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Comments: Amazing racquet! A roaring underdog! Very impressed of the potential of it. Stable, accurate, and comfy enough, for a demanding dense (18x20) pattern. I 've already found some new angles, that I wasn't aware I could hit (NTRP 4.0). Strung at 55 lbs with a cheap, basic Wilson 16 syn. gut. I am totally satisfied with my purchase, especially at that crazy price of $49. It plays almost identical to the all new Babolat Pure Strike 98 square inch 18x20 pattern. A serious weapon for heavy, attacking strokes. Recommended. For sure. Thanks TW and Slazenger for that unbelievable bargain. Such a hidden treasure!
From: Steve, 2/14

Comments: Hi there, great racquet! I also upgraded from Dunlop Aerogel 400D 300 Tour. Solid frame from all over the court. Shines with very good touch at the net. From the baseline and early preparation make it very sold from the back of the court. With the high swing weight it is still very maneuverable and easy to swing and good accuracy. There is enough power with control. Easy to swing, very precise from all over. Slightly stiffer than the Dunlop Aerogel 400D 300 Tour. But gives it a modern feel to the Slazenger. I prefer the Slazenger V98 tour although the Dunlop Aerogel 400D 300 Tour was a great stick. For the $49.95 it is a give away. Want to get a couple more. I would recommend the racquet for sure. Don't be fooled with the price.
From: Wynne, 1/14

Comments: I loved the plow and the pop this stick had off the ground and on the serve. I found it had decent spin potential. I wish Slazenger would make a version of this racquet with an open string pattern. Volleys felt firm and true (though I have yet to hit any drop volleys). One thing to note is that the specs indicate that it's 2 pts HL, but it definitely felt head heavy, both in my hand and while swinging. At 11.3 oz, there's room to add some lead to make it more head light. I hit with this racquet while teaching my lessons tonight and the gear heads in my class loved the recessed grommets and the paint job. A lot of the kids referred to its aesthetics as "sick" (That's a good thing!).
From: Joe, 1/14

Comments: Great racquet, great price at $49.95. It hits hard and accurate. Great response on my serves and volleys. Before, I was using a Head Speed MP, but I like this racquet better all around.
From: David, 1/14

Comments: I am amending my former review containing glowing praise for this racquet. It ultimately was too "clubby" and chewed up my arm. I unsuccessfully tried different lead and replacement grip combinations. My resolution was switching to the Yonex VCore Tour 97 which was arm-friendly, with less pop than the Slaz but with ample power.
From: Robert, 6/13

Comments: This stick is the bomb! I transitioned from the Dunlop Aerogel 400D 300 Tour and it was an excellent upgrade. The Slaz has the highest swing weight (331) of any recent racquet for me. It feels both formidable and maneuverable at the 11.3 oz strung weight. I added a 1/2 size grip buildup sleeve, changed to a Wilson Shock Shield replacement grip with gel, and placed four 1/4 sections of a 4" Babolat tungsten balancing strips at 10 and 2 o'clock on both sides of the face. TW strung it well at 49 lbs with Technifibre X1 Bi-phase 16g natural. The medium-range racquet weight, higher swing weight, soft multi- filament strings at lower tension, and my racquet customization created a fab stick that performs well while feeling comfortable. The Slaz enhanced my game due to its increased plow-through, stability, and power, while allowing me to be precise and energized. I am very happy with the racquet and the complimentary bag was a great bonus. Thank you TW for offering Slazenger racquets while pricing them competitively, particularly with the excellent comp bag incentive. And thank you, particularly to Chris Edwards and the TW Playtester team, who provided me with your friendly feedback and suggestions for customization. TW & Slazenger rock!
From: Robert, 5/13

Comments: Excellent stick, plays very similar to the Blade 18x20, but found it to be a bit more stable and precise. Definitely the best racquet in this range along with the Blade. Very nice paint job. It does everything well, I will be getting a second one soon.
From: Tapatio, 2/13

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