 lbs, but I'm not liking the stiffness or the tension so will play around with it some more. Great deal though.
From: Jason, 12/13

Comments: Fantastic racquet if you do some modifications. I'm a 5.0 player and ordered one grip size too small, then put on a shrink-tube and 6 grams of lead plus silicone in the handle. Now it's 345 grams with headlight balance and a very large sweet spot with no arm pain what so ever.
From: Matt, 12/13

Comments: Wow! Bought this one on sale and let me tell you, this is one solid stick. By look and spec it is comparable to something like Blade 98 but after some modification plays way more solid and stable with more consistent stringbed response. It's a nice frame in stock form for a junior or a beginner, but you can really let the beast out with about 6 grams of lead spanning from 10 to 2, leather grip + og, Solinco TourBite 16 at 54lbs. Now this stick is slightly HL, 11.7 oz and 340+ swingweight. Tons of spin, consistent response throughout the stringbed and perfect blend of power and control. If know what to do with a beast like this go ahead and order 2 right now -- you can't do better at any price point.
From: Anton, 8/13

Comments: I wanted the bag and then ordered the racquet, which came with the bag. Sweet deal. I played with the racquet earlier this evening, and my first impression is: Wow! I was looking for a lighter racquet that wouldn't kill my arm. To summarize, I was able to hit deep, with pace and topspin, and to get very interesting angles on the forehand. The serve started to kick in mid-set, the volleys came in a natural way, and maybe I should stop here (I don't want to jinx it). The racquet felt good on the arm, but I'll know better in a week or so. Something else: the racquet was quite forgiving on off-centre hits, and I didn't feel any jarring vibration. However, I think the strings played a role in this great experience: Volkl V-Blast 17, with V-Icon: Natural Gut in the mains at 50lbs and V-Feel: Multifilament at 46lbs in the crosses.
From: Adriano, 5/13

Comments: Really pleasantly surprised by this racquet. Whilst it is quite light (mine is 310g strung), the 329 SW and balance gives it a solid feeling on contact and a feeling of good mass on impact. I think the weight in the hoop is a good thing. Groundstrokes are very good and consistent, volleys are nice, serves are very good too. Did not expect to like the spec, but tried it on a whim and loved it. Stats aren't everything!
From: David, 3/13

Comments: As a 4.0 all court player, I found there was not enough weight in stock form. For me, adding lead/silicone to the handle to get to 340 grams makes this stick perform much better! Now it has nice heft and enough punch to keep the balls deep. Plus making it more HL helps with the volleys. Put in your favorite spin type string and string it low (53-54) to make the serves pop. If you like to customize your sticks, this is a great racquet to start with.
From: Al, 2/13

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