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Comments: Just demo'd this racquet. I am 5'9" and 140 pounds. I have been using a Wilson Kobra Team FX. The positives of the 99LS are that it is highly maneuverable, you can hit wicked side spins and angles from nearly any point on the court, great slice volleys and drop shots, and you can get great acceleration and cuts returning hard serves. My serves seemed fine in pace and I saw no problems with overall control or aim (which I was surprised with). My one handed backhand had better technique given the low swing weight. The downside is it lacked power to hit put aways for those sitters that players sometimes hit to you and I would not necessarily want to slug it out at the baseline with this racquet. I have been a huge fan of the Kobra Team FX but I am switching to this racquet but it is just more fun to play with. I am not rated but am usually competitive with 4.0 and higher players.
From: Neal, 12/13

Comments: Overall, this is a nice stick. The flex is much better than the 99S. The softer flex equates to better touch and feel. At stock weight, the racquet does not have enough mass in the hoop to hit a heavy ball unless you are swinging for the fences; however, consistency is off the charts. I found it fairly easy to hit my targets, but, at stock weight, I had to adjust my targeting as the ball tended to land short otherwise. I added 4 grams at 3 o'clock and 4 grams at 9 o'clock for a total of 8 grams along with a fairly heavy overgrip (about 7 grams). The racquet performed significantly better. With the weight added, shots were more normal in depth and weight and consistency was not impacted. Stability on volleys and pace and placement of serves increased as well. All in all, I like this frame much better than the 99S, but only as a platform for customization. If it were a little less expensive, I would probably make the switch due to the improvement in consistency alone. I would not recommend using this frame unless you are willing to use poly. I found the stringbed fairly soft even though the frame was strung with Ripspin 16 at 58 lbs. A multi or synthetic gut would have way too much response.
From: Patrick, 11/13

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