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Comments: This is one of the best baseliner racquets if you add lead and a leather grip. The stiffness and solidness makes your groundstrokes super heavy. If you play like an Andy Murray or Novak Djokovic, try this one out.
From: Gary, 5/16

Comments: I really love hitting with this racquet. It has just the right stiffness level for me. My forehands have improved and my backands too. I've been serving more bombs. My only gripe is its instability at the net. Strung mine with Technifibre Black Code at 52 lbs.
From: Woody, 2/16

Comments: I really enjoy hitting with this racquet, I made the switch to this from my trusted BLX Blade 98. Of course it's a very different experience hitting with this one. I really like how maneuverable the racquet is overall, the extra length also helps with getting into position. Like everyone else has mentioned, the sweet spot is quite small, but I find that this forces me to be very consistent with my shots. I find that the speed of the racquet benefits me on my forehand, hitting the ball early and out in front. On my backhand, which is normally my better shot, I feel it does lack the power/weight I'm used to with my Blade 98. I find that I shank the ball most on my backhand, which is something I'm still working on adjusting. Serves are very good with this stick, the length and the maneuverability just adds to a big serve. I periodically go back to my Blade 98, but I find it too sluggish in comparison. So if you are looking for an accurate and fast racquet, check this one out.
From: Jose, 9/15

Comments: Not many comments, maybe this racquet is not that popular. I tried this a few days ago and I should say this is a pretty solid stick. Nothing exceptional, just your typical all around light weight players' racquet. I hit good forehands, good single handed backhands, solid serves and good volleys. No particular strength. No weakness either. It didn't feel stiff, not flexible either. This is a "just OK" racquet, maybe that's why it isn't very popular. Used with Wilson synthetic gut.
From: Babs, 8/15

Comments: This racquet has a sweet spot the size of a dime. But that's not a bad thing. It simply means that it is for advanced players who hit consistently in the middle of the racquet face. My favorite shot using this racquet is the serve (as the TW playtesters also said). The racquet is stiff but it shouldn't be a problem if you string it low. I am a 5.0 player who hits with an eastern forehand and a double handed backhand (flat to moderate top spin on both wings). I am currently using Wilson Revolve at 50 lbs. Do not string this above 55 lbs unless you are using natural gut or multis.
From: Andy, 5/15

Comments: I love the Wilson Tour line of racquets -- H, N, K and BLX are all great, and play similarly (even the H, though the balance is different) -- so I was expecting the Steam 96 to be an awesome update to it. I know it's not officially a Tour, but the specs are the same, and Petra (as well as Kei) played with it. However, upon first playing with it, it took me about 2 minutes to think "oh no, I am going to have to sell this. I cannot play with it." I did get more used to it the second time playing with it, but when the string broke, I went back to my N Tour and it was happy. I am honestly not sure what it is about the Steam 96, others on here say it's the stiffness, and that sounds about right -- but it's a real bummer that it doesn't play like the Tours. It's an absolutely beautiful racquet, though!
From: Nick, 3/15

Comments: I don't understand why this racquet was given low scores by Tennis Warehouse. I actually like this stick very much. I hit better forehands and serves with this racquet than with any of the Blades. I guess I have to say that all reviews are to be taken with a grain of salt. To each his own. I string it with Dunlop Black Widow 17G (mains) at 47-52 lbs and Wilson Synthetic Gut 17G (cross) at 51-56lbs. I am a 4.5 player.
From: Jonathan, 2/15

Comments: I tried this racquet yesterday. My current stick is the white/orange BLX Tour. There is a big difference between the two racquets. The Steam 96 swings more heavily. It is also stiffer than the Tour BLX. If you want a stiffer, more powerful version of the BLX Tour, then buy the Steam 96. I did not notice any difference in the spin production though.
From: Abed, 7/14

Comments: There is nothing really special about this racquet. Everything, from groundies to serves, it is just so-so. Maybe one really needs ti be Petra-ish in order to play well with this stick.
From: Oliver, 7/14

Comments: I agree with Chaz. I am 4.5 player and tried this racquet for a few times but it was not up to the Davenport/Henin model standards. Don't know why Wilson decided to drop the most popular racquet in the women's pro game from a few years ago. I hope Wilson should come back to the Davenport/Henin model standards.
From: Dursun, 1/14

Comments: I'm a 4.5 player and tried this racquet for 2 months at 2-3 times per week. I am putting both racquets I just bought up for sale because of the small sweet spot and poor feel.
From: Dennis, 12/13

Comments: I demod this thinking it would be an update to the BLX Tour, but it was not up to the Davenport/Henin model standards. Don't know why Wilson decided to drop the most popular racquet in the women's pro game from a few years ago.
From: Chaz, 10/13

Comments: This racquet is sick! I've never played with a stick that made me feel like I had to write a review, but this one deserved it. I've played with the old KFactor 6.1 and the Prince EXO Graphite 93 and I wanted something slightly lighter and a little more forgiving and this is the one. Plenty of plow through from the baseline, serves big, and volleys like a mid size. I'm a club pro in his early 30's, and this will be my racquet of choice for the time being. Nice job Wilson!
From: Brandon, 5/13

Comments: This is not a good racquet for players with arm problems. Players of the tour series may find this racquet to be very stiff. I think Wilson should have made this more flexible.
From: Shane, 5/13

Comments: Wilson should have made this racquet more flexible. It feels similar to the BLX Tour. But this is too stiff and it hurt my arm after only one hour of play. Wilson shouldn't have messed around with the specs of a very good racquet. I'm still gonna be using the BLX Tour. I'm a 4.5 player who hits flat off both wings much like Lindsay Davenport, only shorter.
From: Jamie, 3/13

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