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Comments: Love the racquet. I play about 3-5 times a week. It's great for any player, but specifically 16 and up if we are talking age.
From: Nick, 10/15

Comments: I owned two them got them last year, and I rotate using them. So far I'm satisfied with both racquets. I'm thinking of buying one or two more.
From: Noel, 9/15

Comments: This racquet is really good for players who want a little more comfort than the 99S and 105S. It has more flex, so you can take a bigger cut and you can feel the ball better. Great for serves, groundstrokes, and volleys. Strung at 60 lbs with a poly in the mains and crosses.
From: Fred, 1/15

Comments: I was transitioning from the Wilson "tweener" racquet, the Hyper Hammer, so this racquet took some time to adjust to. It is head light so it is very easy to whip around and hit quick volleys and short angle shots. I hit with enough spin that the recommended strings were constantly breaking on me. Once I switched to a hybrid poly set at a lower tension I had a lot more success. Now the racquet is on sale and I'm seriously considering picking up a spare. I'm a 4.0 player playing 2-3 times per week. I rely mostly on my serving game and have had good success adding better topspin to my second serve with this racquet.
From: Joe, 10/14

Comments: Strings break constantly, any string. Great spin and control but can't use the racquet because the strings break every time I play.
From: Anon, 9/14

Comments: I tried the Wilson 105S before trying the 99LS. Although I liked the topspin the 105S delivered, I found that I could not control my shots consistently. Then I tried the 99LS and found the control that was missing with the 105S. The 99LS has good power and topspin and just feels like an extension of my arm. I will be placing an order.
From: Rod, 8/14

Comments: I really like the pop and control this racquet has over 105S and 99S. It's also very very good for doubles because I can volley really well with it.
From: Ted, 7/14

Comments: This racquet was a nice surprise. Extremely easy to swing, with a good amount of power. The spin for me is just about average but I really like the pop I got on the ball with such little mass. Adding weight works well with this frame but stock it is fairly nice to play with. I am a 4.5 player and hit with big hitters and I did not notice it buckle on big shots. Very surprising racquet that would work for a beginner though advanced player.
From: Dustin, 7/14

Comments: After demoing this racquet, I am now a huge fan. I preferred it over the Babolat Aeropro Drive in fact. However, over time it did start to cause me some elbow pain.
From: Colby, 6/14

Comments: This is a great racquet. It delivers huge amounts of spin while still having some good pop on the ball. Volleys were just unbelievable. Before I used the Wilson Surge 100 and this is a huge (but good) change from that -- my volleys had much more pop and the racquet also had great touch on drop/angle volleys. Although this stick isn't for everyone, I highly recommend it.
From: Jacob, 6/14

Comments: I agree with Vet about strings on this racquet breaking quickly. In less than 6 weeks, I had three string sets break on me. I am not a hard hitter and I get at least 3 to 4 months on my Yonex strings and had Luxilons on other racquets that never break on me. The mains go quickly on this racquet, never the crosses. I tried three hybrid string combinations -- Yonex Poly Tour 16 and Gosen OG Sheep 16, Gosen OG sheep 16 and Gosen OG sheep 16 and Luxilon Big Banger ALU Rough 16 and Gosen OG sheep 16 in the mains and crosses. Midway string tension on mains and close to high on the crosses. Luxilon combination being the best for playabilty and durability. I am going to try stringing one string all the way and see what happens but I wonder if there is a trick to stringing this racquet for more durability.
From: Ravi, 5/14

Comments: The string on this racquet breaks very quickly. Mine broke after less than one hour of use. I used Wilson NXT 17, which normally would last 2-3 months on my existing racquet. The string on the demo racquet that I used also broke very quickly. So unless you are planning to put some very strong, durable string such as Luxilon, I think that (due to the string pattern) the string will break very soon. I had to return my racquet to Tennis Warehouse after I broke my string after less than one hour of use. Tennis Warehouse was nice to give me almost a full refund.
From: Viet, 4/14

Comments: Just demo'd the Steam 99LS. TW's description of the racquet is every bit true. I am 4.0 level player, 5'6" and over 50. Last year, I switched to Donnay White from Wilson ProStaff 95 trying to find a stick with better racquet speed. My 12 year old was demoing this racket let me borrow it. I must say that I was extremely pleased with the feel, racket speed, spin and control of it. Return of serves with my one handed backhand were best ever -- I was able to step into the ball and whip the returns with top spin, or punch or slice them deep. I surprised my 4.0 level friends with passing shots. I served very effective slices and topspin kickers. My overheads were just as powerful as my flat serves. Groundstrokes off my forehand were hit with authority with top spin as well as angled half volleys off of fast balls. It was no slouch at volleys -- volleyed at the net and mid court with a good punch, wicked angles and put away volleys. Back hand slice volley was the best. It just elevated my whole game to a new level. My son's coach was surprised how well it hits with control. Worth a try for anyone looking for a stick with faster racquet speed and control.
From: Ravi, 4/14

Comments: Just demo'd this racquet. I am 5'9" and 140 pounds. I have been using a Wilson Kobra Team FX. The positives of the 99LS are that it is highly maneuverable, you can hit wicked side spins and angles from nearly any point on the court, great slice volleys and drop shots, and you can get great acceleration and cuts returning hard serves. My serves seemed fine in pace and I saw no problems with overall control or aim (which I was surprised with). My one handed backhand had better technique given the low swing weight. The downside is it lacked power to hit put aways for those sitters that players sometimes hit to you and I would not necessarily want to slug it out at the baseline with this racquet. I have been a huge fan of the Kobra Team FX but I am switching to this racquet but it is just more fun to play with. I am not rated but am usually competitive with 4.0 and higher players.
From: Neal, 12/13

Comments: Overall, this is a nice stick. The flex is much better than the 99S. The softer flex equates to better touch and feel. At stock weight, the racquet does not have enough mass in the hoop to hit a heavy ball unless you are swinging for the fences; however, consistency is off the charts. I found it fairly easy to hit my targets, but, at stock weight, I had to adjust my targeting as the ball tended to land short otherwise. I added 4 grams at 3 o'clock and 4 grams at 9 o'clock for a total of 8 grams along with a fairly heavy overgrip (about 7 grams). The racquet performed significantly better. With the weight added, shots were more normal in depth and weight and consistency was not impacted. Stability on volleys and pace and placement of serves increased as well. All in all, I like this frame much better than the 99S, but only as a platform for customization. If it were a little less expensive, I would probably make the switch due to the improvement in consistency alone. I would not recommend using this frame unless you are willing to use poly. I found the stringbed fairly soft even though the frame was strung with Ripspin 16 at 58 lbs. A multi or synthetic gut would have way too much response.
From: Patrick, 11/13

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