Solinco Tour Bite Soft 17 (1.20) String Customer feedback

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Comments: I really enjoy the feel of this string when the ball hits the sweetspot. This string is for a player that can generate their own pace with precise groundstrokes. The control, feel and low power of this string make it suitable for 4.5 plus players. I don't think that players below that playing level are consistent enough to hit the sweetspot. It maintains tension well and does not move around in the stringbed. So far, I've hit with this string for probably 3 to 4 hours and although its starting to notch, it plays as if the racquet was freshly strung (strung at 55 pounds in a Hammer H Tour) Again, the string is crisp, powerful and has nice feel if you are consistently hitting the sweetspot. And for the price, it does a fantastic job of meeting the high reviews it has been given. Final note, you need to have the game to reap the rewards of hitting with this string. I'm a 5.5 all-court player.
From: Martino, 3/15

Comments: A very nice combination of spin and feel. Strung it at 48/52 lbs or 46/50 lbs hybrid with both 16 gauge VS Gut and Bi-Phase. Power, nice touch and spin. Zero shoulder issue. Always worked great in a hybrid setup. I'm a 3.5 NTRP player who likes big kick serves and topspin forehands. Playing with a Head Graphene Prestige MP.
From: Gabe, 2/15

Comments: I've put it in my Prince Tour 95 at 22/21 kg (49/47 lbs). Unfortunately, not as good as original Tour Bite. In the beginning, I was very pleased because of mix control and spin potential. After 7-9 hours of hitting I have noticed a lot of notches. The biggest disadvantage of this string is that it lose the tension quickly. Initially, my balls landed 0,1-0, 5 m before the line. Due to the tension loss (after two games, 5-6 sets) I lost a lot of control (too much). The surface gets worn off and lost the sharp edges and the spin potential dropped significantly. I think the material softness is reason why this string loss his abilities.
From: Przemys, 11/14

Comments: I was using Luxilon Savage Lime at 50lbs and didn't have as much pop and spin as I would like. I decided to try this string and strung it at 45 lbs and have been very impressed. My down the line kick serves have a lot more spin and are kicking into the back fence with a lot more velocity. This is one of the nicest strings I've ever used. Strung in Babolat APD 2012.
From: Tim, 3/14

Comments: I am a 62 year old male and use a Wilson Juice BLX 100. I've tried a lot of different strings in recent years but always came back to a 17 gauge multifilament due to some wrist and elbow problems. I recently tried the Tour Bite Soft 17 at 53 lbs in the mains and 51 lbs in the crosses and have had no arm issues at all. I definitely notice some more spin on my serves.
From: Matt, 2/14

Comments: I recently became a fan of the original Tour Bite 17gauge string. I hit the ball hard and I prefer a polyester string, but due to chronic arm issues I've had to stay away from polys in general until now. The "soft" feel of this string is truly a godsend. This string has the same spin potential and qualities as the original Tour Bite, but with 30-40% less shock felt in my arm. This string's color is a tad lighter than regular Tour Bite, but it has the same square shape. All of the qualities of control and power from the original tour bite is present in this string! I think I've found my string of choice. Thank you Solinco and thank you Tennis Warehouse! Note -- As many reviewers point out, as this string provides more power, try stringing it at a bit higher tension (1-3 lbs) than you would for the original Tour Bite. (Strung at 54 lbs on a Head Graphene Radical Pro)
From: Steve, 2/14

Comments: I just cut this string out of my racquet after one game because it is not very soft at all. I strung it at 52 lbs and it felt like I was hitting with baseball bat. I have had elbow problems in the past so I need to be careful with poly strings and for my ultra-sensitive elbow. Volkl Cyclone 18g seems to be the best so far. Really disapointed, I won't be buying this one again. To be fair, it was in the middle of the winter so it could be better in the summer with slightly lower tension.
From: Tony, 1/14

Comments: This string works really great when strung with Gosen Micro Sheep synthetic gut in the cross. In this setup the string has fantastic feel and control.
From: John, 12/13

Comments: I like the textured poly strings. However, I'm "middle" aged and have now shifted to the softer poly strings. This string offers great control, spin and is easier on the body. I have strung STBS mid-range on several racquets and the power level is good. STBS and Volkl Cyclone are both comfortable polys and are my go to strings. If you like polys, this one is definitely worth a try.
From: James, 11/13

Comments: Definitely soft. Too soft for my setup, unfortunately, since I use a Volkl PB 10 mid, due to the flex and softness of the string, I felt like I was swinging a pillow. If you have a stiffer racquet, or if you have tennis elbow issues, this may be the string for you though. Keeps tension fairly well. Spin was about on par with RPM and Pro Hurricane Tour. Lots of access to power. while not for me, absolutely recommend.
From: Ian, 8/13

Comments: This string still gives the same amazing pop and spin as the original Tour Bite. But the feel is different. It is softer and less crisp. It took me 2-3 sessions to get used to it. Great alternative, as I have elbow problems with polys. Great string. Give it some time and you will love it. You will need to string this higher as it is soft. I string mine 4 pounds higher than my old original Tour Bite at 55 lbs in my Prince EXO3.
From: Ho, 7/13

Comments: So far, it really is the best string I've used in my life. I strung it in my Babolat Pure Drive and Head Speed MP at 55 lbs. It can create more spin than Babolat RPM Blast. It can create a lot of spin with great feel, I feel more control on my Head Speed MP with this string. And I am very surprised that it is also really comfortable for a poly string. I play 3 times a week (for 6 hours) and it can last for 1.5 months.
From: Anon, 7/13

Comments: Great strings! I got lots of top spin and slice from this string and the power level was phenominal! I put it in my Head Youtek IG Speed 18x20 and was hitting angles I never had hit before. Overall a great string!
From: Jonathan, 6/13

Comments: I tried the original Solinco Tour Bite and thought it played quite well in my Head IG Speed racquet. Unfortunately, after a few days my wrist and shoulder both started to hurt. When the Tour Bite Soft came out I decided to give it a try. It is now my favorite string. I use a hybrid set up: Tour Bite Soft in the mains and Wilson Sensation in the crosses. I get a very nice combination of spin generation, control and comfort. Wilson Sensation is a nice string to use in hybrid combinations with polys because it does nick or fray -- it just plays well then finally breaks.
From: Craig, 4/13

Comments:Like the advertisement says, it's softer than the original Solinco Tour Bite 17 gauge. I use it in a hybrid with Gosen Micro Sheep synthetic gut in the crosses and it hits great. Lots of spin, controllable power and excellent tension maintenance. A very good improvement on a string that was already impressive.
From: Jeff, 2/13

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