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Comments: Great racquet, and even better now that the price has dropped. I got it for full price last summer after demo'ing 12 different versions (some friends and I each did the 4 at a time demo simultaneously). I'm very satisfied with it and would recommend this one to anyone.
From: Oliver, 8/14

Comments: The Steam 99 (without the S) offers a variety of possibilities but it takes some months to get best of it. I played previously with couple of Juice Pros, which is a very nice weapon, especially when serving, but it demands top physical condition to be early on strike. So after a long testing period with diffrent brands, I choose this one which offers mores spin, is accurate, and is much more maneuverable than the Juice Pro. Although, you can still find tiny differences between racquet units, and they have to be fixed. Same was with the Juice Pro. This Steam 99 seems to be better and better after long training sessions. Now I'm waiting my third Steam 99 -- please Wilson, don't stop manufacturing this one!
From: Arto, 8/14

Comments: Great racquet overall! Has great power, spin, control and what others have said already. The only downside is the stiff feeling in a long match. Overall, it's a great racquet to use against strong hitters. Nice cosmetic and a little heftier than the previous version. Wouldn't say better but both have strong and weak sides to them.
From: Nathan, 7/14

Comments: I absolutely love this racquet. In stock form it works brilliantly, with amazing spin and potential. It's also a great racquet to customize, I added some weight to the handle to give it the same HL balance and overall weight of my '12 Pro Staff Six.One 95, and it plays with the same classic feel but is much more forgiving. Overall, I enjoy this racquet whether I have my weights in or out of it, it's definitely a racquet to test out.
From: Zac, 5/14

Comments: I was playing a Pure Drive GT and never got the spin I get from the Steam 99. Awesome spin on volleys and serves. After some practice it is great at the net, you just have to get used to it. Same thing with lobs. I won't be playing anything else as long as they make this racquet!
From: G, 2/14

Comments: I really hope Wilson continues to make this model with these specs in the future because my game has never been better. On my forehand, my strokes are so crisp and I can put the ball anywhere I want with limitless power and spin. Same goes for my backhand. My serve cannot get anymore spin or power with any other racquet. My net game, with the BLX technology, has amazing feel, and with the mid head size, I have great maneuverability and touch. This racquet will improve anyone's game. Highly recommend it.
From: Jack, 6/13

Comments: When the 99 S came out I ordered two without demoing. I was breaking strings every 1-2 hrs. Finally we re-strung with Wilson 4G 15 gauge. Then my arm and shoulder pain came back after trying to drive my pro into the fence. Not wanting to risk injury, I went back to my Six-One Team but I was not content. After reviewing the Head Speed MP I decided to give it a shot. The specs seemed perfect. Some of the reviews claimed the stick did not have enough plow through, they were right! After increasing the strings from 57 lbs to 59/56 lbs I was finally pretty satisfied with the Head racquet. Until today! After winning a match against some heavy hitters, I once again went back to TW looked up countless racquets and came up with the Steam 99 (no "S") and borrowed one from a friend. Wow -- this stick allows me to drive slice backhands and forehands low over the net. My return of serve has never been better whether hitting topspin or flat. As soon as we finished, I went to the racquet section to purchase my new 99 and wouldn't you know it, no racquets in my grip size. So as usual, I called the wing of tennis WH dedicated to me (or should I say, paid for by me) and had them ship out an unstrung racquet so I can be ready to play Wednesday night. I can't say enough good things about this racquet. The open string pattern gives plenty of access to spin on the forehand and backhand side. I am a low level 3.5 player with one handed backhand, I hit a lot of topspin and hope to be ordering 3 more once I have fully tested my new baby.
From: Jerry, 4/13

Comments: I demoed this racquet for about two hours in singles and doubles. I normally play with a Pro Open 2012, and previously used a K Blade 98. This racquet is very similar to a Blade 98, a tad softer at impact, easier on the arm due to a larger sweetspot and lower number of strings, and more powerful. It has good control, like the Blade, and a bit more spin than a Blade. However, I seem to get more spin out of the Pro Open, and even the 6.1 Team 18x20. The main issue for me is that, like the Blade, it has too much weight on the top of the hoop, at 10,12 an 2 o'clock, which makes it a bit difficult to serve in long matches. All in all, it is a nice racquet form the baseline and also at net (where it is not as maneuverable as the Pro Open), with good control, feel and more power then a Blade.
From: Mic, 3/13

Comments: Ok guys, I have just finished a one week demo of the 99 S, 99 and Blade 16x19. I wanted to love the 99 S, but could not. It's too erratic and un-maneuverable. Just doesn't feel right. The stringbed is too open and the swing weight of the frame itself is too hefty. The 99, on the other hand, felt just right. More nimble and the 16x18 bed is perfect for spin and control. I will most likely buy this stick. The Blade is also an excellent feeling stick. Light, nimble, and accurate. I might have to get the Blade as well as a second stick. It doesn't have the power and meaty bite that the 99 has, but it is perfect in its own right. I hope this helps. Enjoy!
From: Danny, 3/13

Comments: The 99s is not worth the amount sold in the market. The 99s offers more spin, but also offers very little control. Another deficiency is that it breaks many strings. So beware especially if you use more expensive strings. I don't recommend this racket.
From: James, 2/13

Comments: It's a law of physics. More cords equals more control and less spin. Fewer strings creates less control and more spin. I tested the Wilson 99s and found nothing of the monstrous spin. Nor could I feel the revolutionary technology that Wilson promotes. If you are looking for technology, I suggest trying the warrior Prince DB. It generates as much or more spin than the Wilson 99s. The Prince has much more maneuverability than the 99s. Try before you buy.
From: Fisgudinho, 2/13

Comments: This is a great racquet for someone who knows the basics of tennis and wants to improve his level. It is very maneuverable all around the court - on volleys, groundstrokes, serves and returns. I played with both the 99S and 99 version and I invested in the 99. It was more stable for my game in all aspects. The 99s was great for baseline play, but came short for volleys and maneuverability in certain positions.
From: Homayoon, 1/13

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